DoubleTap Software Apps

Basketball Battle 2.1.18
It's arcade style basketball battling fun! ** New holiday eventswith large prizes ** MOVES: ★ Easy moving and shooting! ★ Dunk onpeople! ★ Nasty cross-overs and step-backs! COMPETITION: ★ Travelthe country competing in tournaments! ★ Over 100 unique basketballcourts! ★ Compete in online LIVE EVENTS! TEAM: ★ Customize yourlook and upgrade your players! FRIENDS: ★ Challenge friends in 2player split screen! Don't miss out on the sports game everyone isplaying: Download now to claim your team!
Ted Ginn: Kick Return Football 2.35.11
Can YOU return a kick for a touchdown? ★ Score touchdowns byhitting holes, tiptoeing the sidelines, and breaking tackles! ★Learn intuitive touch controls in just seconds! ★ Compete in dozensof increasingly challenging tournaments! ★ Upgrade your returner,blockers, uniforms, and more! ★ Practice real football strategyincluding following blocks! ★ Earn points & time bonuses forgetting into field goal range! ★ Share video replays with yourfriends! ★ Play as Ted Ginn, the electric kickoff returner from thestate of Ohio! Good luck and don’t get tackled by the kicker!
Football Trenches 1.36
PLAY FOOTBALL INSTINCTIVELYControl every aspect of your offense in this innovative strategygame--BE CREATIVEDesign YOUR plays on the fly. Experiment, adapt, innovate.--LOCAL MULTIPLAYERPlay two player head-to-head matches on the same tablet or phone
McCourty Twins: INT Challenge 2.24
OFFICIAL APP OF DEVIN McCOURTY & JASON McCOURTYWe are the onlyidentical twins in pro football, we created this game so you canexperience the thrill of playing defensive back like us! The goalof the game is to read the QB and catch as many interceptions asyou can before time expires. Get bonus time for each catch whilecollecting coins to unlock awesome new uniforms!--INTUITIVECONTROLS You will be amazed at the plays you can make with thesimple tilt and tap controls! --COMPETE ON LEADERBOARD Competeagainst your friends and the world! --UNLOCK ACHIEVEMENTS Are youan elite defender that can read the QB? Unlock everything to becomea legend! --CUSTOMIZE YOUR PLAYER Over 60 unique jerseys available!--FUN FOR ALL Suitable for all ages, no football experiencerequired!
League Football 1.22
Build your team to be the best at football things like:★ Running★Blocking★ Catching★ Grunting
Football Ninja Pro 1.1
You have one simple goal: defend theendzone!Tap to tackle players before they can score touchdowns,just watchout for the refs!With Premium you get the game free of ads and a Ninja Starthatwipes out all players on the screen with just one tap!
Octopus Jungle 1.0.2
You're the octopus in this gravity-defying adventure as you hurlyourself through the lush jungle in the pursuit of riches. ★Addicting swinging mechanics ★ Easy to learn, impossible to master★ SwarmConnect leaderboards and achievements ★ 65+ levels 
★ Fromthe makers of Kickoff Fire your tentacles sky-high as you soarthrough the air, grabbing dangling hooks to avoid the likes ofslithery electric eels, blowfish, and elusive water snakes. OctopusJungle captures the excitement of Spiderman, constantly in pursuitof the perfect swing as you elegantly dodge danger. Challenge yourmind, reflexes, rhythm, and instincts.
Basketball PVP 1.2.10
Realtime online 1 on 1 basketball! Pump fake and drive to the hoop,or shoot pretty fade aways!Choose from six awesome ballers:- RAIN:Swish threes from way downtown!- HAWK: Launches sky high to blockshots and grab rebounds!- PIXIE: Darts past opponents with dazzlingspeed!- WINSTON: Tower over your opponents!- DESTINY: Swishmidrange shots all day!- ELECTRO: Boundless energy!Play againstyour Facebook friends or compete against random opponents and ballyour way to the top of the leaderboards!
Hawk: Field Goal 1.0.4
Ever dream of being a field goal kicker? Now you can split theuprights in this fun and easy to learn football game! Kick from arange of challenging distances and try to get new highscores!Contact if you havesuggestions for how to improve the game!
Footy Ball PvP Football 1.07
Design your own plays on-the-fly withfullcontrol of every player on the field.Hand it off? Drop back and pass? Run a screen? Or improvise andletthe defense make the first move.Play in real-time against your friends or online opponents, inthisplayer vs player football game.
Football PvP 1.20
Hand it off, Drop back and pass, Run a screen, or improvise and letthe defense make the first move.Play in real-time against yourfriends or online opponents, in this player vs player, head-to-headAmerican Football game.Play with 2 players on the same tablet withthe new local two player mode.
com.doubletapsoftware.rtsbattle 1.0.19
YOUR GOAL: Destroy the Enemy Throne as quickly as possible! - Buildunits from your Barracks - Move units via intuitive touch controls- Find the best attack angles and formations - Smartly move injuredunits to the back - Come up with new strategies - Replay Missionsto beat your best times ARCHERS: - Attack Range: Medium - Armor:Medium - Movement: Fast HORSEMEN: - Attack Range: Short (melee) -Armor: High - Movement: Very Fast CATAPULTS: - Attack Range: Far -Armor: Low - Movement: Slow
Prize Ball 2.0.39
Drop the basketball through the pegs into the top prize slots!Butwatch out, the pegs are very bouncy! Play every day to try andgetnew high scores!
Sports Battle - Soccer 1.0.14
Compete in action packed soccer matches! - Intuitive controls! -PASS, SHOOT, and SLIDE! - Quick matches! - 3 vs 3!
SuperStar Sports - Soccer 1.0.19
- Compete in real-time PVP - 3v3 soccer (more modes coming soon!)-Simple controls - Make awesome passes! - Score clutch goals! -Makefierce tackles (steals) - Win trophies!
Soccer Battle 1.1.3
Online 3v3 PvP Soccer: - Compete with 6 online players! - Make theperfect pass! - Score flashy goals! - Make brilliant tackles! -Make clutch saves! - Use real soccer strategy! EASY CONTROLS: -Move with the left joystick - Pass & shoot with the rightjoystick - Tap to slide tackle Download now to claim your Battler!