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Ted Ginn: Kick Return Football
Download this action packed game starringformer high school/college All-American and current pro footballplayer Ted Ginn, possibly the most fun & addictive sports gameon Android!★ Score touchdowns by hitting holes, tiptoeing the sidelines, andbreaking tackles!★ Learn intuitive touch controls in just seconds!★ Compete in dozens of increasingly challenging tournaments!★ Upgrade your returner, blockers, uniforms, and more!★ Practice real football strategy including following blocks!★ Earn points & time bonuses for getting into field goalrange!★ Share video replays with your friends!★ Play as Ted Ginn, the electric kickoff returner from the state ofOhio!Good luck and don’t get tackled by the kicker!
Football Trenches 1.36
PLAY FOOTBALL INSTINCTIVELYControl every aspect of your offense in this innovative strategygame--BE CREATIVEDesign YOUR plays on the fly. Experiment, adapt, innovate.--LOCAL MULTIPLAYERPlay two player head-to-head matches on the same tablet or phone
Touchdown Run FREE 1.9
Your job is simple! Dash between defendersuntil you score a touchdown. Make sure you read where the holes inthe defense are and keep the pedal to the metal!But watch out! Defenders will come at you in a variety offormations.
Rugby Try 1.8
Simply drag your finger to control yourplayer, dash in between defenders until you score! See how manytries you can score before being mashed.But watch out! Defenders will come at you in a variety of speedsand formations.
Football Ninja Pro 1.1
You have one simple goal: defend theendzone!Tap to tackle players before they can score touchdowns,just watchout for the refs!With Premium you get the game free of ads and a Ninja Starthatwipes out all players on the screen with just one tap!
Basketball PVP 1.2.10
Realtime online 1 on 1 basketball! Pump fake and drive to the hoop,or shoot pretty fade aways! Choose from six awesome ballers: -RAIN: Swish threes from way downtown! - HAWK: Launches sky high toblock shots and grab rebounds! - PIXIE: Darts past opponents withdazzling speed! - WINSTON: Tower over your opponents! - DESTINY:Swish midrange shots all day! - ELECTRO: Boundless energy! Playagainst your Facebook friends or compete against random opponentsand ball your way to the top of the leaderboards!
RTS Battle 1.0.19
YOUR GOAL: Destroy the Enemy Throne as quickly as possible! -Buildunits from your Barracks - Move units via intuitive touchcontrols- Find the best attack angles and formations - Smartly moveinjuredunits to the back - Come up with new strategies - ReplayMissionsto beat your best times ARCHERS: - Attack Range: Medium -Armor:Medium - Movement: Fast HORSEMEN: - Attack Range: Short(melee) -Armor: High - Movement: Very Fast CATAPULTS: - AttackRange: Far -Armor: Low - Movement: Slow
Draw Football 1.24
Build your team to be the best at football things like: ★ Running★Blocking ★ Catching ★ Grunting
Soccer Battle - 3v3 PvP 1.26.1
Join teams of 3 online players to compete in the most addicting PvPsoccer game ever created! EASY SETUP: ★ Learn the controls in justseconds! ★ Tap “PLAY” to automatically team up with 2 otherplayers! ★ Or Tap “INVITE” to team up with your friends! OFFENSE: ★Dribble your way out of trouble using fakes, jukes, & spinmoves! ★ Execute precise passes leading to amazing assists! ★ Sneakthe ball past the defender into the goal with pinpoint targeting!DEFENSE: ★ Make sliding saves and nasty tackles! ★ Smother youropponent's passing lanes with help from your teammates! UNIQUECHARACTERS: ★ All battlers have strengths and weaknesses, nobattler is OP! ★ Pick one that fits your playing style and starthoning your skills! ★ New battlers released every season! CLIMB THERANKS: ★ Earn “Trophies” by winning games in ranked matchmaking! ★Earn “Tournament Points” by competing in the qualifiers and bracketrounds of pro tournaments! ★ Huge payouts for collecting trophies,winning tournaments, and finishing high in the leaderboards! CLUBS:★ Join clubs to find players that you have synergy with! ★ Practicewith your clubmates to prepare for ranked matches and tournaments!★ Connect with over 10,000 other players on the official SoccerBattle Discord: Don't miss out on theonly PvP sports game that EVERYONE is excited about: Download nowto claim your free battler!
Basketball Battle 2.3.1
New Thanksgiving live event! It's arcade style basketball battlingfun! MOVES: ★ Easy moving and shooting! ★ Dunk on people! ★ Nastycross-overs and step-backs! COMPETITION: ★ Travel the countrycompeting in tournaments! ★ Over 100 unique basketball courts! ★Compete in online LIVE EVENTS! TEAM: ★ Customize your look andupgrade your players! FRIENDS: ★ Challenge friends in 2 playersplit screen! Don't miss out on the sports game everyone isplaying: Download now to claim your team!
Octopus Jungle 1.0.2
You're the octopus in this gravity-defying adventure as youhurlyourself through the lush jungle in the pursuit of riches.★Addicting swinging mechanics ★ Easy to learn, impossible tomaster★ SwarmConnect leaderboards and achievements ★ 65+ levels 
★Fromthe makers of Kickoff Fire your tentacles sky-high as yousoarthrough the air, grabbing dangling hooks to avoid the likesofslithery electric eels, blowfish, and elusive watersnakes.Challenge your mind, reflexes, rhythm, and instincts.