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Moorhuhn Deluxe- Crazy Chicken
*** Now with online highscores and achievments***The Original Crazy Chicken Hunt.In this hunting game, not everything is about shooting. Try to findall the secret puzzles to maximize your score!Chickens will duck behind anything!Features:* Includes English, Spanish, French, Italian and Germantranslations.* A lot of game to shoot!* Easy to pick up, difficult to master!* Find the second level!* Unlock the mighty Skycleaner weapon. Then use the mailbox to sendsome chicken!Don't be a Duck. Hunt Crazy Chickens! With the originalMoorhuhn.
Moorhuhn Invasion Hunting 1.2.1
*** Now with Online Highscores ***The Original - Free!A whole armada of technically advanced alien chickens attackswith their UFOs and beams everything away that does not findshelter fast enough.Let them come, you are prepared. Many traps and extras help youto repell the invaders before they abduct everything andeverybody.A new war of the worlds unfolds, because make no mistake about it:The world is too small for two kinds of crazy chickens. Only themost talented hunters are a match for the extraterrestrialinvaders.Prevent the aliens from building a base on earth and let no oneescape to call for reinforcements.This game offers fun graphics, many hidden puzzles and extras,chickens behind every corner and enough lead to punch holes intoeverything.The only free chicken hunt game with the original Crazy Chicken!Who needs Ducks? Hunt Alien Chicken!
Abby - Never Cave Up! 1.6.1
Help Abby the tiny dragon to spread its wingsand navigate a cave without crashing while making all the cavedwellers happy!The happier the environment gets, the more points you willreceive.And the longer you manage to fly without accident, the more bonuspoints you can collect.Try to beat your friends and post your scores online.Easy and fun, but challenging at the same time.
Hydra Smartbottle: Night Timer 1.0.0
The Hydra Nighttime Sleeper App offers asnoozefunction as well as a timer with alarm feature.You can set any of the eight soothing nature sounds bytappingone of the corresponding buttons.As soon as a timespan is set, the timer begins to count down.When the timer reaches zero while a sound was playing, the soundisswitched off (snooze function).If the timer reaches zero while no sound was playing, analarmsounds (alarm function).You can pause and restart the timer at any time by tappingthe"Time Remaining" section. A green frame indicates that the timerispaused.The timespan can always be adjusted by manually moving thescalesfor hours, minutes and seconds, even while the timerisrunning.The screen will go to sleep mode after 100 seconds and willwakeup immediately after a singe tap. We nevertheless recommendkeepingyour device charging if you plan to use very long snooze ortimerintervals.We also recommend connecting a Hydra Smartbottle and enjoyingthesound via its excellent bluetooth speaker in conjunction with alavalamp style light-show. Just tap the Hydra logo within the apptolearn more.