Dr. Charles B. Owen Apps

Mad Hatter 1.01
Now you, too, can put a hat on all of yourfavorite people! This program allows you to load images you see inthe gallery into a window where you can put a hat onto the image.There are three hat choices and you can drag, rotate, and scalethem as you please. There are even options to choose a custom hatcolor and if you want a feather.
Shark! The Musical 1.28
Theatre Engine is an app that has been used during a liveperformance at Michigan State University. The first performanceswere in April, 2013. New performances are scheduled for April, 2018at Georgia State University
Harold Hangman 1.0
Words from 4 to 7 letters are randomlychosen.You have to guess the word before Harold is hung.
Sparty Puzzle 1.01
Simple puzzle application that creates anMSUSparty image. Prototype for a course project in a classIteach.
CSE 476 Course Application 1.18
This program is for use in conjunction withCSE476 Mobile Application Development at Michigan StateUniversity. Itserves to demonstrate various programming techniquesandissues.