Dr. Rohan S. Navelkar Apps

dZee - Vertigo Analysis 2.0.1
Vertigo is a symptom, not a diagnosis. Though the treatment ofVertigo is simple, a thorough clinical evaluation is required toidentify the cause of the vertigo so that recurrence does not occurand if any serious disease is present it can be detected early andnot allowed to progress. Vertigo needs a special kind of doctorcalled an OtoNeurologist, a clinician with expertise in inner eardiseases, balance related neurology & neuropsychiatry. This appis your pocket OtoNeurologist & helps you find the cause ofyour vertigo & send a complete report to your doctor forfurther evaluation & treatment.
AUM Of Marketing TRIAL 2.0
This is a book with 13 chapters in pdf format. this is a TRIALVERSION. Contains the first 3 chapters.YOU MUST HAVE A PDF READERINSTALLED TO VIEW THIS BOOKThis work of a Marketing genius is beingpublished 8 years after the passing away of the author because it’slast chapter was incomplete. It is an advanced statisticalmarketing model which was his own creation. All attempts tocomplete the book after his death were met with a selfish responsesof trying to add the name of the reviewer as a co-author. Thiswould have been unfair to him. The book is being published withoutthe last chapter which will probably see the light of the day as aseparate publication, depending on the response to this book and tothe availability of a competent and selfless reviewer.Mr. V. R.Navelkar was a Marketing guru. He has held various top executivepositions in companies like Richardson Hindustan (now Procter &Gamble), Warner Hindustan & ultimately retired as aVice-President, Marketing of Sandoz-India. He had a strongMathematics background, and a Masters in Statistics from the PuneUniversity.He also did a post graduate program from the Universityof Boston, USA. He was a human computer and in the era where pocketcalculators were a luxury, he could do oral calculations that werefaster than machines. His mastery over statistics gave him a uniqueadvantage of application of complex statistical models andprinciples to the field of marketing. The positions he held, gavehim an opportunity to test these models.Teaching was his passionand he had been associated with various Management institutes ofrepute including The Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Managementstudies, Mumbaifor more than twenty years, as a honorary faculty.He was a paper setter and examiner for the Mumbai university bothfor their diploma and their masters program for many years.​He hasa large body of students who have achieved great heights in thisfield of Marketing Management and still have fond memories of himboth as a teacher and a great human being.
Neurology- Stroke localization 3.0
This app is made mainly for medical students & GeneralPractitioners. A patient of stroke or hemiplegia often has aninfarcts / bleed / tumor causing it & affecting a part of thecentral nervous system. The CNS consists of the cerebrum,cerebellum, mid-brain, pons, medulla, and any part of thisecosystem can be affected. A thorough clinical examination helpsfind out which ares of the central nervous system is affected. Thisapp is meant to guide you through the steps of the relevantclinical examination & gives you a report based on yourfindings.Please rate 5 stars & support the app.
Spirometry Report 4
You must have a spirometer for this app to work.Based on yourspirometer reading, this app tells you if your patient hasobstructive or restrictive lung disease.It also helps differentiatebetween COPD & AsthmaTypical Obstructive & Restrictive lungdisease graphs.Editable, sharable & printable reports.
TB Doctor 4.0
Tuberculosis treatment assistant for doctors & patients on antiTB regimen.1. Anti-TB drugs are known for their side effects. It isoften difficult to find out which drug it is that is the culprit.With TB Doctor, you can now find out which drug is responsible forthe side effects your patient is facing.2. Anti-TB drugs havedosage by weight. it is often difficult to calculate the dose ofeach drug one after another. what is 1 app could do all thecalculations and serve them to you on a platter? that's what TBDoctor is for. Now with a model prescription based on the weightcalculated.3. A custom prescription maker with a list of ALLanti-tb drugs available in the Indian market with company name andprice. Choose the drugs, formulate a prescription & print itusing a wifi printer or Google cloud print.4. The updated regimenfor both regular & MDR TB.
Anti-TB Drugs 1.0
for medical students, a simple list of 1st & 2nd line drugsgiven for TB Rx
iSnore 5
Are you a snorer? Do you want to put yourself on silent mode whenyou sleep? Then this app is for you...Apart from being sociallyembarrassing & a nuisance for your partner, snoring can alsoadversely affect your brain, heart & your life. Snoring canbroadly be categorized into 2 types, medically dangerous or sleepapnoea or not medically dangerous. It is very important to identifyif your snoring is a health risk.. That’s where thesequestionnaires come in. These are a set of 4 internationallystandardized & defined scores based on extensive research whichhelp differentiate between sleep apnoea & plain snoring. It isvery important to answer each question as sincerely as possible. Itis also important to note that even if 1 test out of 4 shows apositive result, it is advisable to take your snoring seriouslyThe‘My results’ section provides all your test results in a singlepage with an interpretation which you can share with your doctorwith the click of a button by whatsapp, email or any othermessaging service. So the next time you visit your doctor, its witha full clinical evaluation already done & in your pocket.The‘treatment’ section makes you aware of all the latest advancementsin the treatment of both sleep apnea & snoring. There are alsomouth exercises that have been scientifically proven to reducesnoring.The ‘record my snore’ section allows your relative to videorecord you while you are snoring so that it can be analyzed laterwith a specialized software.No other app can provide such athorough evaluation of snoring & sleep apnoea.This app has beenmade by Dr. Rohan S. Navelkar.
hiBP - Hypertension Treatment 1.0
A must have app for all doctors, but ONLY DOCTORS.hiBP is yourphone's M.B.B.S. degree. It is everything a doctor needs to knowabout Hypertension treatment. Treatment Algorithm: • Just enteryour patient's BP & age, and let the app tell you what thetreatment recommendation is based on the latest guidelines.• Theapp accounts for pre-existing conditions like diabetes, kidneydisease etc. & bases your treatment recommendation onthem.Prescription generator:• Start by selecting a generic namebased on the treatment recommendations.• A list appears, with asearch bar above to search for brand names by company, price,contents or dose. Select the brand name of your choice. Select thedosage & duration & the prescription appears in theprescription box. Add as many drugs as you desire in the samemanner.• Info of each drug for initial does, target dose, maximumdoses per day.• Fixed dose combinations.• Send/Print to share bywhatsapp/gmail/WiFi printing.• Templates to store your frequentlyused prescriptions for ease of access.Information about:• Goal BP•Strategies of dosing• Lifestyle modifications• Investigations tomonitor drugs