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DYPhyzio-Physiology 1
Physiology is the essence of medicine. Our aim atD.Y.Patiluniversity - school of medicine - is to bring physiologyto thecenterstage of medicine and make it a lucrative careeroption. Withthis vision, and with the mission of bringing globalrecognitionfor the department of physiology, we the physiologistsat DYParelaunching this app. It will be an interactive forum
Physiology GURU 2.3
Does looking at the Size of Books make you dreadstudyingPhysiology? Do you feel concepts bouncing off your headduringlectures? A complete guide to Undergraduate (Basic) andPGMEE(ADVANCED) Physiology, explained in a simple, conciseyetinformative manner, this is one app you wouldn't want to missouton. Equipped with, Study planner, Progress tracker and Quizzesatthe end of every topic, not only will you understand everyconcept,but you'll also be organised and well prepared for alltests andexams. Clinical cases and Extra in depth points will helpyou gainmore insight into applying physiology as a practitioner.Feel theneed to make notes? Go ahead! Think you'll fall asleepduring yourscheduled study time? Set an alarm on the app that'llremind you tostudy! Not only will you save the money spent onexpensivereference books, but you'll also be able to watch lecturevideos onany topic of your choice, whenever you want! Get yourDoubtscleared by Author himself and Stay Updated with the latestUpdatesin the arena of Physiology. What You Get... Well…. • YouSave YourEntire Money You Spend On Books • Interact Directly withthe AuthorProf.Dr. Vivek Nalgirkar & Get your Doubts clarified• YourNotes Stay Organised and "In Hand" In Real Time • ClinicalCases •Search the Text by Google Talk • Scholar's Stuff to SatiatetheCuriosity • Bookmark Important Topics • No Carrying Of HeavyBooksWith You • Lecture Videos : Missed Out On Any Lecture? NoProblem.Your App is Equipped With Lecture Videos Too • Revise anyTopicWhenever and Wherever You Want • Dictionary In Your Pocket •Bankof MCQs Provided With Explanation with Periodic addition ofNewMCQs More Features Yet to Come...!!!
Dypnext 1.0.0
In our long association with D Y Patil School of Medicine, wehavehad the privilege of working under the guidance and leadershipofour Honourable Chancellor Dr Vijay D. Patil Sir. For all ofusworking in School of Medicine, he is an inspirational figure.Ouremotional connect with the institute has evolved, over theyears,through the stages of “sense of belonging” to “sense ofpride”, andthen “sense of oneness”, thanks to Dr Vijay Patil sir.Being agreat visionary that he is, Dr Vijay Patil Sir has given usthismantra – “Relentless pursuit of bigger goals and dreamswilleventually enable you to achieve the pinnacle of successandglory..!” All our endeavours have had well wishes and blessingsofDr Vijay Patil Sir. Hence, as an obvious thought, we decidedtolaunch this app on his birthday, 17th September. The appisdesigned for the undergraduate students of Medicine who wishtoprepare for their PG entrance exams, including USMLE, PLAB, andthenational exit test (NEXT). It includes the objective typequestions(MCQs) with their answers and explanations, News relatedto variousexams, mock tests with results and rankings. It will be agreatcompanion for the students of Medicine.