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Akario Backline 5.5.2
Akario Backline is a feature-rich, securetexting application that is purpose-built for healthcare. Backlinedelivers a cutting-edge secure messaging platform thatsignificantly improves productivity and patient outcomes whileprotecting PHI. With Backline you can connect and share, quicklyand reliably, no matter where you are. The result is better careteam collaboration, improved productivity, and better patientoutcomes. Akario Backline is powered by DrFirst, a pioneer oftrusted and innovative healthcare software solutions andservices.Key Features:• Patient-Centered Chat for care teams, created and updated throughan ADT/HL7 interface with your EMR/EHR/HIS system• Secure text messaging to support HIPAA-compliantcommunications• Secure one-on-one or group chats• Online availability displayed• Push message notifications• Message status indicating read receipts, acknowledgements andtimestamps• Rich Media attachments up to 20MB such as photos, lab results,audio or video files
iPrescribe 3.60.1
iPrescribe makes prescribing painless - eliminating phone calls,faxes, and paper prescriptions. It works with (or without) any EHR- e-prescribing doesn't have to be bound to your EHR. A must-havee-prescribing app for all doctors, nurse practitioners, dentists,and other prescribers; iPrescribe gives you the freedom to writeand renew prescriptions whenever and wherever you need to.Prescribe your way, on your schedule, because you're not always infront of a computer. Note: you must successfully complete identityproofing with your NPI number and/or DEA number to prescribemedications from iPrescribe. A digital prescription pad makes iteasy Manage patients with ease. Search for drugs quicker. Sendprescriptions faster. Ditch your paper prescription pad! WithiPrescribe you avoid long calls with the pharmacy and can forgetfaxing prescriptions. Go digital with iPrescribe to instantly sendprescriptions to any pharmacy. Improve medication adherence bymaking it more convenient for your patients to pick up their meds,prevent the risk of lost paper prescriptions, eliminate illegiblescripts, and streamline the prescribing process for you and yourstaff. Innovative e-prescribing features Use advanced tools toaccelerate the prescription workflow while safeguarding againsterrors and complying with national regulations. -Import patientsautomatically with Patient Finder -Check in-workflow PDMP(prescription drug monitoring program) and patient med history-Prescribe controlled substances (yes, even schedule II’s) andnon-controlled drugs -Receive renewal requests from the pharmacyand respond in seconds -Easily find and prescribe drugs with smartfeatures -Save commonly prescribed drugs and patients’ preferredpharmacies as favorites for even quicker prescribing -Retrievereal-time prescription information from a robust network ofproviders, payers, pharmacies, PBMs, and more -Review up-to-dateformulary information in-workflow -See real-time medication costsfor those you prescribe and choose cost-effective treatments foryour patients Use iPrescribe to supplement your EHR Already have anEHR? No problem! Make the switch to safer, faster prescribing byusing iPrescribe when you’re away from your EHR. With PDMP access,med history checks, and clinical alerts it is safer for yourpatients for you to prescribe through iPrescribe than a phone call.Also, there's a record that you sent the prescription (unlike aphone call) and iPrescribe security ensures it's you sending theprescription in, not a fraudulent party. Whether you are usingAllscripts, Practice Fusion, eClinicalWorks, athenahealth,CareCloud, Dentrix, or any other electronic health record system,iPrescribe is the perfect companion for your EHR. Why you’ll loveiPrescribe What doctors are saying: -“I can’t imagine practicingwithout it.” -Margo Robinson, DMD -“iPrescribe integratesseamlessly with my hectic workflow while enhancing my ability topractice.” -Adam Weldzius, NP Security to protect your license& your patients iPrescribe is 100% cloud-based. If your phoneis stolen or hacked, patient data remains secure on our servers. Wepartner with ID.me, a national leader in identity-proofing, toprovide identity verification for prescribers - making sure you arethe only person prescribing under your license. This process can bedone in minutes from your phone. iPrescribe is rigorously auditedby the DEA for security controls around controlled substances. Ourtechnology has a long history of meeting and exceeding compliancestandards. iPrescribe is powered by DrFirst, the leadinge-prescribing solution used by 1,400 hospitals and trusted by+100,000 healthcare providers Get started: -iPrescribe is free tostart for prescribers in the US and Puerto Rico. -DrFirst Rcopiaand Doximity users can log in with their usernames and passwords.-Download iPrescribe and register now!
Huddle Health 2.12.0
Huddle | Your Hub for Health Records Healthcare is a team effort.Many of us help manage care for others – our children, our parents,our grandparents, or those close to us - as well as ourselves.Unfortunately, keeping up with medical information for you andeveryone you’re responsible for can be difficult. Huddle makesmanaging care easier by gathering and storing health informationfor you and those you care for. Huddle simplifies medical records:for both caregivers and patients. For Caregivers: When caring forothers, keeping up with their latest medications and conditions canbe nearly impossible. Huddle gives you the info you need to givethem the best care. For Patients: It’s challenging to remember allyour health information. With Huddle, your medical data, contacts,and patient portal are right at your fingertips. You can store allsorts of medical info in Huddle including: • Lists of medications •Doctors’ contact details • Medical documents • Links to patientportals • Test results • Insurance information • And more! Huddleeven allows you to share information with other caregivers (such asfamily members or hired caretakers). With Huddle, it’s your data,your rules. Your data is only seen by those you authorize to seeit, for as long as you want them to see it. We care about securityas much as you do. That’s why we’ve taken every precaution to makesure your important health information stays safe. Huddle ispowered by DrFirst, a pioneer in care collaboration technology,whose innovations have transformed the way healthcare organizationsuse patient data. Huddle builds on DrFirst’s 20-year legacy, givingpatients a secure way to store and share their own health records.Health records don’t have to be a hassle. Get Huddle to get controlof your medical information.