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Zombie: Whispers of the Dead 0.92
Zombie: Whispers of the Dead - a zombie hardcore first-personshooter, events which unfolded against the backdrop of the world,in the death agony of a zombie apocalypse. Downloading Zombie:Whispers of the Dead FREE you will get the opportunity to becomeone of the survivors, who is desperately trying to save self life.A terrible game atmosphere will accompany you from the start ofyour journey to the end ... FEATURES : - Ergonomic interface thatwill allow you to always keep the enemy at gunpoint and at any timeopened fire ; - Sound quality will help you to feel more deeplycreepy atmosphere around the events taking place (recommend usingheadphones) ; - Technology RagDoll will make every kill zombies -unique ; - Low demands on processing power, which makes itcomfortable to play even on slower devices.