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Punch List & Construction Plan 0.1.8
It enables smooth communication among Construction ProjectManagers, Architects, Field Staff, Sub-Contractors, and everyoneelse on the project. Simply upload the blueprints in DrawingView,and your plans are made available to you and to your Team membersinstantly. DrawingView comes with very simple-to-use Punch Lists.Users can create a punch (issue) with the tap of a button.Additionally, DrawingView has many useful features like AutomaticCall-outs, Sheet Versioning, Submittals, and others. You can alsoupload Construction Photos, and track the progress. The app isblazing fast. Our customer service is impeccable. Here is a listour main features and benefits: Main Features: 1. #1 Fast PlanViewer 2. Automatic Hyperlinks / Callouts 3. Sheet Version Control4. Job site Photos 5. Punch Lists 6. RFIs 7. Markups / Annotationson sheets 8. Automatic Sync among multiple devices. 9. Offlineavailability of Sheets, Punch Lists (on job sites) 10. Many morefeatures.... I would encourage all of you to download theDrawingView app on your Andorid devices, and play with it.Benefits: ======== * Saves Money. You do not have to print thedrawings anymore. * Saves Time by automatically Linking sheets inthe PDF / DWG. * Makes your Life Easy: You do not have to carryyour drawings anymore. * Punch List - Everyone in the team knowswhat they have to do (all the time). * You can finish the projecton time. Increases Efficiency and Communication in the Team.