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72WuKong(Monkey King is Back) 1.3.5
DreamSky Ltd
Wukong is coming back! Except fine characters design, magnificentfighting visual sense and high welfare, this game also has thespectacular background of Journey to the West, love story andvariety of new gameplay, which makes it the best game RPG in 2015.The game employs the best visual effects to present the classicstory of Journey to the West. Player can experience the legendary72 transformations, the original duel gameplay as Monkey Kingwrecked havoc in Heaven and the exciting journey of demonhunting.Features :>Visual Masterpiece : 100 hand-drawn characters by greatartists.>Original Gameplay : Switch freely between the 72Transformation.>Hero Characters : Enchant and hunt demons to upgrade.>Find Allies : Form your own team and head to the West.>Extra Bonus : Enjoy massive Sycee giveaways.Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/72WukongOfficial site :http://www.dreamsky.me/bsbts
Never Meet 1.1.0
DreamSky Ltd
【Game introduction】 Nevermeet is a combination of black and whitedouble character control adventure game, in this game, you need tocontrol two characters at the same time, to overcome all theobstacles and move forward! [Gameplay] 1, Controlling one side togo forward, control other to follow up, if one is left behind youlose. 2, Lot of checkpoints come very handy, higher level requiredwisdom to solve puzzles. 3, Multi-faceted ranking, according to theglobal, national, friends three dimensions, accurate given theplayer's ranking. [Game Features] -15 Lovely original gamecharacters. - Simple, fun, puzzle, suitable for players of allages. - Development of the brain and enhance logical thinkingability and quick thinking. - Endless Level 10 of the organcomposed of challenging fun.
War of Tanks: Invasion 1.3.1
DreamSky Ltd
Join , the most exciting modern warfare mobile game! Withlarge-scale armies, huge selection of tanks, realistic battles, andcunning strategies, brings the tank battle experience to you!is available all over the world and supports many languages.Players from different countries and regions can play and interacton the same server. is a great global platform for war game loversto deploy their tactics and challenge one another![Game Features]The Fires of War burn brightlyLots of famous tanks at your disposalCommand armies and invade othersRelive classic battlesAll-out Global WarOne server for all players to battle in real timeMake friends and draft tacticsLarge-scale global warfareCreate armies to occupy everythingConstruct bases to manage resourcesBuild tanks and armiesFight for territory and rule the worldStrategy is everythingExecute chain stratagemsDeploy troop formationsSpy on enemies to know their every moveThe best generals at your fingertipsCommand armies and go into battleChoose from many famous generalsEasy controls for you to rule the worldJoin now for the most heated tank battles and experience themost realistic tank warfare with players around the world! Commandyour army, defeat enemies, rule the world! The Glory is yours!For assistance, please contact us through our Facebook page. Ourcustomer service representatives are online 24/7 to cater to yourneeds.【Contact Us】Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/worldoftanksinvasion/Website:http://www.dreamsky.me
Fire Conflict- Zombie Frontier 1.0.4
DreamSky Ltd
"Fire Conflict" really 3D shooting game, restore classic gamebattle experience classic hits fully and delightfully! "FireConflict" conflict true 3D Panoramic Map , clear picture quality,real reduction scene map; and adding new mechanical technology,regardless of AK or M4, no limit of growth. Connection modeFacebook:Dreamsky Gaming E-mail:dreamskygs@gmail.com
Shooting Heroes-(Dreamsky)Zombie Frontier Survival 1.0.6
DreamSky Ltd
Dreamsky Games, Just be Happy! "Shooting Heroes- ZombieFrontierSurvival" really 3D shooting game, restore classic gamebattleexperience classic hits fully and delightfully! "FireConflict"conflict true 3D Panoramic Map , clear picture quality,realreduction scene map; and adding new mechanicaltechnology,regardless of AK or M4, no limit of growth. War hasevolved, and sohas the best online FPS on mobile! "Shooting Heroes-ZombieFrontier Survival" KEY FEATURES - 3D First Person Shootinggame -Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics and cool animations -ADDICTINGgameplay (FPS) - Superior Graphics, Impactful Environmentsand Maps- Realistic Combat Experience, Rich Combat Action andCombat Sound- Smooth and Responsive Customizable Touch ControlsKill All theZombies to Survive! In this city where zombies havetaken yourtown, the best way to survive when you play army shootinggames isto shoot zombies and kill them! Challenge yourself againstsome ofthe toughest undead on the frontline battlefield and shooteverytargets in the head.