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Mermaid Dress Up 1.0
Mermaid Dress UpIn this nice game you have to dress and arrange a beautifulmermaid. We can change his hair color blonde, red, black, scarlet,purple and even a nice shade of blue. We can also change hisclothing and, to put them a red dress, yellow, white as wedding,green, purple, pink, rainbow-like color or purple. We can change orput them earrings, tail, necklaces, rings, bracelets and even acrown. After you finish dressing you choose and the time of day wasday or night, by your preferences. We can not do this alone so wewill ask you to help us.How To Play:Start with a soothing spa to make sure the mermaid's hair and skinare flawless. Next, help her choose a hair style, eye color and putthe makeup on. Then, assist her to select a perfect dress (or topand skirt), and the matched jewelries. At last, please choose abeautiful tail for her, as well as a pretty prop in her hand. Afterall these process, she will go to enjoy her fantastic life underthe sea, let's follow her and see how amazing it is!
Dress Up Summer 1.0
Dress Up Summer - Preschool is finally out forSummer, and this cute baby girl can't wait to go to the beach withher family. She's already covered in sunscreen and wearing hersunglasses, so it's easy to see that she's very eager to get to thebeach. But first, she needs to pick out the perfect bathing suitand matching accessories so that she can soak up the sun in style.Browse the wide selection of cute bikinis, stylish sunglasses,colorful accessories and more, to get this baby girl ready for herbeach day in this fun online dress up game for girls!
Kids Dress Up Games 1.0
Kids Dress Up Games - Dressing is a free girlgame for girls in which you have to dress the doll. Choose clothes,accessories and hairstyle you like best. You can put dresses,pants, shirts ...Play with your friends to dress up girls, and change yourclothes and shoes as often as you want. Every time you will have adifferent and unique girl.Fun dress up game for girls to have some fun changing clothes tothe wrist. There are different options to choose from. Change herhair color and clothes, and get your doll is the prettiest.
Dress Up School Fashion 1.0
Dress Up School Fashion :: Going back toschoolis always lots of fun, and with the my school uniform dressup gameyou can easily get yourself ready for school in a brand newlookingoutfit. Now you can change your hair design and color, top,skirt,shorts, long pants, dresses, shoes, stockings, and glassesto createa fabulous new look that all your friends will envy. Byeasilymixing and matching the different outfits you can come upwith abrand new look for each and every school day! So if you lovetostyle new clothing and love going back to school, then you willjustlove this my school uniform makeover game.***Features***- Up to 10 models all free to dress up with- 100% FREE game NO LOCKED itmes or iap purchases- Hundreds of combinations of BEAUTIFUL clothes to play- Add earrings, jewelries and accessories with alldifferentbackgrounds to change- Take a photo for this beautiful girl to save or email yourfriendsimmediately
Dress Up Princess 1.0
Princess Dress UpPrincess Dress Up Games for girls. This game brings you themostwonderful apparel you can choose from. Wear the moststunningdresses, choose a hairstyle fit for royalty and pick outsomesparkling accessories to go along with your amazing ensemble.100%FREE games.Princess Dress Up: Categories with lots of items tochoosefrom!- Hairstyles – Princesses love to do their hair.- Eyeshade – Picking the right eye shadow to turn your girl intoastunning princess.- The dress up part of the girl game is made up of four dressupcategories!- Princess Dress – The princess dress is important because thisballhappens for one night only. Your prince needs to keep his eyesonyou. And should make you look great, thus makes youfeelfabulous.- Earrings – The most obvious accessory is jewelry, so let’sstartby picking out the earrings for your ball night!- Necklaces – A necklace that highlight your dress , matchingjewelsis also important to find!- Shoes – you need to be the whole package, shoes to hair, sopickout some shoes and you are set to go!
Wedding Dress Up Games 1.0
Wedding Dress Up Games - Say I do already!Thiscouple can't wait to get their honeymoon started! They wereinfinancial woe but now that they won the lottery, they can havethewedding, honeymoon, and life of their dreams! They've madeitthrough the worst and now they'll live for the best! Style themforthe wedding and start off the rest of their life together!
Fashion Girls Dress Up 1.0
Fashion Girls Dress Up - Thisstylishstewardess loves to express herself through fashion. Shedoesn'tlike to wear the boring uniforms without spicing her look upa bit,so it's no surprise that all of her coworkers ask her forfashionadvice. But, lately, she's been having trouble with cuteways toadd some flair to her look. This time, she's the one whoneeds someadvice to bring her look together in time for herinternationalflight tonight. Browse the wide selection of colorfuluniforms,cute hairstyles, tasty beverages and more, to create theperfectlook for this first class fashionista in this fun onlinedress upgame fir girls!
Dress Up - Summer Fashion 1.0
Dress Up - Summer Fashion : Make a big splash! Leap over theshimmering water for some stylish summer fun! Don't be afraid tojump into summer fashion with a teeny weeny bikini or a sleekone-piece! There's plenty of ways to accessorize swimsuits becausethose bright, neon colors leave a lot of opportunity open for bigsun hats, wild flowers above the ear, or big white pearls!
Dress Up Fashion Girls 1.0
Dress Up Fashion Girls - Be thewardrobestylist for this fashion event and envision the best imagestopromote the couture of the designer.
Bible King James version 1.0
The Best KJV Bible, a local version of the King James Version ofthe Bible. You get a very fast app designed for Bible Study, quicknavigation. No other Bible app matches the design, functionality ofthis Bible appThe best-selling study Bible in the King JamesVersion—now updated, with added features. Trusted for 25 years, TheKing James Study Bible has dependable notes and annotations fromscholars you can rely on, led by General Editor Edward Hindson. Aclear presentation of conservative Bible doctrine, with theresources you need for knowing God's Word. This Study Bible comeswith the King James Version with Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance.Asimple, powerful design will allow you to easily read the Bibleoff-line (without an Internet connection), navigate, bookmark. ThisBible contains two learning modes, audio Bible and Biblical texts,Find out for yourself why this Bibles are the top selling Bibles oniPhones and iPads.Audio Bible :This program allows you to listenthe entire Old Testament and New Testament in audio form. All theaudio is embedded in the software, so you can listen the Holy Bibleat any time, without the need for a wireless connection.
Holy Bible Youversion 1.0
King James Version & American StandardVersion of the Holy Bible. Easily switch between the versions withjust a tap of your finger! Easily find the Book, Chapter and Verseyou want to read. The King James Version (KJV) Offline Bible foriPhone.Quickly navigate to any verse and easily access tools to helpfurther your understanding of the BibleFeatures include:- Two full version of the Holy Bible- Switch between versions at the touch of a button- Offline use, no internet connection required!- Bookmark any verse to quickly come back to later- Change the Font Type- Change the Font Size- Change the Font Color- Write and save notes next to each chapter- Rotate your device in any orientation, view in landscape/portraitviews.- Full text search with result highlighting- Copy to clipboard to paste Verses to notes or otherapplications- Fully compatible with iPad
KJV Audio Bible mp3 1.0
FREE Holy Bible(The Old Testament, The New Testament(NIV (NewInternational Version). Read them offline. Share God’s Words withyour friends and close ones. Useful Daily Bible Verse, Bible Indexincluded. This is KJV Audio Bible. You can read it in offline modeand can listen the audio when the device is connected to theinternet. Google Ad will be shown inside the app. Please send meyour feedback if you have any concern.KJV Bible Offline is a nativeios app that allow you to read KJV Bible Offline, no need ofinternet connection or wifi. It also features Audio Bible so youcan listen to the bible passage as you read. KJV Bible Offline -Audio Bible is the perfect combination app for your daily devotion.Download App Now!
Audio Bible (KJV) 1.0
Read and listen to King James Bible Audio for FREE. Hear the audiobible about God,Jesus,Joseph, Mary, Noah, Noah's Ark, Adam,Eve,Abraham,Moses,David,Jacob,Saul,Isaac,Aaron and many otherbiblical characters.International Standard Bible Encyclopedia 1915with references to KJV Bible versesContaining more than 9 300entries, The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, also knownas the ISBE, is an exhaustive Biblical encyclopedia that explainsin detail every significant word in the Bible, and also includeshistorical information from the Apocrypha. It provides detailedinformation on the language and literature of the Bible world,their cultures and the historical and religious environments of thepeople of the Bible in articles by nearly 200 scholars.
King James Bible Audio 1.0
The complete King James Version Bible in a pure voice audio format:each book of the Bible is read to you one voice at a time. Clearand uncluttered, this Bible speaks plainly, and making it easierfor you to enter into God’s Word.The Holman KJV Study Bible honorsthe beauty and majesty of the KJV. All of the features and toolsare designed to help you understand the Bible and be transformed byit. Our hope is that you will use this study Bible to deepen yourwalk with God who has graciously revealed Himself in theBible.Features- Full Strong’s Concordance with KJV text- Full-colormaps, charts, and reconstructions- Extensive book introductions,and commentary notes- Concordance- Essays on practical andtheological issues- Feature-length articles on the origin andtransmission of the Bible- A "King's English" glossary of terms-One-year Bible reading plans- Fast and easy to use- Flip back andforth from your Bible to note-taking during lessons with one touchand not miss a thing- No internet connection needed for downloadedBibles, Study Bibles, Commentaries and Devotionals- Use eitherStudy mode or Parallel mode.- Select, copy and paste multipleverses easily and quickly- Quick navigation either by usingpredictive entry or table of contents- Margin notes allow you towrite notes for a specific passage- Night mode for low lightreading- Both word and verse selection for highlights- Facebook andTwitter sharing- Highlighting allows readers to easily emphasizeverses or passages- Full-text search by OT, NT or current bookallows users to quickly find words and study topics- Bookmark yourfavorite passages for quick future reference or make your ownpersonal studies- Powerful folder system allows users to organizenotes and bookmarks- History folder and back button- Portrait /Landscape mode- Font sizes can be easily changed- Easily e-mailnotes to yourself, friends or family- Users can expand Bibletranslations library easily and affordably through in-app purchase-Split-screen capability for parallel translations- Autoscroll withadjustable speed- Synchronize all your notes, bookmarks, marginnotes and highlights across all Android devices
Dress Up Games 1.0
Dress Up Games - At here you can find morefungames for girls and kids with variety dress up games: KidsDressup,Boy Dressup, Dressup for Girls, Couple Dress up Games,WeddingDressup, Princess Dress up Games, Fantasy - AnimeDressup...Install now 100% FREE Game!Dress Up Games
Audio Bible KJV Offline 4.03
King James Bible, combining Old Testament and NewTestament.Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua,Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, 2Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, Psalm, Proverbs,Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations,Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum,Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Matthew, Mark,Luke, John, Acts, Romans, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Galatians,Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 Thessalonians, 2Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon, Hebrews,James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, Jude,RevelationKing James (KJV) Bible DictionaryAuthorized in 1611 byJames I of England, the King James Version (Authorized Version) isstill the most often purchased translation of God's word. However,since that time the English language has evolved. This dictionarydefines 6581 words that are not common to modern English.You canadd words to favorites, copy the text and any part of it, share viaFacebook, SMS and etc, increase/decrease font size.Feel free tocontact me if you want to improve or have any problems with thisapp.
Bible Audio Free 1.0
KJV and NKJV Bible Offline is an app that allow you to readKJV/NKJV Bible Offline, no need of internet connection or wifi. Italso features Audio Bible so you can listen to the bible passage asyou read. KJV and NKJV Bible Offline - Audio Bible is the perfectcombination app for your daily devotion. Download App Now!The KingJames Version (KJV) or King James Bible (KJB), is an Englishtranslation of the Christian Bible for the Church of England begunin 1604 and completed in 1611. First printed by the King's PrinterRobert Barker, this was the third translation into English to beapproved by the English Church authorities. The first was the GreatBible commissioned in the reign of King Henry VIII, and the secondwas the Bishops' Bible of 1568. In January 1604, King James I ofEngland convened the Hampton Court Conference where a new Englishversion was conceived in response to the perceived problems of theearlier translations as detected by the Puritans, a faction withinthe Church of England.James gave the translators instructionsintended to guarantee that the new version would conform to theecclesiology and reflect the episcopal structure of the Church ofEngland and its belief in an ordained clergy. The translation wasdone by 47 scholars, all of whom were members of the Church ofEngland. In common with most other translations of the period, theNew Testament was translated from Greek, the Old Testament wastranslated from Hebrew text, while the Apocrypha were translatedfrom the Greek and Latin. In the Book of Common Prayer (1662), thetext of the Authorized Version replaced the text of the Great Bible– for Epistle and Gospel readings – and as such was authorized byAct of Parliament. By the first half of the 18th century, theAuthorized Version was effectively unchallenged as the Englishtranslation used in Anglican and Protestant churches. Over thecourse of the 18th century, the Authorized Version supplanted theLatin Vulgate as the standard version of scripture for Englishspeaking scholars. Today, the most used edition of the King JamesBible, and often identified as plainly the King James Bible or KingJames Version, especially in the United States, remains thestandard text of 1769, edited by Benjamin Blayney and FrancisSawyer Parris at Oxford.
Halloween Dress Up 1.0
This is Best Dress Up Games for Kids. InthisHalloween dress-up game your child will prepare charactersforHalloween.Choose dress item by clicking on the appropriate icon anddragthe chosen item to the character.The aim of the dress-up game is mainly fun and entertainment,butthere is also an educational element - kids learn aboutitems,accessories, and colors combinations.***Features***- Up to 6 models all free to dress up with- 100% FREE game NO LOCKED itmes or iap purchases- Hundreds of combinations of BEAUTIFUL clothes to play- Add earrings, jewelries and accessories with alldifferentbackgrounds to change- Take a photo for this beautiful girl to save or email yourfriendsimmediately
Dress Up Games Free 1.0
Dress Up Games - Dress up games is a freeforAndroid Tablet or phone. Delightful dress up games suitable forallkids, including the most wanted dress themes likePrincess,fashion, exotic girls, fairies, and much more!** Features **- 10 pairs of beautiful Bride to choose- Dress Bride and Groom up in the gown of your dreams- Find a perfect dress for bride and groom- Add earrings or jewelry- 5 different background with different music- Take a picture for this couple to save or email yourfriendsimmediately