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Legacy Of Dead Empire 1.2.4
The game "Legacy Of Dead Empire" takes you tothe scary world of a horror game, into the times of the SecondWorld War, where you will be able to find out terrible mysteries ofthe secret bunker teeming with evil zombies and storing a lot ofsecrets.You are a citizen of your country, empire which must conquer theworld, but in case you became a victim of your militaryorganization's experiment.You need to find out who put those inhuman experiments. Andwhose fault will put you in the laboratory as a victim of anexperiment.The bunker that was concealed by the authorities saved a lot ofsecrets. And now you need to figure them out if you want to stayalive and leave that fatal labyrinth which consists of tunnels,laboratories, hangers and achievements of a once great empire thatcould not handle with the out of the control experiment.You have to go through the thousands of living dead to discovera horrible secret. Maybe, you are not alone in that laboratory ofhell. Maybe there is a chance of salvation if you are able to findan exit…We invite you not just shoot zombies, but to play the zombieshooter with exciting scenario.The game " Legacy Of Dead Empire" - is- Combination of the zombie shooter with exciting story incomics- Intuitively clear, easy operation- Colorful atmospheric, detailed graphics- Zombie-walker with a well thought and interesting levels.- Atmosppheric music- Various weapons of the period of the Second World War- A lot of interesting locations to discoverSubscribe on our newsletter and be the first to find out aboutour new gameshttp://www.dreamforestgames.com/
Cities & Animals. For Kids 1.1
Animals which have lived in the forest before,got lost in the cities. You need to find them as fast as possibleand return them back to the forest. Cities & Animals. HiddenObject Game is a very simple game to play. To get to the next levelyou need to collect all of the animals during the exact period oftime.This game was created in order to develop children's concentrationand attention. It is also created without any scene of violence.Key features of the game:• best game for kids• oriented on the infant development• colorful children's graphics• great number of levels (cities)• clear and convenient operation• great variety of game characters• the lack of embedded purchases
Battle Tank 8bit 1.3
This is oldschool style tank game with new gameplay features. Youcan create you own levels, upgrade tank and buy powerups. GamePlaybased on enemy waves. Try to stay as much as you can.
Big Truck Hero - Truck Driver 1.4
Big Truck Hero – it is a breathtaking process of driving a bigtruck, the main character of which is you. The new game Big TruckHero – is a driving truck simulator, which will delight you with agreat variety of interesting missions and quests. Complicated andmemorable trips will be waiting for you and not everyone will haveforce to complete it. You need to transport loads and carry outmissions of different types to develop and update your truck fleet.You will get a reward for each successful delivery of differentgoods and the more money you’ll get – the better truck you’ll beable to buy and to transport loads faster. Loads transportationwith realistic physics and graphics will totally capture yourattention from the first seconds of the game. Transportation willbe providing in different routs: for a time, in cross-countrylocality and tracks, looking for the best way not to damage thetruck or loads. The money will be withdrawn for the damage. Themore professional you are – the better game result and fasterdevelopment will be. If you mastered the car driving perfectly, thenext level of practice is truck driver. In the Truck Hero you haveall chances to increase your driving skills, to set up personalrecords, to get maximum impressions from the game. All will dependjust on your skills and activity. The game Big Truck Hero – is anadvanced truck simulator where you will find: - Open world - Trucksfor choice: 6 kinds - Good country music - Realistic graphics andphysics - Different types of goods - Big variety of routs -Interesting missions - Simple and clear control While creating theBig Truck Hero we were inspired by travelling and took into accountall the nuances that experienced truck driver can face. Thesimulator will also be interesting for beginners who just began tolearn truck driving.
911 Rescue Fire Truck 1.01
Try the new game simulator of a firetruckdriving.Install 3D fire truck driving simulator and check your quality ofafireman. And weather you can extinguish all the fires in the game.Game about firemen - unusual and exciting game in which youneedto pull through many obstacles on the way to the main heroicgoal -save the city from fire. This difficult mission is achallenge onlyfor brave and dexterous fireman.Driving a fire truck is a complicated process that requiressomeefforts and concentration. The experience which you getfromcomplicated and interesting levels is invaluable. Reachthemaximum, which is capable for a fire truck. The game will beagreat opportunity for children to try to solve problems, andforadults - a real fun.Benefits:- Lots of different levels- 5 different fire trucks- A realistic simulation of fire extinguishing- High-quality realistic graphics- Exciting 3D driving simulator- Open World- Great country musicDo you know how firefighters work? You have an opportunitytostay at the wheel and to fight a fire. Driving a large firetruckwill make you nervous - whether it's simply a truck or afiretruck. But the process of extinguishing the fire willseriouslycarry you away.A game about a fire truck is what you need to spendgoodtime.
Clash of Cars: Death Racing 1.01
Welcome to the game! You are waiting for different cars fights witha variety of weapons and locations Your task is to win bydestroying all enemies and inflicting maximum damage to them. Inthis battle to win only one! Features: - 4 types of cars withdifferent characteristics: race car, police car, SUV and minivan. -2 types of weapons: machine gun and rocket launcher - 4 game modes:Deathmatch, Time Challenge, Free Style, Survival - 5 types ofcards: Desert, Arena, Mining, Factory, Aircraft Carrier - Theability to choose the number of frags, bots, respawns and timebattle. - 3 types of control - Great music
Mad Zombies Cleaner 1.1
All expected sequel of "Deadlands Road Zombie Shooter". After longyears of exhausting wanderings in deserted world, spent insearching for the peaceful place untouched by the decay, ourdesperate hero and his group are convinced that it doesn't exist.After reconsidering their position, they decide to settle in nearbycity, another spawn of chaos and death, the cleansing of whichfalls on shoulders of our hero and his men. Follow their strugglefor the place in the city, overcoming the force of decayed corpses,selfish military and local bandit groups. Only the strongestsurvives, only the most armed one - checkout new workshop, in whichyou can upgrade your vehicles up to their threshold. Explore twolarge maps, two detailed districts of the city. Pass through twentyunique missions narrating the story of struggle of main hero andhis men, and also earn some money in many more additional missions.Five deadly weapons of destruction, among which minigun,flamethrower and even the rocket launcher. Pick one of fourvehicles, each one differ with their speed, armor and deadlinessKill all of your enemies and zombies - cleanse the city! Features:- post apocalyptic open world, which will immerse you in theatmosphere of the world that survived its end - diverse storymissions and plenty optional additional jobs - intriguing comicstory - variety of vehicles, from fast passenger to unstoppabletruck - variety of weapons, designed for destroying your enemys andzombies - vehicle and weapon upgrade system - variety of enemys,among wich decayed corpses, selfish military and local bandits
Єден Радіо 1.5
Радіо "Єден" - перше інтернет радіо Закарпаття. Радіо, що немаєобмежень в плані лексики, музики, гостей, і певнихформатнихзабобонів. Це ще й радіо для однієї людини, ми вмикаємомузикунаших слухачів і присвячуємо їм по пів дня.
Neone Darts 1.1
We are proud to present you a new neon game - Neone Darts Thistime,you need to use your fingers skillfully to aim at the movingtargetas accurately as possible. Do not be missed, otherwise youwill losepoints, which are not so much. Try to score as manypoints aspossible and not lose the ball!
Zombie Car Cleaner 1.3
Introducing the new zombie arena! Now you have to fight zombies ona car with two machine guns. Your task is to survive and destroymore zombies as possible.
Real Mushroom Hunting Simulator 3D 1.75
We present you an exciting game, mushroom searchingsimulator.“Silent hunting” this is exactly how mushroom pickerscall theirfavourite activity. Mushroom pickers have been calledsilenthunters for long. They brought tasty, nutritious food homewithoutany gunshots or splashes of water: honey fungus, penny bun,birchboletus, chanterelle, red boletus, suillus, rusulla,lactarius..Times change. Today the silent hunting is not only andnot as muchharvesting for delicious and nourishing food, but as aprocess ofcommunication with nature, enjoyment of her beauties,whichorganically blend with the hunting process; a gripping searchand,if possible, the mushroom gathering. We can feel the natureagainonly during the silent hunting, mushroom gathering; we see it,webecome the part of it. This is the process of short-term returntothe place, which we left a long time ago and headed to thecitiesand civilization. And how it is pleasant to escape from iteven forthe short period of time. You just need to pick the timeand go formushrooms. You have an opportunity to enjoy the processofgathering mushrooms thoroughly, to study mushrooms which youhavefound and feel the atmosphere of a wild forest. Eachfoundmushroom, you can study in the mushroom gallery and discoverallneeded information about it. But be careful, there are wildanimalsin the game: bears, wolves, boars, which can sometimesthreaten thelives of people. Although, don’t worry about deer andrabbits. Youcan use an SUV for a fast transfer, which will give youtheopportunity to gather more mushrooms in any weather. Features: -Aspacious, open world in the forest - The variety of mushrooms -Themushroom gallery for detailed information about mushrooms - AnSUVfor a fast travel on the map - The weather simulation: sun andrain- Wild animals.
World Trucks Real Hero 1.1
We are glad to introduce you a new simulator of trucks "WorldTrucksReal Hero". Now you can try to be the driver of any wagonand try tofeel like a real truck driver. You are waiting for acompletely openworld with an infinite number of missions. Eachplace has its owncharacteristics, for example, sometimes you justneed to deliver thegoods, and sometimes you need to do it veryquickly. Also, beattentive while driving, because for negligenceyou will have to paya fine. So try to drive carefully and do notdo an accident. Sodrive truck in the open world, earn money, carrytraffic, buy newtrucks and enjoy the game "World Trucks Real Hero"
911 Rescue Firefighter and Fire Truck Simulator 3D 1.75
"These are the real heroes , they are not cops, politicians orofthe government alphabet agencies, they care of nothing butsavinglives and putting out fires while risking everything andaskingnothing in return, they are just citizens who chosetheirprofession knowing the risks, one of the most noble andhonorableprofessions on the planet. i always admired the firemanand my hatis off to them" Jim Man Do you know how the firefighterswork? Youhave an opportunity to drive a fire engine and to fight afireinside and outside the building. We present you newrescuefirefighter simulator in the open 3D world. Install fireenginedriving simulator and check your firefighter skills. Can youputout all the fire and get through the all missions? Duringthisunusual and exciting game, you have to overcome numerousobstacleson the way to the main heroic goal – rescue the city fromthe fire.Only brave and smart firefighter which does not afraid ofthischallenge can manage with this complicated mission. Now youcanfight the fire both from the fire engine and fire-hose insidethebuilding and it will take you in the atmosphere of thecomplicatedfirefighter’s job even more. You need to find all thehot-spotsinside the building and if the access to the fire isblocked youshould work with an ax what gives the game more realism.Drivingthe fire engine is also a difficult process which cry foreffortsand concentration of attention. The experience you getpassingthrough complicated but interesting levels is priceless.Reach themaximum the fire engine is capable of. Advantages: -Variety ofdifferent levels - 5 different fire engines - Realisticsimulatorof a fire extinguishing - High-quality realistic graphic -Exciting3D driving simulator - Open world - Perfect country music -Fireextinguishing inside the building - Ability to break theobstacleswith an ax
Death Truck Hero - Apocalypse Road 1.2
Continuing the legendary series of the games "Deadlands Road".Aftermany years of exhausting wanderings through an abandonedworld insearch of an untouched corner for peaceful life, maincharacterdesperately decides to help the survivors and sits downat thesteering-wheel of a truck. That time, he will have todeliver thecargo in the insane and dangerous world ofpost-apocalypse, in aworld ruled by zombies and marauders, a worldthat needs a herotrucker who is ready to deliver the necessarygoods no matter what.Feel the dangers of the apocalyptic world;implement a variety ofmissions with dangerous and urgent cargos,which are hunted bybandits and looters. Deliver trailers with avariety of goods to thepoints of delivery and receive reward andrespect of the friendlyforces. The game also offers a variety oftrucks with thepossibility of pumping the main parts of the truck:engine, armor,bumper and weapons, without which you can notsurvive in a worldinfested with bloody-minded zombies. The moremissions you perform,the more money you will receive, to purchasethe necessary upgradesand weapons. Kill all zombies and enemies,deliver the cargo to theunloading zone and save the survivors fromhunger and death!Features: - a post-apocalyptic opened world,immersing into theatmosphere of the world end of the world; - avariety of missionsand different goods and trailers; - a varietyof trucks, choose themost powerful! - a variety of weapons fordestroying enemies andzombies; - a system for pumping trucks andweapons; - a variety ofenemies, among whom are living dead, thugsand easy-purchasablesoldiers.