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Energy Stones 6.0.0
Energy is part of the stones as much as of ourselves, with energystones you will know in an easy and free way this wonderful worldof gemotherapy. Each stone, quartz, metal, crystal or gem has someproperty or quality that distinguishes them and with that energy ofthat quality or property can help us in our daily life, whetherprofessional, love, spiritual, prosperity or health. Gems havealways been a mysterious gift from nature. Its formation, streaksand vivid colors are unique. The Egyptians were passionate aboutthe stones, they carved them by hand and turned them into beautifuljewels, which then looked like men and women. They were aware ofthe beneficial properties of stones, the influence of their energyon our state of mind and the powers they give us. They valued themboth for their natural beauty, and for the protection they offeredthem, using them as an amulet. If you love the world of gemotherapyor just have curiosity do not doubt energy stones is yourapplication totally free.
Country music 6.0.0
With country music enjoy the best compilation of your favoritegenre and a completely free. Country music is a broad genredeveloped primarily in the United States. According to one can knowthe history of the country music, its origin occurs in the seconddecade of the XX century in the United States, having a greatinfluence of what is the folk-type music of the old Europeancolonizers and the immigrants who would arrive during this era ofAmerican history The traditional country was essentially playedwith stringed instruments, such as guitar, banjo, simple fiddle anddouble bass, although the accordion and harmonica also frequentlyplayed. In modern country, electronic instruments, such as electricguitar, electric bass, keyboards, double, or steel guitar are usedmostly. Listen, dance, sing and share with your friends yourpassion for country music wherever you are, in an easy and freeway. Do not hesitate in country music you will find your favoritesongs with your favorite artist of the moment. If you like themusic of the United States and especially the country genre this isyour application.
Bachata music 6.0.0
With bachata music enjoy the best compilation of your favoriteLatin genre and in a totally free way. Bachata is a musical genreof dance originating in the Dominican Republic, within what iscalled urban folklore. It is considered as a derivative of therhythmic bolero, influenced by other styles such as Cuban son andmerengue During the sixties and early seventies, disdained as musicby the poor classes, it was known as bitter music. This conceptreferred to the state of melancholy provoked by the lack of love,always reflected in the theme of his compositions. Listen, dance,sing and share with your friends your passion for bachata musicwherever you are, in an easy and free way. Do not hesitate inbachata music you will find your favorite songs with your favoriteartist of the moment. If you like latin music and especiallybachata genre this is your application.
Aerobic music 6.0.0
A key part when preparing an aerobics class is to choose the rightmusic. Depending on the intensity you want to give to theexercises, you should choose a music with a more agile, fast rhythmor a slower, more relaxing rhythm. Musics to do aerobic, advanced,moved and fast with energy and motivation to burn calories at homeor in the gym and totally free Aerobic is a type of gymnastics thatis performed to the sound of music, in a lounge or outdoors.Aerobics brings together all the benefits of aerobic exercise, aswell as exercising physical abilities such as flexibility,coordination, orientation, rhythm, etc. The pace of aerobicsessions varies depending on the age of the audience who practicesit. The songs used mark the intensity in each moment of the class.Aerobics should also include warm-up and stretching exercises.There are other modalities of this sport, such as the one practicedin the pool (it can be called aquatic aerobics), which incorporatesa platform of low height (step), or that combines aerobic exerciseswith muscle toning. Find your optimum state or start practicingyour favorite sport wherever you want and with whom you want andfor free. Aerobic music is a dynamic application where they areregularly updated with the best compilations to practice aerobics,fitness ... ..
Celtic music 6.0.0
With Celtic music enjoy the best compilation of your favorite genreand a completely free. Celtic music is the term used to describe awide group of musical genres that depart from the popular musicaltradition of the peoples considered of Celtic tradition of WesternEurope. As such, there is no real musical body that can bedescribed as Celtic, but the term serves to unify both strictlytraditional music of certain geographic regions, and a contemporarytype of folkloric music with the same ethnological and musicalorigin. Celtic music instrumental bagpipes, drums, violin and flutejoyful and relaxing to listen to and relax. Listen, relax and sharewith your friends your passion for medieval music wherever you are,in an easy and free way. If you like medieval music and especiallyCeltic music this is your application.
Gregorian chants 6.0.0
The Gregorian chants are praises to God and the interpretation thatmonks of contemplative life usually make, is wonderful because notonly the praise, the voices, but the Spirit are mixed, for thatreason they elevate our spirituality and somehow unite divine wecarry inside. From its birth, Christian music was a sung prayer, tobe performed not in a purely material way, but with devotion,singing to God in your heart. The text was therefore the raisond'être of Gregorian chant. In fact, the chanting of the text isbased on the principle "He who sings well, sometimes twice".Gregorian chant can never be understood without the text, which haspriority over the melody and is the one that gives meaning to it.Therefore, in interpreting it, the singers must have understood themeaning of the text very well. Consequently, any imposition of anoperatic voice in which the interpreter's performance is attemptedshould be avoided. From the Gregorian chant it is from where theycome the Gregorian ways, that give base to the music of the West.From them come the major and minor modes, and others less known.Relaxing music with Gregorian chants, relaxation music andmeditation. Listen to the soothing sound of angels singing. Do nothesitate with Gregorian chants listen to the music sung with thesoul.
Cumbia music 6.0.0
With cumbia music, enjoy the best compilation of your favoriteLatin genre and in a totally free way. The cumbia is a musicalrhythm and traditional folk dance of Colombia. From the 1940s,commercial or modern cumbia expanded to the rest of Latin America,after which it became popular throughout the continent followingdifferent commercial adaptations, such as the Argentine cumbia, theBolivian cumbia, the Chilean cumbia, the cumbia Dominican cumbia,cumbia mexicana, cumbia peruana, cumbia salvadoreña, cumbia uruguayand cumbia venezolana, among others. Listen, dance, sing and sharewith your friends your passion for cumbia music wherever you are,in an easy and free way. Do not hesitate in cumbia music you willfind your favorite songs with your favorite artist of the moment.If you like latin music and especially cumbia genre this is yourapplication.
Videos indoor cycling 5.0.0
With spinning videos you will find the best spinning sessions onvideo and in a totally free way. Get on the stationary bike thatstarts the spinning class. Now your resistance will be tested. Ifyou are consistent, you will say goodbye to a large percentage ofbody fat while these spinning routines will welcome toning and ageneral improvement of your physical condition. Find your optimalstate or start practicing your favorite sport wherever you want andwith whom you want and for free. Spinning Videos is a dynamicapplication where they are regularly updated with the best spinningvideos of the moment.
Medieval music 5.0.0
With medieval music enjoy the best compilation of your favoritegenre and a completely free. The profane music of the Middle Ageswas developed in the late sixteenth century in the south of Francecalled the troubadours, who were poets and musicians, normally ofnoble origin and instructed in the monasteries and in the cathedralschools, they sang the courtly love, which emphasized the worshipof the lady, the chivalric spirit and the heroes of the Crusades.At the same time appeared the Juglars, who were conists, actors,acrobats and singers. The best Medieval instrumental music relaxingflute and harpsichord. Popular Renaissance folk Irish music ofminstrels and troubadours. Relaxing Renaissance instrumental musicfrom the Middle Ages to work and concentrate, study. In addition,it is the best music in the Middle Ages to relax, to increaseconcentration, to memorize, to relax the mind, to read and towrite, etc. Listen, relax and share with your friends your passionfor medieval music wherever you are, in an easy and free way. Ifyou like medieval music and especially the music of the Middle Agesthis is your application.
Music of the 80s 7.0.0
If you want to hear great successes that marked the 80's this willsurely be the application you are waiting for and totally free.With music from the 80s you will have: The tomas of the 80s Musicto remember Classics that marked a decade The best tracks of discomusic and non-stop dancing. Music from the 80's is the bestspecialized application in the 80's. Take it on your smartphone,tablet or any other device with android system and enjoy a widevariety of artists. If your decade is the 80's do not hesitate anddownload our application totally free and enjoy where you want andhow you want the wonderful 80s !!!!!!!!
Gift box 5.0.0
With the gift box application you will find endless tutorials todesign wonderful gift boxes for any occasion easy to perform andexplained step by step in a totally free way. When delivering agift, the wrapping is going to be fundamental, because it will bethe first impression the recipient receives. In addition, a goodpackaging will make that person feel much more special, andperceive the affection and dedication that we have put to his gift.Many designs of gift boxes are waiting for you no matter what theoccasion, they are not any wrapping, they are already a gift, theycan be made to store things or decorative elements. The designs areextremely beautiful and easy to perform with a result of the mostprofessional. Surprise, create, enjoy and give away a beautifulgift box designed by you !!!!!!
Workout music gym 6.0.0
Sports, training and gym routines are often accompanied by goodmusic to motivate you and get to do your best in a fun way, withgym training music you'll have it all in a totally freeapplication. When it comes to running or doing sports in the gym,we need motivation. We must maintain and increase the activity thatwe have achieved by heating. Raise the adrenaline and pulsationsper minute to be active at all times. A good way to get it is bylistening to music. The connection between improved performance andan excellent playlist for training really can be backed by science.Studies have shown that listening to music while exercising notonly motivates you, it can also help you train longer and moreintensely. If you are looking for motivation for your next trainingsession, do not hesitate and motivate yourself with training musicfor the gym !!!!!
Top Cricket 4.0.0
With top cricket you will find the best of cricket in oneapplication and totally free. Only the best of each hit andthousands of plays made by the best players of the moment, theworst mistakes, the best intersections and endless actions of thegame that will make you vibrate with your favorite sport. Cricketis a sport of bat and ball, in which two teams of eleven playerseach face each other. It is played in a field of grass, more orless oval, whose extension must not be inferior to the one ofsoccer. In the center of the field there is a rectangular terrainknown as pitch. Originated in its organized form in England,cricket is popular mainly in the countries of the Commonwealth ofNations. In the countries of the Indian Subcontinent, it is themass sport. If your favorite sport is cricket do not hesitate andenjoy where you want and with whom you want from your true cricketpassion
Funny videos 7.0.0
Laughter videos is the best compilation of funny videos and funnyvideos that you can enjoy on the mobile android. A lot of the bestfunny videos, funny videos, funny videos, humor videos, animalvideos, fallen videos, amazing videos and all free videos to watchand do not stop laughing. You will find funny videos, funny videos,top videos, laugh videos to share for free whatsapp. You can shareany video of humor, funny babies, pranks, jokes, laugh videos,fails, birthday videos, top videos of each month in summary onlythe best videos on the net. You will also find free laughing andhumorous videos. The best mood on your mobile! Among othercategories you will find: - Top videos, videos of risa, funnyvideos, free videos - The funniest birthday moments. - The mostcrazy videos of animals, top videos (cats, dogs, puppies ...). -Great football fairs and top sports videos - Enjoy with funnybabies and funny videos, laugh videos - The best content forwhatsapp, share it! - Top videos, videos of risa, funny videos,free videos - The best humor of fear and funny scares, funny videosand funny videos ..... If you like humor and have a fun time, funnyvideos will be your application. The best funny videos, funnyvideos, funny videos, humor videos, animal videos, fallen videos,top videos, amazing videos and all free videos will be in thisapplication totally free. The content is updated at all times toenjoy the best videos seen on the internet.
Yoga for beginners 5.0.0
The benefits of yoga go far beyond weight loss and reducing diseaserisks. Yoga improves the health of those who practice it, thanks toits many benefits. The yoga postures are not surprising because ofthe physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga classes. Feelin the air inside and out. Yoga provides an expansion in all fieldsof human existence. His practice guarantees a firm body, a stablemind and a benevolent spirit. A regular practice of this disciplinewill strengthen us by toning every part of our body. Yoga will helpus develop our resilience and flexibility, allowing us to properlyconduct our energy, multiplying our power of concentration andrelaxation. Do not hesitate and balance body and mind easily andtotally free.
Learn to play the guitar 6.0.0
Discover how to play the guitar in an easy and fun way and start bysurprising yourself with what you can play the first day. Whetheryou want to learn acoustic guitar, electronic or Spanish guitar forfree with our application you will find an endless number ofdemonstrations explained step by step where from the first day youcan start to play your first chords. Playing a guitar is anexciting skill that will impress all the people around you. If themusic is passionate about you and you have an acoustic guitar, butyou do not have the time or the patience to learn to play it, youcan learn to do it quickly. While it takes decades to master theart of guitar playing, there are some techniques and methods youcan follow to quickly learn the basics of playing an acousticguitar. If you learn simple and practical open chords regularly andcorrectly, you can play a guitar in no time. Do not think any moreand start taking the first steps with your guitar easily and forfree.
Learn tarot 5.0.0
With the app learn tarot you will learn step by step the basicconcepts to practice and know the meaning of tarot cards in atotally free way. The fastest and easiest way to learn tarot is theday-to-day practice. Keep in mind that each letter sends a messagethrough symbols and it is very important to know how to interpretthem easily and concisely. - What type of deck is best to start -What are the easiest runs - How to Protect My Tarot Deck - Whatarcane mean .... The tarot is an ancient tool for divination. Atraditional deck consists of 78 cards containing four sticks and aseries of cards of subjects, each with a particular meaning. Whenyou discover the magic of card-making to answer key questions onyour way, you'll never be able to give up this wonderful practice,and it can be a fun place to share with your friends. Do nothesitate and try this totally free application where you will findall your questions and doubts about the meaning of tarot cards.
Funny videos 3.0.0
The best collection of funny videos from the network Compilationwith the top videos of funny videos, funny videos, funny videos,humor videos, videos of falls, scare videos, videos of animals,videos, videos, amazing videos and all the free videos in a singleandroid application totally free . Have fun with videos of laughterand do not stop laughing with the application of funny videos, youwill find the top videos of the network, the best viral videos,laugh videos, funny videos, funny videos, humor videos, videos offalls, scare videos , videos of animals, top videos, videos ofdrunks, videos of terror, the best jokes on your mobile device. Donot miss the latest amazing videos, funny videos, the best viralvideos, funny videos, funny videos, videos of laughter, videos offalls, scare videos, videos of animals, top videos, videos ofdrunks, videos of terror, videos funny and videos of jokes whereyou want that you will always get a smile. Choose what video and besurprised with the top videos of funny videos, funny videos, funnyvideos, humor videos, videos of falls, scare videos, videos ofanimals, videos, videos, funny videos, laugh videos with freevideos for any time and place. In funny videos it is updated at alltimes and you will have free videos of funny videos, funny videos,new laugh videos at all times. Share and do not stop laughing withthe best selection of free videos of laugh videos, funny videos,funny videos of the network.
Chess Tutorial 5.0.0
With the chess tutorial application you will learn step by step thebasic concepts to practice chess. Chess is an incredibly fun andaddictive game that requires skill and strategy. It has existed forcenturies as a game made for intellectuals and scholars; However,to play it is not necessary to have the level of a genius, evenchildren can play it well. In this free chess tutorial you willfind: - Know all the pieces and their movements. - Understand whatis understood by check - Understand the concept of play - Preparethe board - Consider learning the system of rows and columns....... Do not hesitate and try this totally free application whereyou will find from the most basic to the highest level. With chesstutorial if you follow the tips and the steps to follow you willget at the end say checkmate In chess tutorial they will be updatedperiodically with new tactics and new styles of game for alllevels.