Dreaming Earthling Apps

com.DreamingEarthling.WWIIWarbirds 2.12
"WWII Warbirds: Master of the Sky" is an arcade flying shooter. Youcan choose to fight for the Allies or for the Axis with their bestWarbirds. Join the force and destroy waves of enemy fighters tobecome the master of the sky. Stay tuned, more features will beadded to the game in future versions. If you have suggestions orfeedback, we would like to hear from you. Have fun :) Note: Thisgame only supports devices with a minimum resolution by 800x480
Shields & Blades 0.0.7
"Shields & Blades: Tombs of Lords" is amedieval-themed fantasy action role-playing game.You are a knight of the Golden Sun, a legendary Knights Orderswearing to protect all mankind against the Dark.Lately, strange events happening everywhere, the order sent you ona mission to Frostford to meet the town's ruler - LordThomas...."Shields & Blades" is an action role-playing game.For the main storyline, we plan to release 5 chapters.Chapter one is now free to play, enjoy :)We invite our players to shape the game with us.Please feel free to sent your feedback and requests through thesupport email.We really appreciate your opinions.
Armor Battalion: Tank Wars 1.2.9
War waging on !Between the Federation and the Brotherhood, thestruggle for resources finally drives the two factions from smallskirmishes to total war.The future of humanity hangs in thebalance...."Heavy Armor Battalion: Tank Wars" is an arcade tankshooter.In this game, you have the power to steer a whole tanksquadron on the battlefield.Achieve victory by giving your meneffective orders, making strategic plans, and calling battlefieldsupports.Stay tuned, more content will be added in futureupdates.Note: This game only supports devices with a minimumresolution by 800x480
com.DreamingEarthling.EF 0.1.3
Challenge your reflexes with "Endless Falling Heroes" The goal isto fall through levels without hitting the obstacles. Claim yourglory in world leaderboard. Good luck! Touch Control Scheme: -Touch left to slide to left - Touch right to slide to right - Presspower icon to trigger special power Mae govannen, Earthlings 🙂 Weare Dreaming Earthling. We are a game development studio located inGermany. We develop mainly for mobiles. We are making primarilysingle-player games, which means you can play them whenever,wherever ! We aim to bring you the pure interactive experienceright in your hands. One of the biggest focus in this game is itssuper graphics, we work hard to bring the best 3D graphics possiblefor current mobile devices. We appreciate your feedback.
Rescue the Food: Maze Runner 1.1.3
Note: This game only supports devices with a minimum resolution by800x480"Your friend Blue Fairy is lost somewhere in a maze.Find herand hear what she has to say...""Rescue the Food" is a puzzle gamewhich offers(1) a cute story(2) nice graphic(3) interestingpuzzlesExercise your brain and reflex with this little game :)
Zeus Shield 2025 1.0.2
Zeus Shield 2025Defend your base with the most advanced Zeus Shield System."Zeus Shield 2025" is a new take on the tower defensegamegenre.The player controls one giant turret on the battlefield.The player can give the turret the target to shot and alsomustapply enough power so the turret can rotate.There are several turret types which are suited fordifferentsituations, use them well :)
Snake Diamond Omnivore 2.06
A new spin on the classic game "Snake" with- handcrafted levels -beautiful graphic and music- hidden secrets The snake grows longerby eating diamonds distributed in each level; Collecting enoughdiamonds to earn stars;Stars upgrade your rank and unlock new snakeskins and new levels;Exercise your reflex and make strategic plansto earn maximum rewards and become the Grand Master of "SnakeDiamond Omnivore";Have fun :)
Earthling Arcade 6 in 1 1.12
Play a collection of great arcade games in high definition ! -Space Ranger Old school 2D space shooter - Tank Warrior Become thebest tank pilot - Smashing Ball How fast can you click - Top HeadUse your head, literally - Catch'em all Don't let the little onesfall - Hungry Tiger A cute endless running tiger
Speed Run Elite 1.43
Runners, welcome to "Speed Run Elite"The goal is to finish all tracks as fast as possibleDon't fall or getting hit by obstaclesGood luck!touch control:hop - double tapjump - swipe upslide - swipe downwall run left - swipe leftwall run right - swipe rightNote: To get the best graphic and FPS, we recommend to playthisgame on a device that is released after 2012/2013
Armor Battalion: Infiltrator 1.0.4
War not just being fought at the front line, to achieve victory, weneed field agents to complete special Ops: gather information,sabotage enemy infrastructures, assassinate valuable targets."ArmorBattalion: Infiltrator" is an action-adventure stealth game formobiles.Set in the same universe as "Armor Battalion: Tank Wars",this time you play a field agent for the Federation.With youreffort, our troops will have an easy time on the battlefield, don'tlet us down, agent !
com.DreamingEarthling.SpeedrunHeroes 1.1.0
Runners! Welcome to "Speed Run Heroes"! Claim World Glory with yourSkills! The goal is to finish all tracks without hitting theobstacles. Don't fall or getting hit by static and dynamicobstacles. Good luck! Touch control: hop - double tap jump - swipeup slide - swipe down wall run left - swipe left wall run right -swipe right Note: To get the best graphic and FPS, we recommend toplay this game on a device that is released after 2012
Fighting Legends: Underground 1.0.5
Become the best fighter ! Build the most awesome fighting team !Control the city's underground ! Greetings, Fighter!Welcome to"Fighting Legends: Underground". In this game, you build yourfighting pack to fight with other factions to gain the control ofthe city's underworld. You need to earn money and city influencesto recruit fighters to fight for you! Go to the recruiting panel tocheck all fighters. Each fighter has unique fighting style anddifferent stats. Fighters will level up as their gain XP. Highertheir ranks, better they fight in the field.As the leader of yourfaction, you controls the Team Leader during the fights. You cangive your men orders to fight as a team.You can change the gamegraphics/audios/inputs in the game "Settings" panel.Let's Fight!!One of the biggest focus in this game is its super graphics, wework hard to bring the best 3D graphics possible for current mobiledevices. Furthermore, the player has the power to enable anddisable graphic features as he/her likes. We hope through thisdegree of freedom of control, each player can have the best balancebetween gaming performance and visual fidelity !