Dreamon Studios Apps

Bouncy Basketball 3.0
Bouncy Basketball is a one-button, 2D physics-based, pixel artbasketball game.* Perform breathtaking, screen-shaking slam dunks*Score regular 3-pointers and 2-pointers, or buzzer beaters* Stealthe ball from your opponent* Choose between 1, 2, 3 or 4 quarterswith a duration of 30, 60 or 90 seconds each* Unlock and play withas many as 30 teams* Customize the teams and choose their players*Watch and share replays with EveryplayChallenge yourbasketball-loving friends to fierce basketball battles on a sharedscreen, or simply play against the CPU if you don't feel likejeopardizing your friendships.Bouncy Basketball combines the randomfun and addictiveness of 2D physics-based gameplay with thesatisfying feeling of outsmarting opponents with your finely honedskills and clever tactics.In Bouncy Basketball, no one game is likethe other!
Helicopter Hostility 1.2
Helicopter Hostility is a tactical, one button action game whereyou duel your opponents in explosive dogfights. Play against afriend on a shared screen or face the CPU in a set of short,action-packed duels.The current version includes the followinghelicopters:AH-64 (USA), Mi-28 (Russia), Z-10 (China), UH-60 (USA),Tigre (France), Mi-24 (Russia), AH-1Z (USA), HAL-LCH (India)
Hockey Hysteria 1.3
Hockey Hysteria is a fast-paced, physics-based hockey game thatlets you play as one of 25 top-ranked international teams in thesport. Challenge your friends on a shared screen (or challenge theCPU) to an intense battle of first to five goals, or try your luckin the single player World Cup mode.The following nations areincluded:Austria (AUT), Belarus (BLR), Canada (CAN), Czech Republic(CZE), Denmark (DEN), Team Europe (EUR), Finland (FIN), France(FRA), Germany (GER), Great Britain (GBR), Hungary (HUN), Italy(ITA), Japan (JAP), Kazakhstan (KAZ), Latvia (LAT), Norway (NOR),Poland (POL), Russia (RUS), Slovenia (SLO), South Korea (KOR),Switzerland (SUI), Slovakia (SVK), Sweden (SWE), Ukraine (UKR),United States of America (USA).
Jumpy Canyon 1.0
Jumpy Canyon is a one tap game about jumping down a canyon.Choosebetween 25 characters in 5 different environments as you try tomake it as far down the canyon as humanly possible! Simple one tapcontrols let you spin your character and wind up for the jump. Thefaster you spin, the longer you jump. Spin 360 degrees or more toperform a "superjump". Just remember to properly time your jumps sothat you land on your feet!Compete against players worldwide forthe highest score and the most consecutive superjumps!DownloadJumpy Canyon and start your jumpy canyon adventure today!
Gladihoppers 1.0
Hop into the sandals of a gladiator and fight your enemies inepicarena duels. Gladihoppers is a wacky 2d physics gladiatorgamewhere the mix of the 2d physics and regular 2d animation offersafun and original gameplay quite unlike your average mobilegame.The combat system features two different fighting stances,eachwith three directional attacks of varying power and speed,thatallow for more dynamic and interesting fights. In addition tothemelee attacks there are also javelins to throw and over 90 itemstocustomize your gladiators with; swords, axes, maces,shields,helmets, armor, pants, gloves and shoes. Gladihoppersblends retropixel art 2d sprites with 3d environments to bring youa uniquelooking style and stunning visuals. Features: - Fast-pacedmeleeand ranged combat with hitboxes for each body part - 'SavetheEmperor' Arcade game mode for a virtually endlessfightingexperience - Quick Fight mode for custom and/or randomizedshortand fast-paced arena duels, including same screen multiplayer-Over 90 pieces of equipment and 12 different character facesfromthree populations during the era of the ancient RomanEmpire:Romans, Gauls and Nubians - Three arenas with their ownunique lookand feel Upcoming features: - Career mode where youbring yourcharacter from an unknown nobody to the most renownedgladiator inall of Rome - More arenas as well as crowds to populatethem - Feelfree to suggest whatever you want to see added to thegame! Followalong current and future developments on:Website:www.dreamonstudios.com Twitter:www.twitter.com/DreamonStudiosYouTube:www.youtube.com/DreamonGameStudiosFacebook:www.facebook.com/DreamonStudios