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Beany Ball 1.79
Are you ready to help a naughty ball? Our lovely ball, Tony,wantsto run as far as possible without getting caught by obstaclesandthe enemy ninja balls on the road full of danger and he'swaitingfor your help. All you need to do is controlling him in thebestway to save Tony from enemy ninja balls andconstant,movingobstacles that each one is harder than before.There's somethingyou shouldn't forget when you're helping Tony. Thefact that roadswill become more dangerous as Tony move forward. Beas careful aspossible while helping Tony to do this. Because if yougit Tonywith the obstacles or the ninja balls, you'll be inevitableto goback to the beginning. Unless you have golds to buy lives.Featuresof the Game - Eye-catching 2D graphics. - 4 different pathswithsleek and detailed each other (Grass Road, Asphalt Road, IceRoad,and Desert Road). - Two different game modes (Infinite PathandProgressive/Level Path). - Stylish and detailed obstacles foreachpath. - Difficulty levels for each path. - Dynamic andeffectivecontrol. Every recommendation and interest on Google Playwill helpus in developing Beanyball, Thanks for everyone. Don'tforget tofollow: Twitter: https://twitter.com/BeanyBallGameInstagram :https://www.instagram.com/beanyballgameFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/Beany-Ball-100766535178383