Dreamy Doe Apps

Connect 4 1.40
Dreamy Doe
Classic 'Connect Four'/'Four in a Row'/'Four in a Line' game. Playversus computer or friends and family on your device or via onlinematchmaking.
Four in a row 1.2
Dreamy Doe
Classic 'Four in a row' game which can be played alone or withfriends in local multiplayer mode or online. Connect four discs(vertical, horizontal or diagonal) to win the game.
Ludo 1.1
Dreamy Doe
Classic 'Ludo'/'Parcheesi' game. Play versus computer or friendsand family on your device.
Space Trucker 1.03
Dreamy Doe
As one of the brave Space Truckers you have to deliver yourcargo.The transport of precious goods through the galaxy isdangerous.Equipped with shield technology and energy torpedoes youfacefurious aliens and pesky pirates. Space Trucker is a 2Dspaceshooter, where aliens will try to block your way through spaceandpirates want to steal your precious cargo. Watch out for meteorsaswell. In each level you'll have to prove yourself worthy of beingaspace trucker by fighting off dangerous boss enemies. Features:-20 levels - 50 missions - alien formations - various boss fights-leader boards - upgrades - simple controls
Classic Block Puzzle 1.10
Dreamy Doe
Classic Tetromino Block Puzzle Drag the blocks or use the buttonsto move them, rotate buttons by taping. Fit the shapes to createhorizontal lines. Features: Ghost/shadow Start at higher levelsLeaderboard Button input Completely ad free