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Frozen Queen Fashion Dressup 3.5
Play online tons of great Frozen Dress Up, Frozen Makeover gamesElsa games, You can play Elsa Today Dress Up Game in your browserand mobile. Take a look at her frozen inspired wardrobe to dressher up in clothes. Sister Anna and Elsa are finally with each otheragain! Dress them both, each in her own style of clothes andhairstyles. Meet Elsa and Anna, the beautiful frozen sisters! Nowthat everything has settled down in their lives, they need a newlook for this winter. Help them out! Dress them out!! Anna is apretty princess that all she wants in life is a great relationshipwith her sister and a great guy to love. But she is not aware ofher sister's magical powers...Dress up Anna in her traditionaldress or choose for her something more romantic fashion style inwearing pants and amazing accessories. And now Elsa the beautifulprincess that lives in the enchanted Kingdom of Arendelle. She isolder sister of Princess Anna and the next line in the Arandellethrone, until her power over ice and snow led her to become famousSnow Queen. And as such, she has complete and total control overthe element of ice and snow. With her abilities that she wasapparently born with, Elsa can conjure up various things from snowflurries to blizzards. Most of her powers are unleashed via herhands, and controlled by her emotions. If she is happy and atpeace, her powers would be under her complete control, but if sheis stressed or fearful, she will lose control and cause great harmto those around her. And now Princess Elsa and Princess Anna askedyou to help them to become more pretty by selecting among thosedress and accessories, before they walk to the isle.You have plentythings to choose from dressing up them to shining pants up to theirshimmering clothes. And you will amaze how to design their weddingdress. We are giving you a chance to play a fantacy game. You cometo the right place to dress them up and amaze in their fashionworld.
Fruit Crush Witch 2.17
This game is a combination of fruit, jam andwitch. Fruit Crush Jam Witchis an interesting game. Fruit Crush JamWitch game will be liked by them who are interested in fruits, jamand witch.This Fruit Crush Jam Witchare mostly liked by the kidswho pay more interest in playing online games.This Fruit Crush Jam Witchgame is easy way of playing making morefun to kids in learning the connecting of fruits, jam and witch.You need 3 matches of fruits, jam and witch to have a score. If thefruit,jam and witch are closely together you can connect it and yougot a higher score.Fruit Crush Jam Witch Features:- Easy to learn, hard to master. Reward players with manyachievements.- Three play mode: easy, medium and hard. Connect the fruits, jamand witch to get a extra scores.- The Last Bonus will give you a surprises.Sweet and deliciousgraphic and cool animation effects.-Connect is a very simple to learn connect action based game forall touch screen mobile devices.- Each level is progressively challenging and very interesting.How To Play:• Connect two or more fruits, jam and witch of the same type.• The more fruits, jam and witch you eliminated, the more score youwill get.• Try to clear all the fruits, jam and witch you'll win the biglast bonus.• More interestingand exciting is when the fruit, jam and witch isyou will connect and you will get extra scores.Free download thisbest fun fruit crushjam witch game, you'll love it!• Boosters and power ups to help with those challenging levels
Frozen Queen Beauty Salon 3.12
In the kingdom of Ice where the Princess,there is always a ball held to find his one true love. Let’s helpher find her Prince by dressing her up!Help her through her daily routine. Find the right dress and helpher look well.
Princess Nail Salon Makeover 2.41
Our Princess has many tough jobs at thegarden. She planted lots of kinds of plants. She usually likesflower bearing plants such as roses and daisies. What a fine reliefafter she finished the work. Her hands felt exhausted anddevastated. The princess saw the redness at her palm. She reallyneeds to have a moment for relaxation. The Royal Princess went tothe Royal Salon and Spa exclusively for Hands and Nails. She was soexcited and very eager to experience of a luxury while having aNail Spa and afterwards an artistic Nail Arts. It is surely amakeover for her nails. Help her look at her hand to know the typeof her complexion. Our nail designs depend on our hands color.Afterwards put-on a nail spa cream and massage the hand of theprincess and thoroughly rinse it. Then you should put on a handlotion to take out all the stress from gardening. Eventually, youmust do a fine clip on princess’ nails; some shaping with it may beinteresting. It can be rounded or squared shaped nails. Using anail file, it can make the edges of the nails smooth. You can nowremove the old nail color paint by using a nail polish remover.After this step you can now proceed on making Princess Cinderella’shand nails a truly work of art. Start putting new nail polish oneach nails, you can definitely choose to preferred colorsavailable. You can start making unique designs by using sparklinggems, crystals and stickers to her nails. Trying to add vibrantcolor of nail polish can satisfy the princess. For the final touchfor her nails to glossy and shimmering, you can put on a glitteringcolorless nail color. Letting the princess to wear some simple butelegant accessories such as a Red Diamond Ruby and A Charmingbracelet will suits her. You will really enjoy the moments at theNail Spa and Salon. For once, you can show your own creative andartistic designs. Learning is never too easy if not puttinghappiness into it.Features:• Having a quite relaxing moment of Princess Cinderella at the NailSpa and Salon.• Let the princess enjoy the massage and nail arts.• Choose from the different shades and colors of Nail Paintpolish.• Be creative enough to provide a customized design for nailarts.• Impress the princess with sense of high fashion.• Choose the accessories that definitely match the design of hernails.How to play:• Choose the hands complexion to determine the color of the Nailpaint polish that we would use.• Put on a Spa cream on her hand and thoroughly rinse it.• Now put on a hand lotion and start to massage to give theultimate relaxation.• Start doing fine clips on her nails and smooth the edges of thenails by using a nail file.• You can start painting her nails with your desired Nail paintcolor. You can choose from the different color provided.• Let your artistic design come true by putting some shimmeringgems and crystals.• Adorn her hands with some royal accessories such as rings andbracelets.• Enjoy the luxury at the Royal Nail Spa and Salon.
Pet Smash Blast Witch 2.67
Pet Smash Blast Witch is the most popularmatch game.there are wide variety of little ;lovely happy animalssuch as dogs and others, live in a farm land.you will love the funbecause creativity and excitement of this great casual game.farmfriends is image adorable.the power of magic animals crush is inyour hand.this completely new animal legend puzzle. Get one of themagnificient matching games free from the market and make sure thisPet Smash Blast Witch has a satisfied ending.Feature:• I question if it will remain fresh and interesting over the longterm, however kids will definitely love this, as will puzzlers. Ithas just the right blend of familiar yet innovative.• funny sounds, interesting plot, quality game play• stunning graphics with a highly polished interface• Easily sync the game between devices and unlock full gamefeatures when connected to the Internet• the game is very simple and easy and fun to play• it is twice the fun but familiar to digger• Discover the animal legend and become a competative master inpopular “match 3 games”.• pets with friends will be your next favorite time killer!HOW TO PLAY:>you will required to use the finger drag the animal pull treeor more same color animals together that can iliminate them>the game is very typical and easy and fun to play>switch and match 3 or more animals to redeem through more than160 levels in this completely new animal legend puzzleadventure.>you need to destroy the target animal to level up>reach specific goal to solve the puzzle>you have to make a full concentration by playing thisgame> Spectacular boosters and bonus rewards unlocked after manylevels
Fairy Princess Castle Dressup 2.61
Remember this song? “For the first time inforever there’ll be magic there’ll light” Yes I know you’re yourthinking. It’s Princess Anna’s song. Well for the first time inforever as well, you get to dress her up. Dress Up Anna 2 has over250 mix n' match combos for you. The themes available are Rockstar,Beach, spring, Wedding and winter. No more boring look for thisprincess, make sure no snow gets in the way. Use your imaginationand design looks that you love. Princess Anna will surely need yourassistance. You can create new combinations and looks by changingher tops, dresses, bottoms, purses, hairstyles, shoes, sarongs,hats, belts, earrings, necklaces, jewelry and even the skin toneand much, much more. Sprinkle her with that magic that you have.Play with your girlfriends and see who creates the most fashionableand trendy looks. In this kingdom you are in charge of the royalcloset, make sure everything she needs will be there. More than 10options for each theme including dresses, tops, bottoms, sarongs,shoes, hairstyles, belts, glasses, jackets, hats, jewelry and lotsmore. Now is the time for you to express yourself. Do you love thelatest fashions? Want to be a celebrity stylist? This is it! Dressup Princess Anna and make sure that she will have that amazing lookfor the day. Play and upgrade her closet, pack it up with differentbackgrounds as well with your own choosing.Features:-5 themes to play with: Rockstar, Beach, spring, Wedding andwinter.-Hundreds of looks possible in every theme.-Save the look in the photo album.-Make it your wallpaper.How to play:-choose a dress-match up belts-put different shoes on her everyday-mix and match different sets of jewelry-give her a wonderful style
Little Mermaid Spa Salon 2.1.2
I love mermaids and I believe in them. Howabout a Princess mermaid? That is way too cool! Now think of thisif you could style them the way you want. Maybe cut their hair orcolor it differently. How about create your own magic and designtheir dresses or gowns. Style them the way you want, anyway youchoose. Just make sure the handsome prince will fall under herspell. Her beauty should be above all others and the makeovershould put her on top of the party list. Like an A-lister ready toroll. You would need your styling talent to make it through thisgame. Now mermaids are known to have a very long colorful hairrepresenting the sea and since they don’t have legs, we definitelycan change and kick them into style by changing their fins, withcolors of your choice. Wash their hair from the salty water. Curlit into lovely big curls and accessorize it with beads or clams.There would be unlimited possibilities in order for you to dress emup. Dress her up for party events. Dress her up for school, or evenjust going to the doctor. The situations and style you can createwill test your imagination. It’s up to you! Share this game withyour friends and don’t forget to take a photo after each style youmake.Features:* Supports all devices.* Big collection of make-up, jewelry and fun accessories.* Experiment with dozens of different lipsticks, dangling earrings,eye-shadow, hair color and much more.-The ultimate royal fashion play setHow to Play:-Style her hair anyway you want, you can choose from over a dozenhairstyles.- Put gems on her hair or a crown on her head.-Give her that pretty look that no one could-Make every girl in the scene jealous
Toe-Nail Salon Makeover 3.62
A total makeover for her foot is indeedwhatshe wants. She does not want to endure the pain anymore butperhapsa moment at the spa will ease it. Then she visited the RoyalNailSpa and Salon. Let the Princess remember this wonderful momentandexperience. You may now put some Foot Spa Cream and rinse itwell.Having some additional artistic design, such as gems andshimmeringstickers will definitely enhance the slim foot of theRoyalPrincess. You may pick her up with a new pair of glass slipperandnot available with these new shades .Some accessories suchasanklet should finish the Royal Spa and Salon Experience.Features :• Help Princess Cinderella to ease the pain of her foot.• Choose from a wide range of different Nail Paint Color.• Be dramatically artistic with different Nail arts anduniquedesigns.• Pick a new pair of comfortable shoes.How to play:• Tap the screen to start.• Choose the kind of complexion which PrincessCinderellapossesses.• Wash her hand with our Spa Cream and gently rinse thoroughlywithwater.• Now put some Fragrant Foot lotion and start massaging it toeasethe pain and make a relaxing effect.• Be careful while having a fine clip on her nails.• Start smoothing the edges of the nails by using a nailfile.• You can eventually start removing her old nail paint by means ofaNail polishing remover.• You can now create your own state of the art designs.• Customized it with the use of some jewel such as gemsandsparkling stickers.• To make it more shimmering, provide colorless gloss Nail paintonher nail.• Be grateful enough to match her amazing nails with her pairofglass slippers.• If possible look for a pure gold anklet exclusively for theroyalprincess.• Enjoy the fun while creating and imagining unique andartisticnail designs.
Cinderella Princess Makeover 2.1
Princess Cinderella Makeup Our RoyalHighnessis indeed very excited on the upcoming Great Royal Partywhich willbe held this evening. Everyone in the kingdom is so busypreparingfor the huge and great event. Princess Cinderella went offto theRoyal Salon for her make-up. She must be stunning andglamoroustonight because it is the moment that Prince Charming willdo hismarriage proposal. She already has this feeling of excitementdeepwithin. Nevertheless, the makeup artist went to his greatjob.Applying first a nourishing primer all over the beautiful faceofthe princess was very easy. Then after a while apply someliquidfoundation that matches her skintone. Help her have arefinedcontour on her face to make it flawless as possible. Now,put somecoral blue eyeshadow on her crease. Kindly blend it withanotherdeep Blue color. Make it as vibrant as possible. By usingeyeliner,make her lower and upper eyeline much mystique. MakePrincessCinderella’s eyebrow much defined with the color lightbrown.Finally, make her eyelashes so dashing with a thick blackmascara.Put a Peach Coral lipstick on her lips to make it morekissable inthe sense of innocence. A rosy blush on will definitelymake glowon her cheeks. Let her experience the greatness and luxuryof beinga princess by having elegant jewelries such a astonishingBlueRhinestones on her earrings and a Stoned Sapphire Necklacewhichwas a gift from Prince Charming. Brush her blonde hair andmakevoluminous curls after trimming it with fine scissors at theedge.Put on a very adorable headdress which is covered with satinsilkylace and charmed with beads and crystals which is not far awayfrombeing a tiara. Now, our beloved Princess Cinderella is readyforher unforgettable moment. The grand Royal MarriageProposalFEATURES• Make Princess Cinderella the Fairest among all.• Choose the color of a nourishing primer. • Select the most appropriate foundation for thefaces’skintone.HOW TO PLAY•Be more than free to find her the most vibrant colors forhereyeshadow.• Know how to make a defined eyebrow for a princess.• Match the mascara for the eyelashes of the Royal Princess. • Put her favorite blush-on on her cheeks.• Be charmed with her jewelries and accessories.• Cut and curl her long blonde hair.
Princess Beauty Salon Makeup 2.221
When a young Prince and his trusted aidlearnof a beautiful Princess's cursed eternal slumber, they embarkon ajourney to rescue her. They must battle an evil queen andlegionsof undead monsters before she will be free. But nowsleepingbeauty’s awake we need you to help her catch up withfashion. Weneed you to be her make-up artist. Make her beautyastonish of all.A pink blush one her cheek and a glossy lips makesher so gorgeous.This time, you can prepare, make up and givesleeping beauty thatin style make up rescue. Experience theSleeping Beauty magic withmultiple make-up and accessories. You canput her make up onhowever you like. Unleash your imagination andhave fun. Play thegame as many times as you want to get a perfectSleeping Beautylook! Choose from numerous colors that suits her orgive her eyesshimmer. Change her skin tone however you like. Giveher that funkylip color that you want. Everything will be underyour command andwill be highly appreciated by our Princess SleepingBeauty. Aid herin putting her blush on or curling her hair. Putsome ribbons orclips of your choice. Play with your friends and seewhose style iship and trending.Features:-Hundreds of eye shadow color to choose from.-Lots of lip color and lip gloss to choose from-Hairstyles that you can change from day to day.How to Play:-Style her hair the way you want. Curl it or braid it or evenhaveit straightened out.-Put beads or headband-Choose her eye shadow or put glitter on it.-Put mascara on her eyes-Choose the best blush on color for her make sure she’s readyforthat blushing moment.-Choose the lipstick color you want, gloss it up if youwantto.-Style her up the way you want to.