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RGB 1.6.3
Create colors through different options such as CMYK, RGB, HSV,HSL, and HEX code. By adjusting the CMYK, RGB, HSV, and HSL scales,you can create colors through their respective methods. Simplyslide the scales and the color will appear automatically on yourscreen with the information. You can also click on the numericvalue next to the slider to input the value for the respectivemethod. The HEX mode allows you to input hexadecimal RGB codes forcreating colors. If the button turns green, then it is anacceptable code and it can be pressed to generate the color. If thebutton turns red, then the code will not be accepted and the textfield will be reset when pressed. The vectorscope allows you toadjust the color by tapping or sliding your finger to the desiredvalue which will then populate the CMYK, RGB, HSV, HSL, and HEXcodes. As you switch between the different color creating optionssuch as CMYK, RGB, HSV, HSL, and HEX, the color will persist andthe scales will adjust accordingly.A network connection is notrequired for this application and it will remain ad free.ABILITIES•Create colors through red, green, and blue (RGB) sliders• Createcolors through hue, saturation, and value (HSV) sliders• Createcolors through hue, saturation, and light (HSL) sliders• Createcolors through entering the numeric values for RGB, HSV, HSL, andCMYK• Create colors through CMYK sliders• Create colors through HEXinput (3 or 6-character amount accepted)• Create colors through thevectorscope• Ad freeFUTURE UPDATES• Fix layout issues with largerscreens• Update HSL and HSV slider colors• Double tap color to fillwhole screenSUPPORTIf you encounter any issues with text oranything appearing off screen, please let me know and I'll try andfix it. Also, feel free to send me any ideas, feedback, or thingsyou would like added. Hope you enjoy the app and find it useful!
Transition Clock 1.2
Transition changes the color of the screen over a period of time.The colors are all random and will change randomly. By touching thescreen, the screen will change colors. Useful if you wanted to showcolors changing for different scenarios. Babies and toddlers enjoywatching the screen change colors and tapping the screen to changethe color.A new introduction to Transition is the clock. The clocktext color is the compliment to the background. As the backgroundchanges colors, so will the text. Another introduction is theoptions menu. To access the options menu click and hold on thebottom right of the screen to make it appear. Inside the optionsmenu, you have the ability to set the color transition speed andtoggle the clock on or off.
Colorize 1.0
Colorize is an easy to play game that tests your skills andeyesight to identify different colors and hues. Play with differentdifficulties and varying amounts of buttons to tap. Tapping thebuttons quickly increases the time left while also raising yourscore quicker. The difficulty scales as you progress leading totougher to identify colors.