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DrinkAdvisor: Nightlife Guide 4.8
DrinkAdvisor - the world's #1 free bars and drinks guide forfrequent travelers and locals, is a application featuringoutstanding number of well established bars, restaurants and nightclubs, reviewed and rated by users worldwide. DrinkAdvisor isavailable in 9 languages, making it the only international mobiledigest totally dedicated to nightlife.FEATURES- The world’s mostcomprehensive and constantly updated nightlife near me guide.- Over15 000 bars and midnight clubs reviewed and rated in 240 megacitiesand smaller towns in 70 countries.- Top suggestions for nightlifein San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo,Shanghai, Seoul, Sao Paolo, Sydney, Istanbul and Moscow.- Explorethe world’s party capitals nightlife and find directions to thehottest bars, clubs and restaurants around me in Las Vegas, Miami,Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Phoenix,Houston.- DrinkAdvisor will quickly set your location and then helpyou to illuminate and easily find address of bars near me or barsclose to me.- You can reveal venues by type using one of thesuggested filter, i.e.: cocktail lounges, dance bars, rooftops,night clubs, outdoor terraces, karaoke bars, hookah cafes, livejazz, sport spots, strip clubs and others.- Subscribe for yourfavorite venues activities – events and deals and keep it on yourparty radar in just one click of Like button on venue page. Now,you can always do what you Like!- Your opinion matters! Share youropinion about spots you visited, signature cocktails you tried andambience you experienced. This will help your friends and otherusers make the right choice.- If you want to draw a house party,get some great ideas for the cocktails to prepare at home. Filterthem by style, flavor, alcohol strengths, base liquor, mixer oreven a method of preparation you like the most.- Step by stepcocktail making process and detailed recipes. Negroni cocktail willbe great if stirred with ice. While your Daiquiri cocktail will beperfect if shaken.