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Flirkle - Flat Zooper Widget 1.02
This is NOT a standalone app!Zooper Widget Pro is required!★ 6 widgets★ consistant circle design★ Bluetooth Headphone indicator (install★ Circle batteryTo use the mediaplayer widgets please download and installMedia Utilities (free) Open Media Utilities- Add your favourite Mediaplayer- open application settings:- check 'Open player if inactive'- check 'Zooper'- check 'Make coverart available'- choose 'circle' at Coverart Shape- DoneSupportIf you have any difficulties, feel free to contact me anytimeEmail -DriveUnrealGames@gmail.comFacebook -
Robo Adventure 1.2.1
Are you ready for one of the most excitinganddemanding Jump 'n' run games in the store?Accompany Robo on his adventure to find new energy-cells.Pastflaming hot lava and other dangerous obstacles: The aim istoconquer all three stages. Each stage contains seven toeightlevels.GAME FEATURES:✔ Jump 'n' run fun✔ endless-mode✔ varied levels✔ cute story✔ captivating sound-track✔ free updates
Color Cave 4.2.0
Experience the colorful and yet silentgameenvironment!Color Cave is a "sidescolling game" with a clean andmodernappearance.Aim of the game ist to navigate a small rectangle throughdifferentobstacles without touching anything.The further you come the higher are the points.
Push 1.4
This game is very minimalistic and easytoplay. It develops its full potential when played against (orwith)friends. Who reaches a new Highscore? Who keeps the Ball intheair?The more precisely you hit the ball in the middle the higherthescore. The further away from the center of the ball the fasteritjumps to one of the sides. This can be dangerous because thereareno supporting walls. You have to keep the ball in the middle allbyyourself or it'll fly away.
Gate Point 1.3
Gate Point is a simple game, thatinspiresthrough easy handling and fluent Gameplay!Lead the circle from one platform to the next with just onefingertap.That might seem too easy at first but it really is demandingandenthralling.
Planet Arc 1.25
Help lil' fireguy survive his visistondangerous water planets. Build a bridge, strong and long enoughtohelp him explore the whole Orb without ever touching thedeadlyground.You can choose between two difficulties and compare yourscoreswith your friends through Google Play-Services.
Pizza Toss 1.2
Pizza Toss is an entertaining gameforin-between.Do you miss Breaking Bad? Get the best moments of thesuccess-storyback on your Smartphone!