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SafeLinx Phone Control Trial 1.0
This is a free 3-day trial of SafeLinx:When moving above 5 mph SafeLinx Phone Control Trial willprovide phone control by an Administrator over an AndroidSmartphone.SafeLinx Phone Control Trial will:Block Text Messaging while driving.Block Internet Surfing while driving.Block Virtually Any Other Activity on an Android Smartphone whilein a moving vehicle.In Addition SafeLinx Phone Control Trial can:Block usage of an Android Smartphone during specific times (i.e. school hours). Prevent distractions such as text messaging,SMS messaging, web surfing,, and emailing during set times.SafeLinx will notify via email or SMS text messages whenattempts are made to violate these restrictions.This is an excellent seemingly passive application that runs inthe background to aid in preventing distracted driving. Help yourteen drive safe. Adults, use SafeLinx as an aide to promote goodhabits for safe driving.For a more complete description of the features of SafeLinx, pleaseour website www.droidlinx.com.keywords: Call Control,Parental Control,Text Control,smartphonecontrol, distracted driving, anti-text,no text and drive, drivesafe
FileLinx PRO-Direct File Share 2.4
Stay connected, be productive, keep your privacy and protectyourself from NSA spying without ever having to worry aboutforgetting a file again. Your PC(s) are always with you, whereveryou go, using FileLinx Professional. What’s more, you can create,edit, share, and print files directly between your PC and Androiddevice without any cloud service. Keep your files safe from BigBrother. With FileLinx Pro you can browse your PC files just likeyou’re sitting at your PC. Forgot to send that report to your boss?Grab it with FileLinx and save the day. Kids want to watch theirfavorite movie on the tablet even though you’re a thousand milesfrom home, transfer it quickly and easily with FileLinx Pro. Photosneed to get moved to your PC? Send them right over with FileLinx.Even sensitive documents like tax information, medical files, orthose private photos can be accessible only to you, without riskingthem on a public server. Why cloud the issue? Direct Connect withFileLinx Professional.Private• FileLinx is a Direct P2P System:YourAndroid and PC will communicate using only the internet.• Controlaccess to all your files.• No Cloud service• No “log-in” or“account” system• No monthly fees.• No “Big Brother” logging yourfiles.Flexible• Creates full access to your PC’s hard drive(s) –share any file, the moment you need it – never worry aboutforgetting a file again!• Create or edit any file on Android andsave it anywhere on your PC.• Print any file from Android to yourcomputer’s printer. No special printer needed.• Access up to 10different computers.• Multiple users can log in to the samecomputer, at the same time.• Connect from anywhere – WiFi, 3G/4G isall you need.Easy• Designed from the start for quick and easyconfiguration.• Browse files from your Android like your sitting atyour PC.• Setup wizards make connecting to your PC a snap.•Detailed instructions in several languages.• Excellent customersupport.The DroidLinx Guarantee: If you have any trouble gettingsetup, we will get you connected, and if we can’t, you get yourmoney back. To Get Started:1. Purchase FileLinx Pro from GooglePlay.2. Install the DroidLinx Free software on the PCs you want toaccess.3. Now you’re ready to access your computers fromanywhere.Detailed Features• Works on Android 1.5 and up.• Workswith DroidLinx software on your computer (free fromwww.droidlinx.com).• Set up wizards make configuration quick andeasy.• Optimized for Android tablets (e.g. Galaxy Tab) and android4.0+.• Built-in IP monitor module for dynamic IP addresses. Neverhave to worry about a changing IP again.• Host name support. Forthose that have their own domains. • Built-in port-mapping moduleto connect to the outside internet. Port-forwarding becomes abreeze.• Connect with up to 10 different computers.• More than oneuser can log in to the same computer.• Print any document typeusing any computer-connected printer. • Create new folders on yourPC using your Android to keep things organized.• Start on logon.Never worry about your PC re-starting. Our computer software runsas a service in the background, never taking up desktop realestate. FileLinx is similar to VNC, Phonemypc, Motocast, Zumocast,Logmein, Gotomypc, Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, Pocketcloud andSkydrive. The difference is FileLinx allows your PC to be theactual storage repository for your files. Communication betweenAndroid and your PC are DIRECT; no intermediary such as MicroSoft,Apple, Google, etc. FileLinx Professional, installed on yourAndroid, gives you remote access to your computer to allow remotefile sharing. By installing DroidLinx software on your PC you havedirect access through the Internet to your Android phone or tablet,if you choose, conect with up to 10 PC’s. FileLinx Pro currentlyworks with Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8)32 and 64 bit.
PhotoLinx-Auto Share 1.3
Automatically backup photos from Phone to Computer, privately,wirelessly...from anywhere.Enjoy PhotoLinx Freedom! Freedom frombulky cameras, SD card readers, cables and spies. Never worry aboutlosing that precious shot or maxing out your phone’s storage. Shootall day or all week…. and your photos will be right there on yourhome PC or MAC waiting for you. Take photos no matter where you areand have them immediately and automatically backed up to your PC orMAC, directly, without a Cloud acting as middleman. Without themiddleman, there is less of a chance for loss, hacking, or justplain spying on you or your loved ones.Setup in minutes, startshooting and enjoy! FAST Ultra-fast performance easily backs up HDvideo or high res photos, to your computer. RELIABLE: PhotoLinxquickly and reliably delivers your high-quality imagesbyte-for-byte to your computer using ANY data connection (3G, 4G,or WiFi).To Get Started:Here's what you'll need: PurchasePhotoLinx-Auto Share from Google Play. Install the Free DroidLinxServer software on the PCs you want to access. Name your firstphoto “Session” folder to store images in. Press "Start" and then"hide" PhotoLinx; it will run unnoticed in the background. Starttaking photos and your images will automatically be backed up inyour "Session" folder…on your PC or MAC.Detailed Features: Runs inthe background. Set it and forget it. Images will be backed up toyour PC or MAC automatically. Easy configuration with setup wizardwith Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) support. Optimized for Androidtablets (e.g. Galaxy Tab) and android 4.0+. Built-in IP monitormodule for dynamic IP addresses. Never have to worry about achanging IP again. Host name support. For those that have their owndomains. More than one user can log in to the same computer. Keepthings organized; create new folders for photo sessions on your PCor MAC. Start PC server on boot-up. Never worry about your PCre-starting. Our server software can run in the background,nevertaking up desktop real estate.Requirements: For Android phones ortablets running version 1.5 or higher. The computer softwaresupports all versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, and MAC. PC orMAC must have internet access to connect to PhotoLinx Androidoutside of the local network. Java must be installed on the PC orMAC.