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Upgrade for Android DU Master 1.3.0
Du Master
Upgrade for Android from DU Master: Essential app to detect yoursmartphone/tablet specifications and upgrade or update it to a newversion of Android™ OS firmware. This application is capable totest your device and determine if it has the minimum requirementsto run the most recent android firmware, and you can use it to testyour system for each android version for the required CPUfrequency, RAM and Internal Memory. It checks if your device isrooted and updated. You can also learn about each type of operatingsystem and determine the one that is most appropriate for yourneeds, so that you can upgrade or update your android firmware inyour device. Root checker: It can detect if your device is rootedor unrooted. It's a fast, simple and well designed app to guide youto an android firmware upgrade. Essential to users that want toupdate their system. Features firmware: ★ Android™ Nougat, version7.0; ★ Android™ Marshmellow, version 6.0; ★ Android™ Lollipop,version 5.0; ★ Android™ Kitkat, version 4.4; ★ Android™ JellyBean,version 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3; ★ Android™ IceCream, version 4.0; ★Android™ Honeycomb, version 3.0; ★ Android™ Gingerbread, version2.3; Also useful to detect your current android version firmware,detect RAM and Internal Memory available in your device, as well asroot check. The ultimate upgrade / update tool advisor. Contact us:Facebook: http://goo.gl/n1fb8y Google +: http://goo.gl/snnb0JWebsite: http://goo.gl/Pu70y5
Antivirus Security Master 1.2.8
Du Master
Free Antivirus Security Master is an app that runs in real time toincrease security for Android™ devices.Antivirus Security Masterprotects you from viruses, malware, spyware, and helps to keep yourpersonal data safe.Analyze in real time to search for applicationswith malicious data, viruses, malware and malicious spyware usingour advanced antivirus algorithm.The most important is thatAntivirus Security Master provides proactive security protectionagainst potentially dangerous applications that may disclose yourpersonal information or have an intrusive behavior.AntivirusSecurity Master allows you to control your mobileexperience.Features:• Download analysis, verify applicationsdownloaded AUTOMATICALLY for potential security and privacy risks,or intrusive behavior.• Real Time Virus analysis, detects maliciousapplications and viruses in your smartphone or tablet.• Fast andprofessional virus search engine, The professional virus searchalgorithm of our app provide rapid analysis and virus detection indepth to increase security• Lightweight and reduced batteryconsumption, Consumes less phone memory and battery power thanother mobile security applications• Totally freeContact us:E-mail:dumasterapps@gmail.comFacebook: http://goo.gl/n1fb8yGoogle +:http://goo.gl/snnb0JWebsite: http://goo.gl/Pu70y5Android™ aretrademarks of Google, Inc., registered in the US and othercountries
Fast RAM Pro for Android 1.0.3
Du Master
Keep your Android fast, safe and clean using Fast RAM Pro!DUMaster, the most popular brand in the world in cleaning softwarebrings you the Fast RAM Pro for Android.Remove junk files, recoverspace, monitor your system and navigate safely. Become the masterof your own device with the best cleaning application for yourAndroid!Optimize and Clean● Increase the speed of your device andremove junk files safely● Clean the application cache, downloadfolders, browsers history, clipboard contents and more● Delete calllogs and SMS messages individually, or by time or by contactRecoverStorage Space● Streamline your Android smartphone or tablet● Easilyand quickly uninstall multiple applications desprezantes● Free upvaluable storage space on your deviceEasy to Use● Optimize yourAndroid with a few clicks● Simple and intuitive interface, whichmakes it easy navigation● Totally free advertisements or"clutters"● Fast, compact and efficient with low consumption of CPUand memoryMonitor your system● Check the use of your CPU● Monitorthe status of your RAM and its internal disk space● Check thebattery level and its temperatureContact us:Facebook:http://goo.gl/n1fb8yGoogle +: http://goo.gl/snnb0JWebsite:http://goo.gl/Pu70y5Email: dumasterapps@gmail.com
Battery Life Repair to Android 2.6.3
Du Master
Battery Life Repair is a new tool that will make your dead or oldbattery last much longer.Batteries, as time goes lose the abilityto fully charge and that the only solution is to recharge themfrequently. Battery Life Repair uses proprietary technology torenew its battery life and make it charge again to its fullpotential. Forget charge your phone every day!!Repair frequentlyused Battery life can improve battery life by up to 70%.Start usingBattery Life Repair today and take your phone wherever you likewithout thinking about battery life.Highlights:- Simple Interfacedone really for everyone.- Use Battery Life Repair every week andincrease your battery life.- Use Battery Life Repair Pro versionconnected to other battery tools to share information and make evenbetter repair.- Top notch support. We listen to ourcustomers!Contact us:Facebook: http://goo.gl/n1fb8yGoogle +:http://goo.gl/snnb0JWebsite: http://goo.gl/Pu70y5Email:dumasterapps@gmail.com
Play Services Information 1.1.2
Du Master
This app helps you to know the version ofyourgoogle play services, you can see the date of installation ofthePlay Services and also the date of the last update.Features-Find Google Play Services-Go To the information screen-Find Apks other versions-Solutions to fix the google play services stoppedThis app is not Google Play Services, it just helps you tohaveinformation about it.
My Android Fast Charger™ 1.0.4
Du Master
My Android Fast Charger™ helps chargethebattery faster than normal!When you plug the charging device, the applicationwillautomatically be activated, click "Optimize" to begin thechargingprocess faster. Applications will kill all apps running inthebackground and consumes battery services such as wifi, 3G,mobileinternet, blue tooth ... so will cause faster charging.My Android Fast Charger™ not only improve the speed of charging,butalso enhance your battery life.In to addition, My Android Fast Charger™ displays details:batterytemperature, battery voltage, battery health,batterytechnology...The application is FREE forever !!!The application is suitable for many kinds of latest phoneslikeGalaxy S6 Edge Plus, LG G4, G5, V10, Nexus 5x, 6P, Xperia Z4,Z5Compact,Note 5, Galaxy s8 plus, Galaxy S7...Please contact us if you encounter any difficulty! thank you!Contact us:E-mail: dumasterapps@gmail.comFacebook: http://goo.gl/n1fb8yGoogle +: http://goo.gl/snnb0JWebsite: http://goo.gl/Pu70y5