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Dub Music Player - Free Audio Player, Equalizer 🎧 4.8
Become One of the 40 Million users who installed and rated 4.7stars this powerful MP3 player. With perfect interface for mobilephones, style of classic player, stuning skins and very usable UI,you can play your favorite songs and make new playlists andfavorites while you enjoy watching how equilazer bars moves in therithm of the music or play with vinyl records turntable likeproffesional DJ. You can easily compose new playlists and add newtracks to play music and mix songs as you like. Use 9 professionalequalizer presets to make it your Android sounds like never before!Play songs & listen to good music hits with Dub Music Playernow! Get stereo quality sounds with our audio enhancer featuressuch as eq and bass booster. Features: ☆ Crossfade and CrossfaderUse these awesome features to mix mp3 files to enjoy in gaplessplayback and mix songs like professional DJ. ☆ Audio EnhancersAdjust your music volume with a five-band music equalizer and 9professional music genres preset for your choice. The presetsinclude Hip-hop, Rock, Dance, Pop, Latin, Metal, Classical, etc.This enhancer will boost your sound like an amplifier. Bass boostwill boost your bass and Virtualizer makes your sound virtual.These features enable high quality audio reproduction. ☆ Audioplayer for most music formats Our player supports most popularformats such as MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, 3GP, OGG, MIDI, etc. ☆Beautiful Visual & Stunning Interface Aside from advanced &powerful features, we make sure to create awesome interface &visual for you. You will be amazed by our sound spectrum graphicequalizer bars, analog VU meter, circular soundbars, and vinylrecords turntable. All the music spectrums bars move according tothe audio rhythm when our app play songs of your choice. ☆ Offlinemusic player Play your downloaded songs in your music libraryeasily. There is no need to waste data charge just to listen togood music. ☆ Other Features: ✔ Create and edit playlist ✔ Browseand play songs by title, artists, albums, playlists, folders, andgenres ✔9 themes (Classic, Material, Studio, Gold, Studio Orange,Studio Green, Studio Red, Silver) ✔ Easy search function: Searchmusic by songs, artists, and album ✔ Simple and effectiveinterface, faithfully showing the visualization of your musicplayed. ✔ Background music play (to keep play songs while you useother apps, or while your device is in standby mode) ✔ 9 predefinedpresets, based on different music genres ✔ Save and delete custompresets ✔ Progress bar for easy navigation within the song you'relistening to ✔ Repeat function ✔ Shuffle function ✔ Media volumecontrol ✔ Home screen widget ✔ Lock screen widget ✔ Supportsheadset / Bluetooth controls for easy listening. ✔ Edit tags ✔Sleep Timer ✔ Set song as a ringtone ✔ Volume Balance control ✔Loudness enhancer (Only for Android version 4.4 and higher) ✔ Speedcontrol (Only for Android version 6.0 and higher) ✔ Pitch control(Only for Android version 6.0 and higher) ✔ Option to savePlaylists to the cloud storage ✔ Save songs to Favorites Equalizerpresets include: ✔ Hip Hop ✔ Rock ✔ Dance ✔ Pop ✔ Latin ✔ Metal ✔Classical ✔ Flat ✔ Normal If you are doing a workout, running,study, or just play music, there is a Dub Music Player to help you.
Music Volume EQ — Equalizer Bass Booster Amplifier 4.81
Ξ Best bass booster & music volume equalizer for Android 🎧Control your music volume, boost your music and amplify your audiowith Music Volume EQ. Listen to the top songs in your music librarywith the BEST audio control & bass booster app for Android!Music Volume EQ has various features including live music stereoled VU meter, five band Equalizer, amp, bassboost, 3D virtualizer,slider volume & audio control. To get the best results, pairMusic Volume EQ with your best headphones. If you don’t have a pairof headphones or if you want to use a speaker, you can still enjoygood music with our app. Music Volume EQ is also a great speakerbooster and bass booster if you use a Bluetooth speaker to listento music. All of us install Android music player to play top songsin our music library. We hope to listen to good music with highquality sound (maybe even surround sounds like in when you are insurround theaters!). However, even with the most advanced mp3 musicplayer, you will still high quality audio control app to get thebest sound, even if you are using the best hifi headphones in themarket. That’s why you need Music Volume EQ, the best audiocontrol, speaker booster, amplifer, and equalizer! You can adjustand amp audio and also enjoy live visual with our 3D Virtualizer. ΞFeatures of Music Volume EQ ✔ Media audio control ✔ Five band musicequalizer ✔ Bassbooster effect - speaker booster ✔ 3D Virtualizereffect ✔ 9 equalizer presets with Custom Preset ✔ 2 themes (Classicand Material theme) ✔ Listen to good music whatever audio playeryou use ✔ Stereo led VU meter ✔ Home screen widget ✔ Lock mediavolume ✔ Loudness enhancer - Volume boost amplifier (Only forAndroid version 4.4 and higher) ✔ Great for hifi headphones ✔Circular music beat bars ✔ Video volume booster ✔ Audible soundspectrum ✔ Live Wallpaper ✔ Option to use System Equalizer Our appis compatible with most Android music players & video players.That means you can still enjoy good music with your favorite MP3Music player to play your top songs from your song library. It justtakes a few simple steps to enjoy surround sound just like insurround theater from your phone. Ξ How to install & use: 1.Put on your best headphones 2. Turn on your Android music player toplay top songs from your music library. 3. Open Music Volume EQ andadjust sound level and frequency. 4. To save custom preset pressSave Preset on the list and type preset name. To delete preset,long press presets name and delete. 5. Select your preferred theme:Classic or Material 6. You can switch to full-screen visualizationand enjoy in a stereo sound booster. 7. To close the applicationand remove from Status Bar long press app power button. So, whatare you waiting for? Are you ready to immerse yourself in the bestquality surround sounds like in Surround Theater? Do you want toenjoy the best hifi quality sounds on your headphones? Simplydownload and use Music Volume EQ now for FREE! We hope that youenjoy our sound booster equalizer app! If you do, please take aminute to support our app by leaving a rating and review.
Dub Radio - Search Free Music, News & Sports 📻 1.91
📻 ΞDub Radio App allows you to listen to top live radio stationsall over the world, arranged by music genres like classical, rock,pop, instrumental, hip-hop, themes, blues, country, jazz, news,R&B, decades, latin... 🎧 With a powerful search tool, you canfind any song currently playing in the world. You can search alsoby your favorite artist or radio station name to find Internetradio broadcasters and complete your playlists. 📱 Discover easilyradio stations sorted by country, state, and city location. Stayamazed by the best music visualization and adjust the sound to yourliking with the built-in equalizer. ΞFeatures: ✔ Select from morethan 90,000 best radio stations and enjoy real radio powered bySHOUTcast ✔ Browse and play stations by music genres, popularstations, sports, podcasts, talk, location, and category ✔ Easysearch function: Search stations by name, songs, and artists ✔Simple effective and user-friendly interface, faithfully showingthe visualization of your music played ✔ Add to Favorites option ✔Create and edit favorite station - you can directly add custom URLstation ✔ Access to a recent list ✔ 2 Themes: Classic and Studiotheme ✔ Background music play (to keep play stations while you useother apps, or while your device is in standby mode) ✔ Sleep Timer- to save your network data traffic ✔ The built-in equalizer with 9predefined presets, based on different music genres ✔ Bass boostand virtualizer controls ✔ Speed control (Only for Android version6.0 and higher) ✔ Pitch control (Only for Android version 6.0 andhigher) ✔ Supports headphones / Bluetooth controls for easylistening ✔ Share with friends via Social Media, SMS or Email ►Endless Music Never worry about having to tune in the next localstation with exclusive music. Discover the best new songs andartists in every genre, along with all of your favorites. ►Beautiful Visual & Stunning Interface Aside from advanced &powerful features, we make sure to create awesome interface &visual for you. You will be amazed by our sound spectrum graphicequalizer bars, analog VU meter, circular sound bars, and vinylrecords turntable. All the music spectrums bars move according tothe audio rhythm when our player play stations of your choice. ►Audio Enhancers Want to enjoy good music & listen to radiostations with stereo quality sounds? Adjust your sound music volumewith a five-band music equalizer and 9 professional music genrespreset for your choice. The presets include Hip-hop, Rock, Dance,Pop, Latin, Metal, Classical, etc. Our audio enhancers are what setus apart from other free radio players. With Dub Radio you can'tlisten to AM or FM stations but you can find thousands of Internetradio stations that broadcast stream via the Internet and tune infor free. Dub Radio is the best app in the Play Store that'soffering the true Radio streaming experience with best tunedfeatured for FREE. Stay Tuned to your favorite radio stations withDub Radio. 📻 Dub Radio is a Dub Studio brand. All other trademarksand registered trademarks (including product names, logos, brands,etc.) are the property of their respective owners. Dub Studio isnot affiliated with any of these companies.