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Monkey Beach Run 1.0
An addictive Arcade adventure is waitingforyou to have long lasting fun and excitement on a beautifulbeach.The young monkey is left alone in the jungle and running fastinsearch of food. Collect bananas, avoid obstacles and check howfastyou can run as a cunning monkey.Help monkey in the abounded jungle world to cross the obstaclesandcollect bananas. Use your dexterity and skill toovercomechallenging obstacles on the run, in the air – even upsidedown asonly a master runner can do. Collect as many bananas aspossible tofulfill your hunger and get high scores. Discoverincredibleenvironments, Overcome dangerous hurdles and jump withall of yourenergy.Experience an exciting mix of running, jumping and explorationwitha fast speed monkey. The most thrilling endless running gamegivesyou all the features of year’s best action and arcade games.Withthe intuitive controls, you have to dash the obstacles andcollectcoins to build up scoring.Play as banana Kong, as you dash, jump and fly your way acrossastunning 2d environment. Avoid monkey to fall on the ground.Monkey beach run promises fun of the best endless running gameswithnew and amazing fantasy land and immersive gameplay. Collect,evolveand run with the true spirit of a speedy monkey. Explore avastworld and Experience the ultimate skill-based adventurous gameonyour smartphone!Monkey Beach Run⚈ Gorgeous new fantasy Jungle environment⚈ Smooth, fast touch Controls and beautiful animations!⚈ Lots of obstacle-dodging fun!⚈ Collect Bananas to build high scores⚈ A Cool running and jumping game.⚈ Play as king of Banana- MonkeyIf you like our games please Rate us and keep in touch with usformore updates.Follow us @
What's Around Me 1.0
What's Around Me helps you track thelocationbased information you need anytime, such as ATMs, Banks,MovieTheaters, Restaurants and Hotels, Coffee shops, Bars,Attractions,Shopping destinations, petrol pumps, CNG Stations andemergencyservices like Hospitals and Police Stations. It’s a freeserviceapp which helps you enjoy your time everywhere with ease.You canchoose from categories with a single tap from a predefinedlist orsearch directly with the smart search for a specific placeorcategories like hotel or Gas Station.If there a need arise to visit an unfamiliar area and you willfeeldifficulty in finding nearest places and also your ownlocation.This free android App automatically sets your location andobtainyour walking and driving routes and nearest placesinformation.Make possible for you to visit any place withoutanydifficulty.For android users, it’s a must have App in your smartphone tofindthe nearby places at your fingertips.What's Around Me Features✈ Search from list of categories available like hotel, barsandhospitals✈ Smart Search options✈ Quickly identifies your position✈ Show you the distance of the places from yourcurrentlocation✈ Simple and easy to use Interface✈ The smart App with detailed information of nearest placesaroundyou.
Zig Zag- The Ball Rush 1.0
Zigzag is a game of fun for those who lovetoplay excellent brain games. Play within the walls and try toavoidobstacles. If your ball fell down from the wall then your gamewillresult in the end. Tap on screen to move the ball in anydirection.Be careful while crossing the edges and try not to fall.Your goalis to stay on the wall as long as possible for highscores. Withthe long move on the wall, you have to make a number ofzigzags.Your Speed and Efficiency decides how far you can Go!Survive longer and stay on the path in order to enjoy theendlessrun. Zig zag ball rush challenges you to play with yourfriends andcompare your scores. Zigzag is the latest Casual gamewith simplebut attractive graphics and endless runnergameplay.Challenge yourself on a zigzag platform with your Ball.Infiniterunning experience is waiting for you. No other rules tofollowjust stay on the line.Features◉ Nice gameplay◉ Simple but attractive graphics◉ Infinite Ball runs with your finger◉ Tap on screen to move the ball◉ Bounce between the walls and make zigzags
Catch The Eggs 1.0
Ever desired to play a game that helps toturnyour boring time into the best one with excellent funandentertainment? Then you are on the right track of your searchforfun.Eggs Catcher Game is equally enjoyable for all age groups withitsexcellent gameplay and stunning graphics. You will neverstopplaying Catch the Eggs game once you installed and played onyourandroid device. Catch the Eggs is designed with the aim toengageits players for long hours. It’s a good alternate for yourfreetime.Eggs Catcher is an amazing Game with ultimate fun andentertainmentwhich appeals you to get addicted with it. Catch theeggs by usingthis app full of incredible graphics absolutelyfree!In this game you have to catch the white and brown eggs as manyaspossible in the basket provided. Drag the basket left andrightusing your finger. Now earning high score is just onyourfingertip. You have to catch the eggs to increase yourscoreboardbut avoid catching rotten eggs.The most exciting fun busting game is just two step away fromyou,just install the App and play the game with simple controls.FEATURING➽ Catch white and brown Eggs to increase score level➽ Avoid from black eggs➽ Stunning high quality graphics➽ Easy to use, responsive mobile controls➽ Brilliant graphics with amazing sound effects➽ High-end, Immersive gameplayIf you like our games please Rate us and keep in touch withourdeveloper for more updates.
Enemy Shoot down - Modern War 1.1
Enemy Shoot Down is an action-packed ModernWarshooting game on the Playstore.Fight off the incoming waves of enemy forces in a fierce battletosave your land. Join the battle, face the challenge toassassinatethe enemies and save humanity.If you love shooting then this ultimate shooting game istheright one for you with Thrilling fun maximizing the actiongamingfeel!STORYLINEAlert! The enemy goal is to cause destruction and spread fearamonghumans.In this visually stunning mountain valley environment, theenemyparatroop squadron has landed from helicopter to attackandassassinate you. You are the only fighter and play the part ofaspecial army force commando. With limited visibility andverylittle time to work with, you are tasked with targetingvariousfighters, often at a very long distance. Try to shoot everyenemybefore falling down as if 3 enemies land on the earth thenyourmission will be a fail result in the game over.Open your fire and Strike the attackers come in helicopters andcomedown to ground by parachute. It’s not a mission impossible youjusthave to AIM and Shoot at the right time with accuracy and canwinagainst those fanatics while defending your territory and makethisMission possible and successful.Download Enemy Shoot down and enjoy the never ending thrillandadrenaline rush.FEATURES⟴ Face never ending waves of enemy soldiers⟴ Kill the Enemies and Save Human being⟴ Amazing quality sound and music.⟴ Action Packed game⟴ Excellent valley Environment for shooting.⟴ Aim, Kill and Shoot with Shoot Button⟴ Shooting rifle on auto reload mode⟴ kill and score as many as you canSimple Operation and endless fun will allow you to becomeapowerful shot expert!Music:
Sweet Baby Girl House Cleanup 1.1
Sweet Baby Girl House Cleanup is a gameforGirls to learn how to clean their house without taking it asanoverwhelming task. Enjoy your day while cleaning the House ofSweetbaby girl. Don’t wait anymore to complete the Cleaning taskinsummer vacations. No need to make any check list of cleaningHomeJust spend a few hours with the Sweet Baby to learn how to dothiswork more easy and joyful. Think of Dusting, Vacuuming andgeneralCleaning in your mind and tackle a piece of home as afirstpriority to start the work.Join the Baby girl to make her duty super fun while cleaningthehome for next day. Start the process of cleaning Home andcompleteevery single task one by one. The sweet baby girl hasassigned 4main parts of the House to clean and make them lookperfect.First, you have to help her in the cleaning of Kitchen. Itlooksa daunting task for her you have to help her to clean thekitchenand make it an enjoyable place for the next day. Clean theStove,burner and dishes.A washroom is a place that’s must be cleaned regularly. Helpthegirl to clean it properly and make it germs free.Garage looks very dirty and needs extra cleaning. Just go thereandwash the vehicles and every item in the garage to make itlookperfect.Sweet baby loves her Dog. You should deep clean his housetoprovide him healthy environment.Play Sweet Baby Girl House Clean up to Make the Baby Girlhouseclean and Hygiene for free on your Smartphone.Music:
Pregnant Lady Emergency Doctor 1.4
An exciting and happy thing for a girl is tobecome a mother. Get ready to take part in the pregnant mother’ssurgery as a real emergency doctor.Every girl wants to give birth in a healthy condition but sometimesthe mothers faces serious emergency situations in the labor room.Even with nine months of preparation, childbirth can still be fullof surprises. Only a trained practitioner can help them in suchdiscomfort situations.StorylinePregnant Lady met with an accident and Need a Doctor! She is alsogoing to give birth. Her practitioner might need to step into aprocedure to help her bring the baby safe and sound into the world.Only you can help her! Don't miss the chance to become aprofessional labor doctor. Play as the role of her surgeon to helpher prepare for emergency delivery and recover from thisdisaster.GameplayCelebrate the wonder of bringing new life safe and healthy into theworld with this amazing Game. Give her step by step treatment atevery stage with tons of real medical equipment. Use coolestmedical tools like the stethoscope, thermometer, the blood pressuresensor, X-ray, ECG machine, Ultrasound tool and much more. Examineand treat her properly to prove that you are a good doctor.It’s a really fun game for kids and girls. Play the game, helps themother to give birth her new born baby and be the world’s greatestemergency doctor. Begin your doctor journey now!
Nail Salon Stylish Nail Art 1.0
Have fun creating fabulous Nail designs inoneof the amazing nail salon game. Become an expert nail artistwhilecreating fashion manicure designs with the best Nail salonstylishnail art App. The nail salon is the best Mobile Nail Artisttocreate fabulous Nail designs with multiple colors, patterns,andstyles. Create one of a kind nail art, Try custom Nail looksordraw your own Nail design with Paint.An astonishing Nail salon App to get a glamorous look of yourHandswith one touch manicure. The Greatest fashion and nailgameprovides step by step process to create super cute nail designsandmanicures for stunning style at your fingertips with hundredsoffabulous colors, beauty patterns, and decals.The nail salon is the best Mobile Nail Artist to createfabulousNail designs with multiple colors, patterns, and styles.Create oneof a kind nail art, Try custom Nail looks or draw yourown Naildesign with Paint.Apply the astonishing colors, designs and styles on your nailstoget glamorous nails look, click to take one touch trendy handlookto get ready like a princess. Beautify your nails and createaunique manicure by adding stickers or patterns and changingtheshape of your tips.Features of Stylish Nail Art★ Add cute stickers, gems, and Sanrio characters such as★ Change colors of your nail with different nail paints★ Apply cute manicures on your hand with simple click★ Design your own manicures in multiple Style★ Add cute polish stickers and jewels to increase beauty ofyournails★ Chose from different nail shapes, polish colors, patterns,andbackgroundsTry it on your android device to test your skills anddiscoveryour vision & creativity of Nail art in a more funway.♫ Music:
Slap With Red Hands 1.0
Slap with Red Hands is a challengingtwo-playergame for all age groups. Be quick to hit on the red hothand andavoid the slap back from your opponent.Challenge your opponent and start unarmed hand fight withoutanypain.Hand styles are available with different themes, each playercaneffortlessly choose the hand of his choice. Slap with Red Handsnotonly test your speed also enhances your reflexes. Afterselectionof hot hand, get ready to attack the second player andachieve thepoints. The player who will gain the maximum points willwin thisfun challenge.The hot hand game is simple to play and easytounderstand for the people who like the competitive gamesSlap with Red Hands is available on all the versions of androidanddisplay the best graphics. Simply download and enjoythecompetition of red hand fighting.How to play?• Both players stand on each side of the game screen• When the game starts, one player is on attacking position andtheother is defensive• For attack “TAP on ATTACK”• For defence“TAP on DEFFNCE”• Slap on the opponent’s hand to get the points• The player with maximum points will win the game.Features• Tests your speed• Improve Reflexes• Live Scoring• Challenging game play• Best Graphics• Best Entertaining Game
Pool Party Emergency Doctor 1.3
Weather is hot sun is bright so it’s the besttime to have a pool party. But what you will do when you findsomeone drowning in the pool water? The gorgeous girl who wasenjoying the fun pool party with her friends suddenly drowned inthe water and needs your help. Aid your party princess with thehelp of Pool Party emergency doctor in the hour of seriousemergency.Bring your friend back to life and heal her injuries throughdifferent professional medical tools like an expert surgeon. Findout how professional doctors treat the patient and enjoy theimmediate Emergency Surgery.Pool Party Emergency Doctor is a free game for people of all ages.Start acting like professional doctor practice the specialisedmedical tools. Use injections for healing of pains and operatethrough clamp, stitches and ointments for quick recovery ofpatient.Download our free game now and be an expert surgeon.Features:• Emergency treatment in the pool party• Surgery Preparation• Nose and Ribs Emergency Surgery• Treat your patients with fun surgeries• Use technical tools to cure your patients• Enjoy the Fun of Pool Party Emergency Doctor
Crazy Lady Bird Smasher 1.0
An Ultimate smashing game for androidusers!Crazy Lady Bird smasher is available on the play store to getachallenging gaming experience.Smash Smash and take the high score. A nonstop fun is waitingforyou with a stunning gameplay. Let’s start the game and undergothiskiller invasion.In Crazy Lady Bird Smasher game The Lady Birds have come toyourhome and try to destroy your Food! Simply touch the screen,andsmash ladybirds while they act in a funny way!When you start playing the Crazy Lady Bird after a while antgetsspeedy as well as the difficulty level increases. With theeveryincrease of level difficulty, challenge and danger increase.Youmust hit them with all your precision, but you will need touselogic and creativity to find the best way to advance inthesenumerous levels.Game PlayAs you start to play the game, lots of ladybirds start crawlingonscreen as realistic as at your hand. You have to stop them tocrossthe screen. Touch them with your finger and crush them. Itrequiresonly a single tap for small ones and two-time tap for otherlargerones. Get prepared your hands to be dirty with the blood ofthesecrunchy bugs.Features♦Global High score ranking♦Countless bugs to crush.♦Addictive never ending boredom killing game.♦Simple and easy controls♦Funny, crunchy and crispy dying sounds.
Modern Sniper 3D Assassin 1.1
The Most immersive and impressive FPS gamewith Modern Combat…!Join the latest FPS war as an elite sniper to rage down enemies andsave the City. With modern graphics and dynamic gameplay ModernSniper 3D Assassin brings a realistic shooting experience for theplayers. Your Objective in this game is just fight forSurvival.Play Modern Sniper 3D Assassin to enjoy the thrill of the firstPerson Sniper Shooter! Run and fight through chaotic Missions inover 2 different Marvel environments! Fight in a battle againstdimensional super villains.GameplayYou are a modern city sniper, ready to play your part in dangerouskiller attacks and silent assassin missions. Aim and shoot toeliminate a mob of enemies at street level. Fight in a fully 3DCity with cutting-edge graphics. Fight in 10 immersive levelsacross the Earth.Go for the killer head shot now! You have to play you role in Dayas well as night mode. To Win this challenge try different tacticsand find your enemy’s weak spots! Show yourself immortal and becomesoldier of duty.Step onto the battlefield with the game Modern Sniper 3D Assassinthat raised the bar for first-person shooters.Abandon all fear and arm yourself for the Modern warfare. Confrontyour enemy – its high-time to blitz!Features of Modern Sniper 3D Assassin▶ Jaw-dropping graphics▶ perfectly matched sounds▶ Ultimate day and night view for shooting▶ 10 exciting shooting Missions▶ 2 fascinating City environments▶ Realistic sniper shooting effects▶ An exciting and enjoyable fighting system
Mummy Run HD 1.0
An amazing game to enjoy all the goodthatrunning brings to keep your momentum going with your run.Runningseason is coming up and you have to be ready to race inthemysterious pyramid. Mummy run is a free to play crazyrunninggame.Help poor mummy escapes the desert with fast speed. To completethisexciting mission you have to embark on an action filledarcade,endless runner journey.Tap to jump, double tap and slide to long jump to avoidobstacles,collect gold coins to get high scores.It’s time to DASH in the fantasy Pyramid as fast as you can!The thrilling Mummy Run adventure lands into the palm of yourhandwith a brand new endless running quest. Enhance yourjumpingexperience and use your android device as a source of longhourfun.Before accepting the challenge, ask yourself Are you ready toescapeand meet all kinds of challenges together with them. WithSimplecontrols, one touch to jump on 2D platform and lets opens anewadventure, fantasy world with various challenges for adeprivedmummy. You will definitely enjoy this combination of thrillandadventure with exciting gameplay. That is free, simple andsuperfun for every player.Get ready for an Epic Pyramid adventure and explore the unknownwithmummy as a playable character. Run fast to overcome extremehurdlesand encounters with threatening foes of long jumps in orderto findthe ending point. Download free to play an exciting andaddictiverunner mummy game.FEATURES▶ Mind-blowing visual effects▶ Full of fun highly! Addictive gameplay▶ Excellent running and jumping adventure▶ Explore multiple backgrounds for great fun▶ Very easy controls jump to avoid obstacles▶ Collect gold coins to get high scores▶ Play Free! The best action endless runner on mobile!If you like our games please Rate us and keep in touch withusfor more updates.Follow us @
Barber Shop Crazy Beard Salon 1.0
Welcome to the best Barbershop! BarbershopCrazy Beard Salon is one of the best educational game for boysandmen.It’s time to come to the beard salon for a perfect Shave.ExpertBarber is here to help all of the boys. You can change anddesignyour own beard style with available options. Shave your ownbeardand your friends at anytime, anywhere in a very comical way.Thisis one of the amazing games that let you get the perfect shaveatthe famous beard salon. Make your scissors ready, start trimmertomake the beard ready for shaving and change the beard look inavery exciting way while shaving beard and mustache.An Amazing game with a stunning collection of style makingandshaving tools to get a real life shaving experience.Give a crazy beard makeover to yourself and your friends atthebiggest barber shop. Our Crazy beard salon gives youaself-grooming makeover. Come to the beard salon, get amodishhairstyle and dress up with a number of cool outfits tolookhandsome. If you make a mistake and cut too many hairs,don’tworry! Just use the hair grow gel and you can correctanyaccidental cut or shave. Similarly, in the case of any cut ontheface, you will be served with after shave to get rid of theinjuredmark. Finally, save a photo with your new look Mr.Perfect!Crazy Barber Shop Beard Salon features✄ Unique and splendid beard salon simulation✄ Use Tons of tools. Razor blade, clippers, electric shavers✄ Wash, Cut, Style, shave, or straighten the Beard✄ Various cool outfits to dress up your men✄ Try different sunglasses to look amazing✄ Easy to play controls✄ The best educational and entertaining game
Follow the Line - Amazing Run 3.1
Drag the circle, Run through the maze andseehow Long you can Follow the Line.The best thinking game for players to test their skillsandpatience.Line game – Amazing Run is filled with the great contestandentertainment for you. The game objective is simple just sticktothe line. Avoid to fall from the line and try not to touchtheedges. Press the circle and Hold to stay on the path. Thegamerequires your steady hand and quick reflexes. Remain calmwhileplaying with the dot and stay on the white path. This wasquite achallenge to run in the same direction and do not hit thewalls.How to PlaySimply touch the circle and drag to run on the random path.Youhave to follow the line as long as you can and not to hitthewalls. Avoid moving parts and other obstacles to prevent acrash.Press the circle and hold to move through randomly generatedmaze.Don’t trap into the hurdles and run fast.The most creative fun game is here to entertain you withitsamazing gameplay. With the best brain and finger practicejustSlide your finger and stay inside the line. Keep your circle ontheline for a smooth gameplay. Your score on this maze says moreaboutyour reflexes than your ability to play a challenging game aswell.Line game is the best casual game with leisure and challengeonyour fingertips.Features⦿ Very Challenging gameplay⦿ Exciting thinking game⦿ Drag the Circle and keep running⦿ Elegant and simple finger runner⦿ Set the highest record and share with friends⦿ Avoid moving parts and dynamic obstacles
Duck Hunter - Free 1.0
Hunting Duck is just a beginning! Set onahunting adventure to rampage on beautiful forest filled withducks.Strike as a master duck hunter in an amazing shooting gametobecome a deadly shooting legend.Play as an expert hunter and Make the best use of your shootinggunin your duck hunting mission. Use your bird’s hunter skills,aimand become a crazy duck hunter. Shoot flying ducks by tappingonthem. Aim precisely and shoot only grey ducks and avoid tohityellow ducks. An excellent shoot will gain you high scores whileawrong shoot will lead to an end of the game. Unlimitedbulletsavailable with automatic reloading that helps to continuethe gamewithout any delay. Shoot as many ducks, as you can, to getthehighest scores and test your reflexes of shooting.Hunting season is ON for those who wants to show theirshootingskills and prove themselves as the best hunters. You haveto bebrave enough to chase for your hunt in the beautiful forest.Thegame is very simple with One man, One gun and lots of ducks.Greatgraphics and beautiful Lake View makes this game stand outamongother game of this kind.One of the Amazing and wonderful Endless duck hunting game fortheMaster Hunters.FEATURES✪ Addictive gameplay, feel of real life hunting experience✪ Visually stunning real-time HD graphics✪ Fun challenging gameplay✪ Simple hunting adventure on a beautiful lake view✪ Fascinating hunting environmentHOW TO PLAY✒ Tap on screen to aim and shot the duck✒ Use bullets to shoot✒ Shoot the grey duck to earn scores✒ Do not hit the yellow duckDon’t Miss the Amazing Hunting adventure of this season!
Colore Switching Fever 1.2
Colore Switching Fever is here to entertainyouwith endless fun and entertainment on your smartphone.Tap the colored ball carefully through each obstacle, coloredphaseand color patterns in a way that your ball will switch colorswithsome powerups. The faster you tap higher the ball jump onthescreen within the pattern.Follow the Color Pattern to complete the stages and crosseachobstacle carefully. You need to play with accuracy to winthisColor Switch Fever. Pass through every step and matchingcolorswith great care otherwise your ball will explode and thegameends.You must follow the color pattern to avoid an obstacle, wrongpath,and color to cross the level.Join this Classic Coloring game if you like arcade games,butsurvive longer to become a gaming master. Be careful not topassthrough the wrong color if you hit any wrong color your gamewillstart from zero. Tap Faster to get high scores and be amasterplayer.Colore Switching Fever is an endless Arcade game of funforunlimited hours.Would you challenge your gaming skills in classic and arcademodesof this color splash game?Game Features⚫ Endless Game mode⚫ Smooth gameplay compact in physic rules⚫ Charming sounds please to listen⚫ Simple game rule but hard to compete⚫ Excellent Graphical work
Catch The Apples 1.0
A charming action of Newton comes toyourandroid with the concept of gravity. Isaac Newton is sittingunderthe tree thinking about the gravity. Let him get the best outofhis experience and Catch the Apples.You’ll need to use his extendible thinking of gravity to fillyourbucket with Apples. But it’s not always easy as it looks.Swipeyour finger to move the basket left and right and grab theredApples. Fill up his basket and make him successful in hisstruggle.Link your way through beautiful gardens full of Apple trees!Makethe empty basket full with the red Apples to improveyourscoreboard! With colorful graphics and catchy music kidsandgrown-ups will love this charming Apples Catcher Game. So whatareyou waiting for? Catch the Apples!The goal of the game is very simple but how you do that iswhatmakes the game a treat in its own right. Just swipe your fingertocatch an apple and don’t catch an UN-ripen Apple. So catchtheApples as fast as you can and earn high scores. Catch the Appleiscompletely free to play with no hard and fast rules ofplaying.Very nice and simple controls make the game more addictivefor itsplayers.FEATURING⍟ Colorful cartoon graphics⍟ Unique and immersive gameplay⍟Collect Red Apples⍟ Avoid UN ripen Apples⍟ Easy and fun to play, challenging to master⍟Have fun with amazing Apples Catcher game⍟ Completely free for unlimited fun hours
Little Ninjump 1.0
Have fun with an incredible ninjump game,goingthrough various scenarios and obstacles.In Little Ninjump game! You will control the Little Ninja,runningfor his life. Play faster, Jump for your survival to getmorepoints and avoid the hurdles or you will die. The objective oftheninja is very simple to run faster and jump as high as youcan.Being on the top is your destination.Explore the real world of Ninja, learn the ultimate jumping&running actions and become the strongest Ninja. Go as faraspossible and collect coins to increase the score. PlayLittleNinJump on your android phone with simple and easy controls.Tap tojump from one place to the other, avoiding every obstacle inyourway. Use power-ups, and boost objects to get high scores withinthegameplay. Download Little Ninjump an Endless Runner,Challengeyourself and see how long you can last.Defeat the Enemy & hurdles in your way with skills, you canjumpor double jump to avoid obstacles as well. Get ready foranaddictive, action-packed gaming experience!◈◈Features◈◈◈ Very Easy Swipe and Touch Controls◈ Run as fast as you can◈ High-Quality Graphics◈ Fast running Ninja◈ Increase your Power with amazing boosts◈ Jump higher to avoid blocks and hurdles◈ Earn achievements and power up boosts
Wild Wolf Hunting Challenge 1.0
Challenge your shooting tactics byhuntingdangerous wolf, Aim and shoot as fast as you can!Wild Wolf Hunting Challenge is an Amazing wolf huntingsimulatorgame with incredibly gorgeous wolf textures to choose fromandpowerful attacks to execute.Wild Wolf Hunting Challenge Is an Ultimate Best FreeHuntingGame…..!You have to eternally hunt this wild animal and sharpen yourwildshooting skills. Go on hunting and look for your next actiontargetmission to enjoy the trace. Enjoy this shooting season inabeautiful Snow Environment.Wild Wolf Hunting Challenge has an awesome combination ofRPG,Action-Adventure and Simulation elements. Kill the wolves foryoursurvival or otherwise wolves bite you down. Shoot, shoot untilallwolves are down.With this Wolf Simulator: Wolf Hunter game, you’ll be abletoexperience the thrill of fighting beasts with realshootingelements & stunning powerful attack. The vast junglebelongs toyou, thus you are free to explore anywhere you please.Stay safeand protect yourself from dangerous wolves.HOW TO PLAY➼ Rotate your gun around.➼ Find your wild wolf target by radar system to track them.➼ Move close to aim wild wolf target by move button.➼ Aim + Zoom and fire to shooting wolf by Aim and ZoomIn/OutButton.Features of Wild Wolf Hunting Challenge:☠ Realistic wolf hunting simulator First PersonShooting(FPS).☠ Amazing 3D Snow Environment.☠ Deadly challenges☠ Easy and Effective Touch Control & Radar system totracktarget.☠ Amazing sounds effects☠ Efficient Weapon Control and Zoom system.☠ Real-time Hunting with Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence).
Animal Hunter Bear Shooter 1.0
Enter in a forest filled with Polar BearsandJoin Bear Hunter Sniper Challenge and Go on hunting wildAnimalswith professional Sniper weapons.You are an Animal hunter who love to shoot and kill bears. Youcansee around and rotate our gun to aim and shoot the bear. Ifyourfire is missed, the bear will come towards you and you canbecomehis prey. You have to survive with your accurate firingtactics andexpert Sniper shooting skills. If a bear kills you, thegame isover. In Animal Hunter Bear Shooter your Challenge is simpleHuntor be hunted!Animal Hunter Bear Shooter is a Perfect hunting game withhighfidelity graphics and amazing sound effects.You need best and accurate firing skills to hunt more Animals.Focuson your shooting object, Keep yourself well focused anddeterminedbefore firing your first shot. Hold your breath &Pull thesniper trigger, and widen the scope of your hunt in thisreal-life3D graphics and sounds environment.Play Animal Hunter Bear Shooter to Test your sniper shootingskillsin a challenging environment.GAME FEATURES◈Perfect game control◈ Real 3D graphics and Perfect Shooting environments.◈ 15 Dangerous missions◈ 4 Sniper guns for accurate Shooting.◈ Splendid 3D graphics◈ Best hunting simulator◈ Perfect Zoom in/out and Shoot Buttons
Jet Ski Action Simulator 1.0
Jet Ski Action Simulator is a turbo boatracinggame of action, racing or jet ski driving, in Jet SkiActionSimulator you have to drive the speed boat jet ski with fastspeed,perform Action Stunts and collect achievements to unlockotherexciting powerboat racing levels.Jet Ski Action Simulator is just like controlling real jet skiswithMaximum Speed and excellent stunt actions. Play the game andcleareach level of water scooter with in time to enjoy majorbonuspoints, get High Scores and avoid all the hurdles that come intheway of driving.Riding a jet ski is completely different than driving othervehiclesof any kind. Jet Ski ride contains thrills, fun, andexcitement ofAndroid gaming.Collect coins and earn achievements for higher score points.Clearsubsequent level of the ride to unlock next levels andcontinueplaying. Through each level of Jet Ski Action Simulatorgame, youwill learn and become an expert of how to control a jetskiperfectly.Enjoy your Ride today!Features⚑ Stunning Jet Ski Driving Levels⚑ Collect Coins to get High Scores⚑ Unlock new achievements⚑ Clear each level to unlock next level⚑ Cool Jet Skis to ride⚑ Simple and Easy to play controls
Crazy Editor Face Changer 1.0
Crazy Editor Face Changer presents themostastonishing looks changer app for you to make pranks andlaugh.Select any photo and give your simple looking image anextremelyfunny makeover using various stickers. You can chooseamong avariety of cool features that you can apply on your photos.Changeyour looks daily with our various collections of beard,masks,crown, turban etc. Add funny looking objects to your photosandmake them hilarious. Use different stickers and share thefunnypictures with your friends. Pull a prank on people by sharingtheirfunny and hilarious photos.How to use• Take picture using camera or choose from gallery.• Apply different stickers on photo• Save and share on social mediaFeatures:• Simple to use• Entertaining game• Turn any face into funny one• Friendly user interface• No need of internet connection• Share your photo with your friends
Track Your Phone - Anti Theft 1.0
Track your Phone-Theft track is the best apptoprotect your mobile phone from thieving and burglars. Apowerfultracker app for a smartphone in case of your device isstolen orlost.☮ ☮ ☮ Keep power to take full control of your mobile anditsfeatures. Track your phone Theft Tracker contains SMSlocationtracker which gives protection from mobile thieves.☮ ☮ ☮ No need to worry about your mobile phone anymore.TheftTracker is a powerful App contains mobile theft tracker foreveryAndroid user. Theft Track - Mobile Tracker gives the user thepowerof controlling their mobile phone data & location info incaseof theft.This app will notify and send alert SMS message with themobilelocation to your family and friends number which yourwillprovide.How it works☮ ☮ ☮ Download Track your Phone-Theft track App and install onyourandroid mobile, when the app is installed it will requireanalternate cell number, if someone stole your mobile and changeSIMin the mobile, Track Your Phone App will automatically senditslocation to you, so you can track your lost phoneremotelocation.
Digital Speedometer 1.0
The speedometer is a powerful, easy to useandeffective digital speed tracker App. Install the app and makeyourphone fully functional digital speedometer. Onlinedigitalspeedometer works with your mobile phones built in GPS andperformsthe faster function at any time. Make your journey easywith thisamazing app count your distance, speed and time whiletravelinganywhere.Online Digital Speedometer is a small size speedometer where youcanset your desired corresponding speed and distance.»»» Just click and perform speed test withoutunnecessaryconfigurations.» »Calculate your traveling speed» »Calculate current distance while traveling» »Calculate total time with digital speedometer» » Efficient interface and beautiful App design» » Convert your smartphone into an online digitalspeedometerA fully accurate digital speed tracker for Android users, notonlyshows your speed but total distance, maximum speed and Triptimetaken by you, your car, your bike, and any other vehicle.
Master CPU Z 1.0
Master CPU Z is the most amazingandroidapplication that reports android phone information. CPU Zapp tellsus about the device, battery and system information. CPU-Zisconstantly monitoring your android phone performance andnotifiesyou right away.Device information:App provides following important information ofandroiddevice:• Device name and model• Screen size and resolution• Serial number of device• Total and free storage• RAM• CPU number of coresBattery Information:Master CPU Z application notifies the followingbatteryinformation:• Battery health and percentage of battery• It tells us about battery technology• Temperature of battery• Battery capacity• Voltage• StatusSystem information:It shows following system information:• Android version and API level• It tells us about the X, Y, Z axis informationMaster CPU Z application is the most powerful and useful appthatprovides you with all the information you need to know aboutyourphone’s function and performance with the simple andsophisticateduser interface. CPU Z is basically monitoring yourandroid phoneapplication down to system details, batterypercentages, storagecapacity etc. It alerts you to memoryconsumption and batteryhealth of your mobile. Make the necessarychanges by stayingupdated with your android phoneinformation.Features of Master CPU Z:• Compatible with Android Devices• Simpler User Interface• No Need of Internet Connection• Latest System and Batter Info
Quit Smoking Save Life 1.3
Quit Smoking Save Life offers virtual smokingwhich don’t damage your health and save your lungs from smoke! Wantto quit smoking? Tired of tobacco cigars and filter cigarettes?Start virtual smoking. It will keep you away from tobacco andnicotine. Choose the favorite flavor and blow to show off the realfun of puffs. It’s 100% harmless and tobacco free. Download quitsmoking app free to discover the magic!Install a cigarette simulator on your phone and show your friendshow you smoke a virtual cigarette. Open packet of cigarettes andtake one out, light it up and see how it burns out slowly on thescreen of your phone. Blow into the microphone to smoke a cigarettefaster. You will see realistic smoke.How to smoke virtual cigarette?• Open the pack of cigarettes and get one• Light up the cigarette and start smoking. You need to blow intothe microphone to smoke.• Smoke as much as you want! It is healthy and for free!Do you want to be cool in the company of friends, but you not wantto damage your health then start virtual smoking because it doesnot harm your health. Smoking pipe is basically an electroniccigarette. Make your own smoking pipe by adding different flavoursand tobacco. Virtual Hookah lets you smoke anywhere anytime withjust one tap. Smoke as much as you wanted without harmingyourself.Do you want to surprise your friends and show them the real smokeof virtual smoking? Open Quit Smoking app, put a cigarette andpretend to puff. The cigarette on the phone will start burningfaster. It will look as if you are really smoking a cigarette onthe screen. Avoid smoking by simply using this app. Smoking isinjurious to your health. So, quit smoking and start working outfor healthy life. Quit Smoking Save Life pro will be helpful foryou to stop smoking.Features:• Sound detection through microphones• Blow with the breathe• Realistic smoke• Harmless for health• Allowed in public places• Virtual cigarette, smoking pipe and shisha• Awesome graphics and animations
Shell Game - Find The Ball 1.0
Welcome to the amazing world ofEntertainment.Shell game- Find the ball helps you in excellentbrain workouts.The Amazing Art of this game will make you feel morerelax andexpose your imaginations by spinning the Ball under thecups.The magical cups swap location with each other. Before startingoneCup/thimble is marked and then all the Cups are mixed. Theplayershould trace and choose the Cup that was containing the Ball.Theball is hiding under the Cups and you are required to find itwithgreat efficiency. To win this challenge after you start thegameyou have to keep an eye on the shuffling of the cups. Keepyoureyes open on moving cups and focus on the correct Cup.Theirrotation and movement become faster and faster with thepassage oftime that will improve your observation ability. When thetime outand cups stops shuffling, make your guess and pick therightcup.If you find out the correct cup, then you will go to the nextlevel.If not, the game is over. The game requires your fullattentivenessand consideration.The shell game is elegantly designed with the highflexibilityadjustments, vivid colors, and exciting playeroptions.Features:● High details graphics● Smooth, Easy, and fun to play● Amazing and unique gameplay● Just follow the ball inside the cups● A game of skill and observation
Animal Care-Milk it 1.1
Animal Care-Milk it is an amazinggameespecially for little kids. Enjoy a complete adventure withanimalsby simply downloading this game. Take care of your cutepatientwith professional surgical tools. Also enjoy the experienceofmilking a cow. Have you ever milked a cow in the farm? This isthegame for you. Get pure farm milk from this cow milk game. Milkthecow by touching udders and fill the bucket with milk. Now Magiccowand crazy goat is on your smart phone to entertain you.AnimalCare-Milk it is a complete adventure for little kids.Animals Care-Milk it has different game levels. First of allchooseyour animal which you want to give treatment. In animalshospitalveterinary doctors are there to take care for animals.It’shospital duty to give proper treatment to the injured animals.Showus that you are a good doctor! Animals are waiting fortreatment toget rid of the pain and get healthy again. Usedifferent tools forthe treatment of animal. Perform your dutycarefully. In the nextlevel wash the animal with differentcleansing products and makesure at the end of the day animal becomehealthy and clean. Feedyour hungry animals with a variety of food.In the last level ofthis entertaining game, your task is to milkthe cow by touchingudders and fill the bucket with milk. Afterplaying this game, yourkids inclined to drink milk and also theyare motivated towardsanimal care.Best Features:• Entertaining game• Different levels• Motivates your child towards milk• Real sound• Awesome graphics• Easy to play for kids• Share on Face book, twitter or any social media network
Kids Specialist Hand Doctor 1.3
Be a child’ specialist in major handinjuriesand infections. Help the kids with severe hand injuries andtakecare of the dead tissue, cleanse infected areas and bandagescars.In this game, your role is a senior hand surgeon. Show usthat youare a good doctor!Kids are waiting for treatment to get rid of the pain andhappyagain. Perform your duty carefully Remove splinters, burnoffwarts, bandage cuts, and fix broken bones. Make thescariestsurgery a fun for kids and make them enjoy with fingersurgery forswelling, germs and thrones. Through this game for kids,they willbe able to have fun and test their abilities.✌✌✌ Hand Doctor Surgery ProcessThe Process of Hands surgery is very simple yet addictive forthekids as well as toddlers.Play Kids Hand Doctor game on your android phone to polishyourskills. Help the patient whatever needed, consult, investigateandrecommend a treatment for his injury. First of all sterilizedallthe tools then Start the process, shower kids Hands to removedirtand put ice on the infected areas, Remove the germs andthroneswith the help of clump, apply ointment to heal woundsquickly,apply injection and germ killer on severe areas, and alsoapplypatches to remove wounds. Most important is to make an X-Rayto seeif the hand is broken or not? Treat him with care, fixbrokenbones, remove splinters, Wipe out the blood with medicatedpaper.Wash hands with warm water.Well done your job is over Now.Special Features★ Exciting educational game for kids★Challenging and fun way to develop fine motor skills★ Eye catching graphics★ Amazing gameplay with stunning sound effects★Treat patients with professional Doctor ToolsBe an ultimate Surgery Doctor at the best hand Doctor ClinicandTake Care of the kids.