Dungeon Innovations Apps

Maitre D' Guest 1.0
Maitre D' Guest is an app that hotels and similar establishmentscan use to exhibit and advertise their hotel features andservices.With Maitre D' Guest you can:- Display the availableservices, amenities and features that your hotel offers- Displayconcierge services that guests can avail- View information aboutother destinations in the hotel group- View the hotel's directoryinformation and map location- Access the information anytime,anywhere- Works offline
Vertex Admin 1.0
Vertex Admin is a standalone app for managing and keeping track ofyour properties' assets and service requests.• Manage an inventoryof your assets using Vertex Admin• Keeps track of your servicerequests• Works offline• Keep track and access your informationanywhere, anytime you want
Daily Readings 6.0.0.
Dungeon Innovations Daily Readings is your every day mobile guidefor the Catholic Mass readings. The app contains the completereadings for the year 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019; presenteddaily in an easy to read text and easy to use UI. The contents arecompletely accessible even if you are offline. Its featuresinclude: - Readings up to December for the year 2019. - A calendarview for easier access and navigation. - A guide on the feast daysand liturgical celebrations. - A guide on the books of the Bibleand their abbreviations. - Completely accessible even if you areoffline. - Easy to use UI. - Completely free.
Typhoon Tracker 2.5.1.
Dungeon Innovations Typhoon Tracker is an app for determining thetyphoons that are currently on Asia Pacific. It providesinformation about the Typhoon such as the current location,intensity and a satellite video. Features: - Information on currenttyphoons in Asia Pacific such as location, speed and intensity. -An Earth satellite video of the last 240 hours in Asia Pacificshowing typhoon formations. - A track map of the current typhoon. -Notification of new typhoons
Vertex Dweller 1.0
Vertex Dweller is a standalone app for managing and keeping trackof your assets.With Vertex Dweller you can:- Keep track and recordyour assets such as your appliances, furnitures and buildingfeatures- Add details and other information to your asset records(e.g. Airconditioner, Tables, Chairs, Doors, Kitchen Sink, etc.)-View a detailed listing of your asset records- Access and storeyour asset records anywhere, anytime you want- Works offline
BartDay 3.3.2.
BartDayis your social bartering & community livelihoodplatformthat empowers you to be a services & goods provider inyour city & local communityto unleash human potential &social capital.
ShakeShake 1.0.2.
Dungeon InnovationsNeed help in deciding stuff? ShakeShake is thereto help!ShakeShake is a simple randomizer for anything andeverything that needs to be decided. Just type in your items, shakethe device or click the button and the answer will be presented toyou. You can even save your favorite items to a list. ShakeShake iseasy to use and it's free!Highlights:- A randomizer with a simpleand easy to use layout.- Defaults items such as coin toss and diceroll are provided for you.- You can save your favorite items to alist.- Shake, shake control!- Free!
Taverne 2.0.0.
Taverne is a mobile app that restaurants, cafes and diningestablishments can use to exhibit and advertise their menu andofferings.With Taverne you can:- Display your restaurant's menuofferings and pictures- Display other locations in your restaurantgroup- View your restaurant's directory information and maplocation- Access the content anytime, anywhere- Works offline
Vertex City 1.0.1.
Vertex CityVertex City enables collaboration between Citizens andGovernment by using mobile, cloud, and web technologies in order toprovide and make digital city services accessible globally.Itdemocratises smart city platforms economically and socially thatcan include, not just rich cities and nations, but also those thatare challenged to implement digital technologies due to economic,social, political, and infrastructure reasons.If you are from theUS or Canada, this is essentially the "311 for Everyone" or the"311 for the World"Vertex City liberates technology and its usefrom within the walls of city halls and into the hands of peopleliving in cities.
Vertex Community 2.0.0.
Dungeon InnovationsVertex is an app for Urban Residential Buildingand Urban Community Administration. It enables communication andcollaboration between the building Administrators and Dwellersregarding the management of Service Requests, Assets, Notificationsand Billing.With Vertex, you can:- Keep track and record of yourAssets such as your appliances, furnitures and building features-Create Service Requests (e.g. job and work order, tasks to do,notes, etc.) for your Assets via your mobile device- Manage yourService Requests, get updates, track the status and communicatewith your building Admin through the app- Receive Notifications andMemos on your property events, billing and services- View yourBilling Statements and export them as PDF on your device
Dungeon Innovations 3.0.1.
Dungeon Innovations is a software and systems engineering company.Get to know more about the Dungeon and the solutions and serviceswe provide by browsing our mobile profile.
Voice MS 1.1.0.
Simple Purpose-Built Voice Message Service Designed To Be As UsefulAnd As Usable As SMS Modern Technologies And The Internet