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Spy Pigeon - Escape 1.1
Dusky Dolphin
You will be playing as a Spy Pigeon, a special member of Securityand Intelligence Branch.You have been deployed behind the enemylines for collecting Intel on army deployment. Unfortunately, youhave been shot by a bird hunter and later caught by the enemies.You have to escape from the prison at any cost, time is running outso be quick in your prison break.You have to pick the lock of cagewhile avoiding the sight of soldier on duty. Once the cage lock hasbeen picked you have to find the way out by picking door locks. BeQuick as time is very limited but Be Careful If you get caught yourhealth will degrade.Best of Luck.
Space Shooter 1.0
Dusky Dolphin
A Space shooter game with awesome space graphics.You are in chargeof the spaceship. Your mission is to save planets of our solarsystem from falling asteroids and debris. Beware of the friendlysatellites orbiting around the planets.As a member of asteroidshooting team, you have to destroy as much asteroids. For yourassistance their are several power-up (Green) options availablelike Time Freezing, Nukes, Planet shields and health recovery. Tomake the game more interesting their are several power-down (Red)options as well like Double Speed, Black outs and LightSwitching.Their are 9 different missions with High Quality spacegraphics in the game; Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars,Earth, Venus, Mercury and Pluto. Each mission have unique playingenvironment with detailed space view. Keep playing and enjoy;-Amazing space graphics- Animated stars and sky background- Coolasteroids destruction, debris, satellite and planet rotationeffects- Addictive space shooter and asteroid shooter game play-Space battle attack themed background music
Kids Cooking - Cake Maker 1.2
Dusky Dolphin
A cake baking and cooking game for kids that will help them learnbasics about cooking in the real kitchen.Cook bake and designdelicious birthday and wedding cakes.- Mix required ingredients inright quantity to make a perfect mixture for your cake. - Bake itin the oven and wait till the cake sponge takes its shape. - Giveyour favorite flavor to the cake from a variety of options; MangoCake, Chocolate Cake, Whipped Cream Cake, Strawberry Cake, CaramelCake, Coffee Cake are just to name few.- Decorate your baked cakewith variety of fruits, creams, donuts and toppings. You can alsoUse colorful candles instead of candies to brighten up your tastybirthday or wedding cakes.- Select matching table cloth, cakeholder and background.- Share your creation with your friends andget their feedback.
Ninja Soccer 1.2
Dusky Dolphin
Ninja Soccer is not about just ninja running or ninja jumping. Nosword No fighting No Infinite running instead our Hero FootballNinja decided to challenge its enemies in a soccer world thistime.You play as a Ninja Soccer Star against an opponent team of 11football players. You have to avoid them, tackle them, reachopponent team's D and kick the ball to score a goal. Use your Ninjatechniques to surprise the opponent team defense line.Playermovement is controlled by mobile device built-in accelerator andscreen touch. Move your player by just tilting your device avoidingchasing enemies slicing their defense line, tap on the screen whenyou reach near the goal to score the goal with your powerful ninjakick. If enemies snatch the football from you, use your ninjamagical skills to appear anywhere on the field by tapping on thescreen intercepting their passes.Score as much goal as you can inthe limited game time and prove that single well trained ninjafootball player can beat a full team of football players. ThisAmazing ninja soccer game will keep you busy for a long time. - Anamazing and addictive Ninja and sports combination game play-Mobile friendly game controls- Super Cool football fieldenvironment- HD Graphics and High Quality Sound effects- 15different team formations to make the game interesting and dynamic