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MewSim Pet Cat 1.4.0
Hi, I’m a MewSim cat and I’m looking for someone to give me a nameand cater to my every whim. That means keeping me fed with tastytreats, buying me a stereo or a radio-controlled helicopter,brushing my fur, keeping the fleas away and generally making sureI’m always happy.I think you’ll like my apartment. It’s a bitboring and dull right now, but if you look after me well enoughI’ll let redecorate it to your taste. I’ve got two absorbingmini-games so we can have tons of fun!My friends tell me that I’martistic and reckless by nature, and I think they’re right. I loveto make funny faces and do crazy things! I’m full of surprises, asyou’ll see if I decide to adopt you as my owner. If you want to bean important part of my life, to become my friend and provider, andto feed me with tasty meat, fish and ice-cream, then you’d betterhurry up. I’m already starving! Yours sincerely,Your future MewSimPet Cat.Key features: + An amusing and comically animated maincharacter.+ Nurture a uniquely talented pet.+ Choose your MewSim’scolor, name and sex to influence your cat’s personality andbehavior.+ Redecorate your MewSim’s home to your taste.+ A widerange of in-game items to diversify the gameplay.+ 3 absorbingbonus mini-games.
Goal Defense Multiplayer 1.0.1
Goal Defense Multiplayer – a smashing networkbased arcade in which you can compete for the Golden Bowl eitheragainst your friend or AI.Two sports teams are trying to win the Bowl and Champions titleby trick. Who will be the best in providing the defense for thetrophy? You or your friend?Take on a battle on the sports arena; conquer over the worldbest stadiums; fight your friend face to face!Key features:* Multiplayer for two;* 2 game modes: against your friend or AI;* Requires Wi-Fi connection;* Dynamic gameplay: are you quick and clever enough to win?* Lots of maps with a variety of creeps.
Goal Defense 1.0.8
"Players from all manner of sports arerepresented here, from baseball to boxing, and beyond, and each one(as well as their upgraded versions) displays their own uniquepersonality." - 148apps.com"One of the major differences of Goal Defense compared to mostother tower defense games is that even though each wave has apredetermined route, the AI will adjust its attack approach basedon your defense positions." - AppAdvice.com".. it would also make an ideal my-first-strategy-game thanks toits quirky atmosphere and plentiful character." -KnowYourMobile.com"Goal Defense‘s (universal) combination of goofy, charmingvisuals and rock solid tower defense gameplay make it anotherquality title in the genre." - Apptudes.comTrain a team of underdog heroes in this hilarious, fun andaction-packed game. Logic, tactics and strategy must overcome brawnas you protect the coveted Golden Bowl trophy from an onslaught ofmuscle-bound jocks!A game of action and dynamic excitement!FEATURES:* 40 challenging levels of tactics, strategy, skill andspeed.* A unique sports game with a genre twist* Hilarious characters, animated in the spirit of old-school comicbooks.* Two teams of sportsmen from different sports: football, baseball,rugby, box, etc.* Earn ‘use and confuse’ bonuses.* Heroic superpowers available upon request.* Outwit your enemies’ empty skulls.* Genuine, real-time audience reactions.* Stunningly detailed and artistic scenery.* Check for updates -- more features to follow!* Tablet support
Король Вечеринок 1.0.0
Веселье через край, роскошные декорации,модные хиты и прекрасные девушки?Это не сон. Это твой новый клуб! Здесь всегда царит атмосферапраздника и творчества. Сделай свой клуб самым модным в городе!Придумывай зажигательные вечеринки, приглашай ди-джеев, танцоров иартистов! Сработаешь как профи – получишь возможность статьуправляющим еще двух заведений! Зажги свою звезду в клубе!Ключевые особенности:* Три клуба в одной игре: психоделический “Космос”, жаркие“Тропики” и чувственное кабаре в стиле “Мулен Руж”* Уникальная возможность проявить свои таланты дизайнера, ди-джея,бармена и менеджера!* Приближенная к жизни экономическая система доходов ирасходов* Оригинальная система вечеринок и рекламных акций* Мини-игры* Система онлайн достижений и рейтинга* Поддержка экранов от бюджетных 320x240 до планшетов с1280x800Fun over the edge,luxurious decor, fashion hits and beautiful girls?This is not a dream. This is your new club! There is always aparty atmosphere and creativity. Make the most fashionable club intown! Invent incendiary parties, invite DJs, dancers and actors!Worked like a pro - it will become a manager of two otherinstitutions! Light up your star in the club!Key features include:* Three clubs in one game: the psychedelic "Space," hot "Tropics"and sensual cabaret-style "Moulin Rouge"* A unique opportunity to display their talents designer, DJ,bartender and manager!* Approximate life to the economic system of income andexpenses* The exclusive parties and promotions* Mini-games* The system of online achievements and rankingsSupports screens from 320x240 to budget tablets with 1280x800
Goal Defense Comics 1.0.0
A genius but brain-sick professor-alchemist iscraving for an enigmatic artifact. What is it and what is somagnetic about the powers it holds?