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EasyPOOL 3.07
EasyPOOL is a very simple version of Russian Billiards. This is agame without an enemy, on points. The rules are similar to therules of Russian Billiards. Everything is very simple: Drive whiteballs into the pockets and take care of the black ball. If youscored several balls in a row or hit the marked pocket, get a bonus(the result for the ball scored is multiplied). There are sevenlevels in the game - as the level increases, the difficultyincreases and the price of the ball scored rises. During the game,the statistics of the points obtained It can be compared with thebest passing. If it seemed to you that it was too easy to play -you can raise the level of difficulty in the settings. At the sametime, the "cost" of a hammered ball will increase significantly.The game works without constantly connected Internet. For SamsungSmart TV users: The TV application store has a free TV version ofour game: "EasyPOOL". Control via TV remote.
Путешествие в СССР 2.05
Дорогие друзья! «Путешествие в СССР» это проект, посвященныйнастольным играм с механикой «Кинь - Двинь», так называемым«Ходилкам». В основе игровой коллекции настольные игры, придуманныеФеликсом Шапиро и опубликованные в детском журнале «ВеселыеКартинки» во времена СССР. Изначально проект разрабатывалсяисключительно для детей, рожденных в 70е – 80е годы XX века в СССР.Детей, ставших ныне совсем взрослыми. Однако, в процессе работы надобновлением, мы предположили, что совместив старую механику сновыми цифровыми возможностями, мы получим игровой продукт, которыйбудет интересен детям всех поколений. В ближайшем будущем у Васпоявится возможность загружать с удаленных серверов новыенастольные игры, созданные нашими авторами. В этих играх мыпостараемся продемонстрировать несколько новых подходов, которыепозволяют расширить привычную «Кинь-Двинь» механику. С Уважением ипожеланием Удачи, Команда E140Games. P.S. Мы гарантируем, что всеходы в игре «Путешествие в СССР» генерируются строго случайно! Dearfriends! “Journey to the USSR” is a project dedicated to boardgames with the mechanics “Throw-Dvin”, the so-called “Walkers”. Thegame collection is based on the board games invented by FelixShapiro and published in the children's magazine Merry Pictures inSoviet times. Initially, the project was developed exclusively forchildren born in the 70s - 80s of the XX century in the USSR.Children who have now become very mature. However, in the processof working on the update, we assumed that by combining the oldmechanics with the new digital capabilities, we will get a gamingproduct that will be of interest to children of all generations. Inthe near future, you will have the opportunity to download newboard games created by our authors from remote servers. In thesegames, we will try to demonstrate several new approaches that allowus to expand the usual “Kin-Dviny” mechanics. Regards and goodluck, Team E140Games. P.S. We guarantee that all the moves in thegame “Journey to the USSR” are generated strictly by chance!
com.E140Games.ZXRunner 1.34
ZXRunner - Retro Game based on the classic arcade Lode (for the ZXSpectrum) Runner. - 150 classic levels Lode (for the ZX Spectrum)Runner. - Full custom Control. - Custom size screen of games. -Advanced settings Infinite lives and Game without enemies. - Newfeature: BigFire - burn three cells at once. - Slow Mode/NormalMode "Great implementation! The atmosphere, the style and thesounds etc are preserved 149%. Some problems were fixed here thatonly made the game better. The original game was a bit buggy interms of aligning yourself with ladders to be able to climb them.In this remake it's very smooth just the way it should be. Also, inthe original game the position upon digging a hole was shiftingquite a bit and felt less predictable than here. In addition, theugly double colored aura is removed here, that is the pink enemiesdon't paint white ladders into pink when climbing it. Love it. Alsothis game is very important for me in my life" minxmu sint 10/16/2018