GPS Measurer - Area, Perimeter, Distance, POI 1.6.6
IMPORT FORMATS: - KML (points, polylines, polygons) - GPX (tracks,routes, waypoints) - SHP (points, polylines, polygons) - MEASURER(original app format) EXPORT FORMATS: - KML - KMZ - MEASURER(original app format) MAP TOOLS: - Distance measure (manual andGPS) - Polygon area measure (manual and GPS) - Circle area measure(manual) - POI placing (manual and GPS) OTHER TOOLS: - Currentlocation details (coordinates in degrees and DMS, address, verticaland horizontal accuracy, bearing, altitude, GPS time) - Search(address and application measures) SETTINGS: - GPS providerconfiguration. You can config app to get best available locationfrom your device for most accurate measuring or you can enablebattery saving for long measurements which don't need bestavailable accuracy. - 10HZ GPS location update support! DISTANCEUNITS: - kilometres (km) - m (meters) - ft (feets) - yd (yards) -mi (miles) AREA UNITS: - hectares (ha) - square meters (m²) -square kilometres (km²) - square feet (ft²) - square yards (yd²) -acres (ac) - square miles (mi²) - rai (rai) MAP: - Terrain -Satellite - Basic OTHER FEATURES: - Saved measures list with namingand grouping - Measures coloring - PIN placing by hand, GPS orcoordinates input - Navigate to selected measure - Measures sharingbetween MEASURER application users - Measures filtering on map bytype and/or group! - Undo steps / delete pins while measuring -Bearing information in manual measuring - Measure while using otherapplications or phone is locked! Supported languages: - English -Spanish - Portuguese - French - Russian - German - Lithuanian -Italian - Hindi - Urdu - Polish - Romanian - More coming soon... Ifyou want us to help to translate this app to more languages, pleasecontact us via email [email protected] Do you need to measuredistance which you are planing to walk or run this evening? Ormaybe you want to know field area to plan agricultural job? Taskslike these and many more could be easily done with MEASURER!Install & start measuring in no time! MEASURER could be usingas map measurement tool for outdoor activities, sports, rangefinder, bike tour planning, or run tour planning, to explore golfarea, land survey, golf distance meter, field pasture area measure,garden and farm work and planning, area records, construction,agricultural fencing, solar panel installation - roof areaestimation, trip planning. This application could be used in farmsto manage fields, plan agricultural jobs and estimate prices. Allin all MEASURER could be using in any activity where you need tomeasure something. If you have any questions or suggestions pleasecontact us via e-mail [email protected] or from applicationmenu selecting "Contact us" Side Notes: - Please enable locationservices on your device for this app to function correctly. - GPSmeasuring accuracy strongly depends on device GPS device quality.