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Adventures of Pixel M.O.N 1.4
Adventures of Pixel M.O.N is finally here! Itincludes an engaging and adventurous story- mode along with anintriguing multiplayer mode. Play together with all of your friendsand finally become the trainer you've always wanted to become. Witha plethora of pixel monsters to choose from, multiplayer has neverbeen anymore addictive.In story mode, your goal is to challenge many of different trainersand catch as many monsters as you can!Along the way there will be plenty of aids such as the HealthCenter and the Great Mart.In multiplayer mode, you can choose your own character and chat ina world with others. You can also bring your team along to battlemany powerful trainers across the world!***This game is less likely to crash and performs best onhigher-end devices***
Pixel Monster Catch: Red 1
Now, you finally have the chance tofulfillyour dream as a pixelmon catcher! Start in the middle of adesertedisland filled with pixel monsters. As you are exploring ,you willencounter many of different pixelmon and your goal is tocaptureevery one! Chop down grass to maintain currency, use one ofyourpixelmon as a companion , and buy different pixelballs! Thisgamehas everything you need to start your action-packedjourney!