Wallpaper Generator 2.2.2
Wallpaper Generator is an app that generates background picture foryour devices. Choose one of the category:- Wallpapers in "Materialdesign" style,- Transparent shapes,- Gradient wallpaper,- Stars skywallpapers,generate and set it as wallpaper.You can sharewallpapers, add them to favorites to see later. Features:- offlinegeneration of wallpapers, no internet needed!- your deviceresolution for background images, exactly fits your device.- uniquewallpaper on each generation.- effect mode editor.- new category"Textured wallpapers".- you can move, scale objects inpatterns.What's new:-Added 1 new pattern to "Texturedwallpapers".-Some bug fixes.-Fixed bug with permission on Android6.
ES Scan 1
ES Scan is a powerful app which scans and digitizes documents tosmartphones in an easy way, so it’s not a big deal to manage themanymore. This app is the perfect fit for those who want to scan,sync, share and manage various contents on theirsmartphones.Features:*Quickly Scan DocumentUsing your phone camerato “scan” all kinds of paper documents, such as receipts, notes,invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates,etc. The app also supports a Batch Scan Mode, which automaticallydetects and adjusts the document orientation, will save you evenmore time.*Optimize Scan QualitySmart cropping and auto-enhancingare two features that highlight the text fields. They also ensurethe texts and graphics in scanned documents are clear and sharpwith premium colors and resolutions.*Easy Search DocumentFind anydocuments within seconds. *Advanced Document EditingES Scan enablesyou to edit document name, add notes.*Smart DocumentManagementSmart document management on mobile! You can allocatedocuments in groups, sort documents by Date, tag documents, viewdocuments in List/Thumbnail mode and etc. Set passwords forconfidential documents to avoid information leaks.
JoVote 1.1
JoVote (Joint Vote) app is a handy tool to assist you, your friendsand colleagues with a collective decision-making based on thepreference of the participants’ majority.Can’t decide where to meetup with friends – bowling or billiards? Want to schedule a teambuilding on a day suitable for everyone? Or help your friends toagree on a gift from your wish list? Discussing plans for theweekend: relaxing spa/sauna, BBQ in a park, or a stirringquadracycle ride?Keen for your preference to be chosen, but lookingfor a well-balanced joint decision? A wise and simplest solution isto vote among your group for a number of available options.JoVotefeatures:• Set up unlimited voting rooms/topics• Connectedaccounts;• Topic sharing;• Define unlimited number of votingoptions for a topic• Add more options into someone’s else topic•Easy to add new topic participants• No registration is required(guest mode)• Multiple voting rounds with voting percentage• Votinghistory• Push-notifications
ES Camera 1.2
ES camera is a photography application for mobile.You can takephotos then edit and apply cool effects, templates. You can keepphotos in the phone or share them to social networks. It brings yougreat fresh experiences. Check it out!ES camera features:•Real-time effect preview• Take pictures at full resolution, evenwith live effect• Self-timer taking photo• Digital zoom•Templates/Effects : Choose a template/effect to make your imageinterested• Edit Photo: rotate/crop photo• Store locations withpictures (GEO Tagging)• Use the volume rocker as a shutter button•Share pictures to social networks such as Facebook, Flickr ...•Easy to manage: Store images in the Gallery and find it easily bysearch function.The ES Camera keeps updating, if there is anyproblem during your use or you have any suggestion to make the Appbetter, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]
CoMessenger 1.0.2
What is CoMessenger?The CoMessenger app let you send free messagesto other CoMessenger users, so that all your conversations withfriends, colleagues and family are in one single place. WithCoMessenger it's easy to see the full history of all your chats onyour mobile device anywhere in the world.CoMessenger allows yougroup contacts you often chat with, unify them under one singlegroup with special name. It's more comfortable now to connect withfavorite persons while you are on the go and be part of the mostimportant conversations and this is urgently when you need tocoordinate instantly many people.Extra Feature - CommunitiesThepossibility to integrate CoMessenger with other mobile applicationsremove the necessity to create additional chats! Just insert thecode of CoMessenger your ready mobile application and you willprovide your users with convenient chat environment. Moreover yourmobile application devoted to special topic like music, sports,health will appear among our Community members. Thus the users ofour mobile application will be able to find you among the list ofCoMessenger Communities.
ES Green Transport 1.0
The ES Green Transport is used for mathematical modeling of fuelconsumption for various means of transport, including car,airplane, bicycle and walking. Enter your monthly fuel consumptionand make comparison with previous monthsand compare different meansof transport to project your consumption habits into the future.The appgenerates reports and function graphs with legend todemonstrate environment footprint in carbon emissions.The app canbe used by everyone who uses means of transport for personal andbusiness purposes to helprising ecological awareness and savingmoney.
ES Green Quiz 1.0
Green Quiz is an intellectual game that helps you learn muchinteresting about our natural environment and its protection, toget more environmentally conscious and get a fair estimate aboutyour eco-knowledge.
Recipist 1.8
Recipist has been created as a personal assistant in the kitchen ofany size filled with recipes database and useful features in asmart interface. Extremely rich Android cookbook makes bakingprocess easier due to the following options:- a library of tons ofrecipes for any taste;- a buch of filters that allows you to find arecipe based on its name, specific ingredients that you can add orexclude (you can search for meat dishes without garlic); - a listof favorites (add your the most preferable dishes into a separatelist; - a shopping list (save your time and create ingredientchecklists when you go shopping and filter by the criterianeeded/bought);- a recipe timer (plan the creation of your culinarydelights on a certain date and be sure you culinary assistant willremind you to prepare all the necessary ingredients).
ES Battery 1.0
ES Battery is designed to extend your battery charge for severalextra hours. Therefore, you will spend less time on recharging yourphone. With the app you can manage your battery energy consumptionby turning on/off GPS or regulating screen brightness. It is prettyeasy to run and configure. Overall, the app will extend yourbattery life.Followings are key features of this application:1)Settings - screen where user can review or monitor Settings, Tasksand System information such as mode settings, running time ofprocesses, memory free, CPU usage, ...2) Profile - screen whereuser can choose special mode and turn it on. By default, we have 2built-in modes: a) Disabled all options, it is mean that user willhave "Minimum" mode. b) Enabled all options, it is mean that userwill have "Maximum" mode.In this screen user will be able to createcustom mode, edit it and remove it. User won't be able to edit andremove "Minimum" and "Maximum" modes.3) About - screen where willbe information about or company and ads. If user clicks ads he willbe dispatched to “http://www.elinext.com”4) Tips - screen whereuser can read information about Tips that help saving battery lifeof your device.
ES Password 1.0
We live in the era of an ever-increasing number of user accountsand passwords that need to be remembered and properly managed. Themore passwords we have, the higher the chance we may forget them.Moreover, if not securely handled, confidential data becomes alucrative attraction for unauthorized users who can harvest otherpeople’s passwords and illegally use their accounts. Don’t put yourprivate data at risk! Get a secure and convenient application forstoring your passwords. ES Password of ELISOFT is a safe and easyto use app you can fully trust. The application is designed to keepyour passwords and usernames for: * Email accounts, includingGmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail * Wallets * Website accounts, includingFacebook, Amazon, Delicious, VK, Wordpress, Yahoo, Twitter,YouTube,... Furthermore, you can create personal notes ortake/import your images to keep these private information underpassword protection. Easy to manage sensitive data: credits,accounts, web URL, images ... Add as many passwords to all thesecategories as you want. Copy passwords from the application thenpaste into the web form. ES Password has the following features: *A master password-protected access to the application * Allsensitive data is stored and secured in one place with strong128-bit AES encryption * Instantly login: fill your user name andpassword with a single tap * Auto-fill account information: fillaccount information such as credit cards, email accounts, socialnetwork accounts … with a single tap* Easy to backup/restore yoursensitive data online securely with strong 128-bit AES encryption.You will be not worried anymore if your cell phone is lost orstolen.* Protecting your private photos: only you can see andmanage them
Cards for Kids 1.3
Incredibly simple and intuitive application for kids under the ageof 5 years. The app contains a gallery of specially selectedcolorful pictures and melodic sounds of excellent quality. Theselection of image was made with the intention to arouse positiveemotions.The collection involves pictures related to the followingareas: - Friendship- Humor- Holidays- Toys- Dogs- Cats- etc.Theapplication was created for children free of charge and any kind ofadvertisement. Donate to your child new entertainment.Advantages:-without advertisement- absolutely free- very easy to use- contentof excellent quality- support of vertical and horizontal modes