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Art Therapy Toons 1.0
Art Therapy Toons is the most entertainingcoloring App available on Google Play.We have crafted the best art of different categories for coloringsuch as Animals, Monsters, Mermaids, Robots, Christmas and muchmore to come.Choose your page and start coloring. Share it with your friends andfamily. Very easy to use - Fun time guaranteed !Features:- Unique and beautiful collection of colouring pages to choosefrom- Personal gallery that keeps all your drawings for later view andedits- Sharing ability- Undo option to all drawings- does not require Internet connection- app for all ages. Children and adults can enjoy it without anyrestrictionsWe plan to constantly update the app and add new coloring pagesso that you or your children will always have new pictures tocolor.Your ratings and comments will encourage us to continueimproving the app.Follow us on Instagram @art.therapy.appBecome relaxed and have fun!
Troubles Land 1.2
Troubles land is a Unique and extensive 2D Platformer made bygamers for gamers, completely FREE and No In App Purchases. It’sthe saga of seven legends on journey through a Land full of mysteryand mortal enemies, the story starts in the dark forest where ourheroes will have to cross the road of the livid dead and fight withthe shadow of the true king of the jungle. Passing to the caves ofthe forgotten dreams our heroes will face the origins of all evilwhere ungodly fiesta roam the caves with fortune of diamond to gainbut yet with a lot to lose, that if they can only overcome thesecret in beating the Giant digger spider monster that awaits themat the end. However the caves has another mystery the hidden grandtable where food and candy are in excess but with dangerous bugseverywhere. As if the clash with the spider monster was not hardenough for our brave heroes they find themselves in the midst of adeeper trouble, in fact its several miles deep in the sea in asecret facility ruled by clans of a transformed humanoid frogs, theseven heroes have to navigate a very dangerous deep sea with afragile glazed submarine, where the difference between life anddeath is a rock away. and when finally things seems to work theirway they accidently awake the Leviathan the king of the sea, andthat when a run for it could be the only heroic thing to do. Not amoment to rest for our heroes, when one thought things can't getany worse, an alien ships strike down on the Troubles Land andkidnap them to an alien world. Being innovative heroes they quicklylearn how to operate these aliens’ ships and launch a massiveattack on the aliens Mothership and indeed it is huge battleship.Finally, the exhausted heroes reach back to the troubles land wherethey have to dash against the elite guards of the king, where anepic war is raged on them, to meet finally with the king's ship...Features: More than 30 levels of extraordinary gameplay that willhook you for tens of hours. Seven Characters to choose from.Completely Free; no In App Purchases Achievements and Leaderboardsupport. Amazing Hand drawn Art and Music. Epic Boss Battles
Clay Craft 1.0
Discover the joy of making pottery and unleash your creativity,with Clay Craft you can sculpt amazing shapes, paint them anddecorate them with no limits. And most importantly share them withyour friends. With many amazing patterns from cultures all over theworld you can create authentic, beautiful historic and modernpottery. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and be creative.
Art Therapy 2.0
Art Therapy is a coloring App for adults that will help youtorediscover the joy of coloring. Mandalas, animals,geometricalpatterns, matryoshkas and much more are ready to becolored-in.Each detailed illustration has been carefully crafted soyou canenjoy the satisfaction of creating something of exceptionalbeauty.Benefits of coloring-in include aiding sleep andincreasingattention spans. Features: - Original differentcollections -Beautiful color palettes - Easy and user friendly -Sharing to yourfriends and family through Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, WhatsApp,Email and more!