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com.eshare.clientv2 4.6.24
EShare is a multiscreen interaction application which makes theuser experience natural and enjoyable for home entertainment,business presentation, and educational training. To use this app onyour Android phone or tablet, you need a TV/Projector/IFPD withEShareServer pre-installed. With EShare you can: 1. Stream anyaudio or video file to your TV. 2. Use your smartphone as RemoteControl for your TV. 3. Mirror the screen of Android device to yourTV. 4. Mirror TV screen to smartphone and touch the screen directlyto control TV, just like you are touching your TV. Since Android OSdoesn't allow third-party apps to capture audio output, the audiocan only be played from the phone temporarily when you use theMirroring function on your Android phone. Once Google has openedthe audio capture permission to third-party apps, we will updatethis app as soon as possible to add the audio support in Mirroringfeature. This app is the client, the server app is ONLY found onthe TV/Projector/IFPD that built in with EShareServer.