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Spectre - Ghost Detector Simulator(Tracker, Radar) 1.0
Is your house haunted? Find out with the best ghostdetectorsimulator, and prepare to be spooked! Instructions 👉 Startthe appand allow camera access 👉 Walk around using the camera tosurveythe area 👉 The radar scope will show you the position ofdetectedghosts 👉 Keep the camera pointed at the spirit to hear whathe hasto say 👉 Don't forget to turn on the sound to fully enjoythecreepy sounds and voices. Ghost tracker features 👻 Ghostcameracommunicator app and ghost hunting tool 👻 Radar scope toindicatethe position of spirits and ghosts 👻 daily updated ghosthorrorstories 👻 Realistic and animated graphics Is this ghostdetectorscientific? *This ghost detector app is for entertainmentpurpose.*This app does not claim scientific accuracy. Enjoy yourghosthunting, and don't hesitate to share your stories
Ghost Observer 👻 simulated ghost detector & radar 1.9.2
This ghost radar lets you see augmented reality ghosts aroundyou,and simulate a medium to communicate with them. Enjoy playingghosthunter with this scary & fun app! Download the bestghostdetector and have fun in the paranormal world! How to useGhostObserver? There is a ghost radar at the bottom of the screen.GhostObserver will alert you when a presence is detected, and givethelocation of the spirit. You can then use the camera and point ittothe direction shown on the ghost radar to catch ghost onvideo.Turn the sound on, because spirits will speak to you. Theghostdetector will give you information about ghosts you areseeing,like its age and type of spirit, but more importantly apremiumfunction can translate what the ghost is saying to writenwords.Take pictures at any time, and share them with your friends.It isalso possible to ask yes no questions to spirits with thespiritismtool, which is the second premium functionality. Where touse GhostObserver? For the best ghost hunting experience, use theghostradar when it's dark. Use this ghost tracker in a scaryhauntedplace, like a cemetery, a haunted house or simply a spookyattic!As you can see in the comments, there are hundreds ofcaptivatingstories by users of our ghost detector. Ghost Observeris the mostfamous ghost radar app! Reviews of GhostObserver Review fromDanTDMDon't hesitate to contact us if you have suggestions aboutGhostObserver, and how we can improve the ghost radar and ghosttrackerfeatures. Ghost tracker features * Ghost Tracker: display awhitedot and and give a sound alert when a ghost presence isdetected onthe radar. * Ghost Tracker: Catch ghosts on camera, andsee them inlive video * Ghost Pictures: Take pictures of spirits,spectres andshare them * Spiritism tool: a translator tocommunicate withspirit and ask them question * EVP : the ghosttracker tells you ifthe presence is a ghost, a vengeful spirit, apoltergeist or afriendly spirit 👻 Is this ghost radar scientific? 👻*This appdosen't detect real ghosts, it is a game. *This ghostdetector appis for entertainment purpose. *This app does not claimscientificaccuracy. *This ghost detector app can be scary to youngchildren