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Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) 2.7
The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) is a neurologic scale used to assesslevel of consciousness after acute head trauma and to monitor levelof consciousness in all medical and trauma patients. Person orpatient is assessed against the criteria of the scale, and theresulting points give a patient coma score between 3 (indicatingdeep unconsciousness) and 15 (fully aware).This application helpsin the assessment of Glasgow coma scale, provides instructions howto perform examination and how to assign scores, calculates Glasgowcoma score and allows saving the scores in the searchable databasefor later comparison/follow up.Features:- brief instructions-detailed information how to assign specific points and performexamination- additional short clues - assessment in case ofintubation and eye injury- pediatric and adult GCS- simpleinterface with icons- consecutive assessment E-V-M- big text andscore numbers- GCS in EVM and total score format - option to savecalculated scores for later comparison- saved scores searchabledatabase- supports all screen sizes- small app size- up/downsliders next to the buttons (swipe up/down to circle throughresponses) Must have app. for medical students (to learn and getfamiliar with GCS) and medical professionals (to keep track of GCSscores and for consultation).
Pain Rating Scales 1.6
Quantification of the pain intensity is essential for someoneexperiencing pain (eg. to report level of pain to others, formonitoring treatment effectivenes, etc.) or when caring for personswith the acute or chronic pain. Most pain assessments are done inthe form of self-reporting or observational (for non-verbal personsunable to provide self-report) pain rating scales. This applicationprovides some of the most used, validated and widely accepted painassessment and rating scales. Featured are self-reporting andobservational scales for pain assessment in infant, children,adults, demented persons, ICU patients and persons experiencingchronic or low-back pain:- Pieces Of Hurt Tool (Poker Chip Tool)-horizontal and vertical Numerical Rating Scale (NRS-11)- Numerical11 Point Box Scale (BS-11)- horizontal and vertical Visual AnalogueScale (VAS)- Color Analogue Scale (CAS)- Faces Rating Scale (FRS)-Neonatal Infant Pain Scale (NIPS)- Face, Legs, Activity, Cry,Consolability scale (FLACC)- Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementiascale (PAINAD)- Chronic Pain Grade Scale (CPGS)- Critical-Care PainObservation Tool (CPOT)- Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire(RMDQ) Each scale is equipped with short description, instructionsfor use, scoring methodology, interpretation of results andreferences.
NIH Stroke Scale (NIHSS) 1.1
The National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) is a toolused by healthcare providers to objectively rate severity ofischemic strokes. Increasing NIHSS scores correlate with moresevere strokes and worsened clinical outcomes.This applicationcalculates NIHSS score , modified NIHSS score, short 8 item NIHSSscore and short 5 item NIHSS scores. It is intended for use byhealthcare professionals.Features:- full instructions forassessment- assess NIHSS, mNIHSS, sNIHSS-8 or sNIHSS-5 scores-regular (stepwise with full instructions) and compact ("pro")version- describe untestable items- all attachments - save resultsin searchable database- send, share or export results
Inpatient Tracker (SOAP notes) 1.0
Application for healthcare professionals to document patientsclinical status and/or achievements during the course of ahospitalization. Daily progress notes are in SOAP format(subjective, objective, assessment and plan components) - formatwidely adopted by healthcare providers from various specialities.Features:- list of hospitalized patients- patient data - personalpatient data, date of admission, room, etc.- SOAP format dailyprogress notes - clinical data, lab. results, plan, etc.-predefined clinical auto-text shortcuts (e.g.: SAMPLE,SOCRATES,...)- customizable auto-text shortcuts- export/share data-etc.also:- simple app- stable app- for medical professionals-functionality firstMust have for healthcareprofessionals/students/residents to keep short notes of theirhospitalized patient at hand at any time.