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Japanese Dictionary & Translate Mazii - じしょ日本語 3.9.0
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Japanese Dictionary Mazii - じしょ日本語 Japanese dictionary with romaji,Hiragana, Kanji, Pronouncation and JLPT Mazii Japanese dictionaryincludes dictionary: (Currently supporting 5 languages) - Japanese- English dictionary, English - Japanese dictionary - Japanese -Chinese dictionary, Chinese - Japanese dictionary - Japanese -Indonesian dictionary, Indonesian - Japanese dictionary - Japanese- Vietnamese dictionary, Vietnamese - Japanese dictionary With fullof lookup features in Kanji, Hiragana, Romaji, English and Japanesehandwriting. Basic features: - Look up vocabulary in Japanese,English, romanji, hiragana - Online pronunciation, transliterationwith kanji, romaji and hiragana - Translate Japanese, translatequickly, separate Japanese sentences, translate Japanese intoEnglish, translate English into Japanese - Look up Japanese grammar- Look up kanji, full of information about kanji including meaning,how to read onyomi, how to read kunyomi and example kanji - Learnto write kanji, show how to write a Kanji - Synthesis of JLPT N1,N2, N3, N4, N5, kanji, vocabulary and grammar - Practice readingnewspapers: with selected articles every day, using the same fasttranslation feature to help you read Japanese newspapers moreeasily. - Notebook marks and organizes your vocabulary effectively- Practice flashcard, vocabulary practice, kanji by flashcardmethod to make remembering simpler. Data: - More than 200,000Japanese - English dictionary words - More than 75,000 vocabularywords English - Japanese - More than 10000 kanjii full ofinformation about kanji including meaning, how to read onyomi, howto read kunyomi and example kanji - More than 500 grammaticalstructures are explained clearly and with specific examples. -Community of 1 million Mazii users contribute data to Mazii Object:- Learn Japanese for beginners - Learn Japanese communication -Learn basic Japanese - Learn Japanese online To use Mazii Japanesedictionary you can also use Japanese typing software such as GoogleJapanese Input, Japanese Keyboard, Japanese for GO Keyboard-EmojiMazii sincerely apologizes to all of you because when using theproduct there will be advertisements. This is the main source ofincome for Mazii to survive and develop. If you love Mazii anddon't want to see ads anymore, you can upgrade to the premiumversion. Mazii would like to sincerely thank. You can also use theOnline version of the Mazii Japanese Dictionary at: When you need direct assistance, please contactvia mail: 2.1.9
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Japanese dictionary Mazii - The best Japanese dictionary offlinefree App for you Mazii Japanese dictionary is free and designedsimple but very adequate for people learning Japanese. Mazii Dictwill be your best friend for you to learn Japanese effectively.Unlike another Japanese dictionary, Mazii has a lot of outstandingfeatures make you learn Japanese easier such as: - Japanesedictionary with voice - Japanese dict handwriting - Quick andaccurate kanji lookup - Japanese dictionary camera - TranslateJapanese to your Language Almost feature is free and you can usethem offline. So, you can use Mazii Japanese dictionary everywhereand every time. Key features: - Look up words in the Japaneselanguage, English, Romanji, hiragana offline - Pronounce online,Romanji and hiragana - Look kanji with stroke, handwriting - Learnto write kanji, demonstrates how to write a kanji - JLPT N1, N2,N3, N4, N5, kanji, vocabulary - Practice reading newspaper: withselected articles each day, using the same fast service featureshelp you read Japanese newspapers easier. - Highlight and organizeyour vocabulary effectively - Flashcard, practicing vocabulary,kanji flashcard method for remembering simpler. Data: - More than170,000 words dictionary Japanese English, English Japanese - Morethan 12000 letters kanji; Mazii Dict sincerely apologize to you forthe use of the product will have advertising. This is the mainsource Mazii can exist and develop. If you love and do not want tosee Japanese dictionary Mazii more ads can upgrade to the PREMIUMversion. Mazii Dict sincerely thank. You can also use the onlineversion of the Mazii Japanese dictionary at: Whenyou need immediate assistance, please contact by Keywords: 英和辞典, 英和辞書, 英語辞書, japanese dictionaryfree, japanese english dictionary, japanese translator