Tap Tap Dish : Tap Chef 1.0.9
◆ Easy for people of all ages and genders toplay!No more hectic cooking games!Just tap the screen, and voila—food is ready!◆ Open your restaurants in the World!Open your restaurants in USA, China, Japan and othercountries.Huge crowds from the world are waiting for your dishes.◆ My kitchen, my character!Build a cute, unique kitchen of your own!Use a variety of kitchen appliances to fill your kitchen,and customize your character with over 100 differentcostumes.◆ Go on an endless journey to become the world's greatestchef!Not as complicated as an RPG!Collect items, cards, and costumes to grow your character!Improve your cooking skills and become the world's greatestchef.◆ Various cuisines from different countries!Unique, exotic food whose name you might not even know!You can create all kinds of dishes in Tap Chef!◆ Support LanguageBahasa Indonesia, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano,Português, Pусский, 简体中国, 繁體中文, 日本語, 한국어◆ Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/taptapchef/
Tap Chef : Fabulous Gourmet (Tasty Dish) 1.4.4
◆ Easy and fun to play, tap to cook!* Tap the screen to cook manydifferent kinds of dishes, use different kinds of recipes to pleaseyour customers and make a lot of profit.* Fry, roast and boil andprepare diverse dishes to serve to your clients and progress in thegame.* Earn Prestige and sharpen your utensils to become the bestChef in the world. ◆Prepare exotic dishes and travel over theworld* Prepare all kind of fabulous dishes from all over the worldusing seafood, sausage, steak or stranger ingredients. * As youprogress, achieve your childhood dream of traveling all over theworld and opening new restaurant in big cities such as Paris,New-York or Rio. Will you be able to satisfy all theses customers?*Reveal the gourmet in you and discover new exotic and tasty dishesfrom other countries such as Bibimbap, Udon or Churrasco.* Youcan’t make a mistake or burn any plate!◆ My kitchen, my character!*Choose between hundreds of different costumes, accessories andutensils for your character. Not only you will look cool in it butit will also help your progression. You’ll look fabulous!* Buydiverse furniture to give your kitchen the style you want andprogress quicker in the game. Believe me, you can afford it!◆ Takethe endless journey to become the world's greatest chef! * Forgetthe leveling and the grinding, just tap and profit!* Collect items,cards, and costumes to grow your character!* Spend Prestige pointto improve your abilities.Be ready to become the Best Chef of theTap Chef World! Dear Gourmet, will you be able to satisfy yourcustomers and earn the prestige you deserve with your tasty dishes?You just have to tap to know!Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/Soulgitgame/ Twitterhttps://twitter.com/soulgitgames Privacy Policy :http://soulgit.com/privacy-policy/en.html Terms of Service :http://soulgit.com/term-of-use/en.html
캔디데이즈 Candy Days 1.0.1
탭을 통해 캐릭터를 조작하여 캔디를 먹어 몬스터를 봉인하는캐주얼게임입니다.◆ 프롤로그어느 먼 왕국의 이야기...왕궁의 자하실...공주, 왕자, 마녀가 마법을 쓴다.많은 사탕을 먹고 싶던 마녀는 몰래 장난을 준비한다.마녀의 실수로 공주와 왕자의 모습이 변해버리고...하늘에서 캔디들이 쏟아지게 된다...봉인 되었던 괴물들이 풀려나고마녀는 깊은 곳으로 도망치게 된다.위험에 빠진 왕국을 위해각지의 용병들이 나서게 된다!◆ 게임 방법왕자와 공주 중에서 스테이지에 참가시킬 플레이어 캐릭터를 선택하세요.선택한 캐릭터에 따라 마녀의 저주가 풀렸을 때의 효과가 다릅니다.몬스터의 봉인을 도와줄 용병을 선택하세요.용병은 최대 4명 까지 참가시킬 수 있습니다.스테이지 플레이 후 받은 보상으로 용병을 훈련시킬 수 있습니다.각 용병의 속성에 맞는 캔디를 먹으면 용병이 몬스터를 공격합니다.또한 용병의 스킬 게이지가 증가하는데,게이지가 가득 차면 해당 용병이 가진 스킬을 쓰게 됩니다.용병을 데리고 가지 않으면 몬스터를 봉인 시킬 수 없으니 주의하세요!캐릭터의 오른쪽 화면을 탭하면 캐릭터는 오른쪽 화면 끝으로,캐릭터의 왼쪽 화면을 탭하면 캐릭터는 왼쪽 화면 끝으로 이동합니다.오른쪽이나 왼쪽 화면을 더블 탭하면 해당 방향으로 캐릭터가 달리게 됩니다.캐릭터의 위쪽 화면을 탭하면 캐릭터가 점프합니다.스테이지 플레이 도중에 하늘에 떠다니는 하트를 모으면,마녀의 저주가 일시적으로 풀리면서 많은 캔디가 떨어집니다.제한 시간 안에 용병들의 공격으로 몬스터를 쓰러트리세요!----개발자 연락처 :ADDRESS : 48058, 140 Suyeongganbyundaero, Haeundaegu,Busan,KoreaTEL : +82519009009Through the tabcharacterto manipulate a casual game that sealed the monstereatcandy.◆ prologueStory of a faraway kingdom ...I expect of a palace ...Princess, prince, witch writes magic.Witch ever wanted to eat a lot of candy is secretly preparingaprank.The princess and the prince accidentally changed the look ofthewitch away ...The candy will be poured from the sky ...And was sealed monsters are releasedWitch is flee into the depths.For the kingdom in perilBenefit greatly because they are mercenaries in the country!◆ How to PlayPlease select from the prince and the princess to join theplayercharacter on the stage.The effect is different when the witch's curse, depending ontheselected character come loose.Choose mercenaries to help seal the monster.Mercenaries can participate up to four people.After the stage play can be trained mercenaries toreceivecompensation.Eat the candy for the property of each mercenary soldiers toattackmonsters.In addition to increasing the skill gauge of mercenaries, Gauge is full, then write with the appropriateskillsmercenaries.If things take a careful mercenary's not possible to sealthemonster!When you tap the screen to the right of the character to therightof the screen character is the end,Tap the left side of the character screen character moves totheleft end of the screen.When you double-tap the right or left side of the screenthecharacters are running in that direction.Tap the top of the screen, the character is the charactertojump.During a stage play, collect hearts floating in the sky,The witch's curse while temporarily pulley drops a lotofcandy.Within the time limit you defeat the monsters attack ofmercenariestree!