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Super English Podcast Listening full Transcript
ESL English Podcast Listening with Full Scroll Transcripts andDictionary is a free and a Super tool to help you practice EnglishListening skill daily through many free ESL English Podcast Radiochannel like BBC, VOA, Spotlight English, NPR,... with fulltranscript.Best features:- Listening with full transcript subtitle.The transcript gets highlighted and auto scroll to help you focuson listening.- Listen to multiple free English Podcast Radioschannel: BBC Learning English, VOA Learning English, FreakonomicsRadio, NPR Podcast, Spotlight English Radio Podcast and multiplefree resources: Listening Practice Through Dictation, Stories 4000Essential English Words, Learn English via Listening.- SupportMultiple language dictionaries and Google Translate extension -Translate quickly word or sentence to every language in the world.-Download to offline for listening and learning daily, every timeand every where.- Headset button listening control for moreconvenient listening process- Memo to bookmark and memorizevocabulary.- Adjust the play speeds.- Sleep timer.- Day and nighttheme.- Custom font, size, and color of the article's transcript.-Update latest lessons.List Podcast in this app:BBC Learning EnglishRadio Podcast- 6 Minute English- Drama- English at University-English at Work- Lingo Hack- News Report- The English We Speak-Words in the NewsNPR Radio Podcasts- All Things Considered- Ask MeAnother- Fresh Air- Morning Edition- Planet Money- TED Radio Hour-Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me- Weekend Edition Saturday- WeekendEdition SundayVOA Learning English AudiosVOA Learning EnglishVideos- English @ The Movies- English In A Minute- Everyday GrammarTV- Learning English TV- News WordsSpotlight English RadioPodcastsFreakonomics Radio PodcastListening Practice ThoughDictation4000 Essential English WordsStories from the ListeningPractice Through Dictation and 4000 Essential English Words bookseries which are AVAILABLE for FREE at http://compasspub.com. Thisapplication was created to make learning English easier and WE DONOT OWN ANY DATA. If possible, you should buy Listening PracticeThrough Dictation and 4000 Essential English Words books to learnbetter.Learn English via Listening:This series was old and now youcan get it from the internet. This application was created to makelearning English easier and WE DO NOT OWN ANY DATA.If you arepreparing English examination, such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, IBTetc, you should try this. It's best to learn English.**NOTICES:-This app created for more convenience and efficiency for thecontents of Radio English Podcast resources.- Radio Podcastproviders have all copyright about these provided contents.You willhave good English listening skills with this app. Thank you!