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Phone cleaner & Fast Optimizer 3.0
Phone cleaner and fast optimizer is also oneof the best phone cleaner apps for ram cleanup and offers batterysaving mode and also an easy applications manager, SmartphoneOptimizer and fast Cleaner is a multi-functional app that offersmultiple services and options in order to speed up your device andhelp you clean your phone and make it faster by deleting junk filesand cleaning your RAM memory from all the running apps.Phone optimizer and cleaner can help you get better battery statsand life , it offers a power battery saving mode to ensure you getthe most of your phone battery and also better battery stats whenusing battery status and monitors apps and to do that phoneoptimizer finds applications causing the phone to drain battery andstop these apps.Smartphones and tablets are so important nowadays , we are sodependent on them and we use them everyday , but with the daily useof our phones they become slower day after day , because of all thetemporary files and the junk files left by the apps installed , sothe use of boosting and cleaning apps like phone cleaner & fastoptimizer became a necessity in order to optimize and speed up yourphone.this is a light weight utility, it will help you restore yoursmartphone speed and performance and it's totally free on the storeso download it and go speed up your phone , here is quick look atsome of it's main features :- One Click System Optimizer :with a simple click on the boost button , all unnecessary runningapps and services are closed in order to free the used Ram Memoryand save the battery power.- Junk files cleaner :this phone cleaner and optimizer is a very fast cleaner app, thisfeature scans , analyzes and detects all the junk files on yourdevice, these files are totally unnecessary and make the phone ortablet slower , so our utility app deletes these files and cleanyour mobile so it deserves to be described as a fast cleaner app.Free up your storage space & optimize your phone for betterperformance !- Memory Cleaner :when it comes to ram memory cleanup our app is a clean master, Thisphone memory cleaner feature is so useful and important , use it toknow the apps running in the backgrounds which can cause your phoneor tablet to run slower , so with this memory ram cleaner optionyou can get rid of these apps and clean ram memory.- Apps Manager :another useful feature that our mobile cleaner and optimizer offers, it gives you a complete control over the applications installedon your cellphone , uninstall the apps that you never use , and youcan also uninstall multiple applications at once to save the timeand the hassle.- Battery Saver :our utility has a built-in battery saver that gives you multipleand different option to save your battery power and make it lastlonger.
Doctor Power Battery Saver 2.0
Doctor Battery Saver is an easy, real battery saver app that givesyou lots of power saving features and options to manage and savethe battery life of your smartphone or android tablet and getbetter battery stats plus show battery percentage on status bar,it's a free battery saving app that helps your phone power lastlonger, this is an all in one battery doctor app : a power batterysaver and also gives better battery stats display, in other wordsthis is a real battery saver app.The main features of Doctor Powerbattery saver :- Turn On/Off the Wifi- Turn On/Off the Mobile Data-Switch On/Off the bluetooth- Switch On/Off the GPS- Turn On/Off theAirplane Mode- Management of the brightness of the device-Management of the screen timeout of the device- Notification whenyour device battery goes down- Better battery Status & SwitcherWidgets (Different styles of widgets that allow you to turn ON theapp with single tap. Easy and Faster to use)Download and installDr. Power battery saver and check battery health, we can gladly saythat this is the best ultra power battery saver for android, a realbattery saver that offers advanced power saver features and batteryhealth check in order to give you total control over your phonebattery and also get new & better battery stats.Every mobilebattery optimizer that claims to be the real battery saver forandroid must have certain power saver app features, the samefeatures that our power saving app offers : Better Battery Stats& Details:- Current in mAH- Battery Health Condition- Thetemperature in Celsius- The Voltage in mV- Type of Technology used-Plugged via USB or wall mount charger- Battery Status (Charging ornot charging)Optimize Device :- Manual Power saving mode manager-Saver Recommendations (Optimize & Memory consumptionapps)Battery Saver App Settings:- battery icon circle in status barthat shows charging Percentage : show battery percentage on statusbar- Start App on ChargingAdvanced Power Saving Modes :1. SavingMode: (recommended when reaching low battery levels)- Brightnessset to 10%- Turn On/Off Wifi- Stand By time set to 15 seconds2.Sleep Mode : (recommended when the phone is idle)- Brightness setto 10y%- Turn Off Calls & SMS and turn ON the Flight Mode-Vibrations Off- Sound Off and mute the device.3. Custom Mode:Easily customize & edit all the modes depending on your usageto save Battery as much as you need.Download this free androiddoctor battery saver and let it run a battery condition check usingit's integrated battery cell health checker, this is one of thebest battery optimizer for android and a perfect battery saverapplication, and also the best battery saver app for androidtablets thanks to it's ultra power saving mode manager.
HD Screen Recorder with audio 2.0.0
HD Screen Recorder with audio is a free phone screen recording appthe allows you to record your screen in HD quality video with clearsound. With HD screen recorder no root is required, it means itworks without root unlike the other screen recording apps thatrequire a rooted device.The Full HD screen recorder pro is suitableto all kinds of video screen capture, it can be used as a gamescreen recorder also known as game recorder where the gamers recordscreen activity of the game they are playing and then share it onyour video channel or any other websites, it's one of the best gamerecorders for android, it has tons of features and a simple &user friendly interface, this is a perfect game recorder app use itto record games and display your gaming skills in the best waypossible.You can use this no root screen recorder to make amazingtutorials using your android phone or tablet, yes it's also atablet screen recorder, and the good thing is that you can recordaudio with your own voice and you can also record your voice withandroid audio recording device at the same time.How to Use HDScreen Recorder with audio ?Just launch the free screen recordingapp and press the screen capture video icon placed in the righthand bottom corner, the app comes with lots of options in order togive you an easy & great recording experience, you can choosebetween multiple screen recording resolutions, and you can alsocontrol the frame rate and the bit rate just so that you get a highquality ( HD ) video screen capture that can be set as profilevideo on social networks.In order to make it the best screenrecorder app we focused on simple features that everyone is lookingfor when downloading a video screen recorder for android.Mainfeatures of HD Video Screen Recorder Pro with audio :- No RootRequired : use this screen recorder without root.- Totally Free :start using this free screen recorder without paying anything.-Audio / Sound : unlike many other apps you can capture the soundand audio alongside with the video.- Resolution : Save video screencapture with different resolutions- FPS : capture phone screendisplay in high fps.- shake to stop recording screen- front camera( facecam ) & back camera : display your front and back camerafeed while recording- Text Watermark : show a piece of text on thescreen while the screen capture is running So if you want to recordyour screen you can download our screen recorder pro app for freeand benefit from all the premium options without paying anything.
Battery Saver : Black Power 3.0
Battery Saver Black Power is an easy, real battery saver app thatgives you lots of ultra power saving features and battery savingoptions to manage and save the battery life of your smartphone orandroid tablet and get better battery stats plus show batterypercentage on status bar, it's a free battery saving app that helpsyour phone battery power last longer, this is an all in one androidbattery doctor app : a power battery saver that also gives betterbattery stats display, in other words this is a real battery saverapp.with one click battery optimization Black Power Saver will killall apps running in the background that consumes battery power suchas wifi, mobile data ... this will not only improve the speed ofcharging, but also enhance your battery life and also reduce thephone and battery temperature.The main features of battery saverblack power :- Turn On/Off the Wifi- Turn On/Off the Mobile Data-easy battery saver for android : easy and simple user interface-Switch On/Off the bluetooth- Switch On/Off the GPS- Turn On/Off theAirplane Mode- Real Battery optimizer for android- Management ofthe brightness of the device- choose teh battery saving mode thatyou like- Battery health checker- Management of the screen timeoutof the device- Notification when your device battery goes down-enable battery percentage on status bar easily- Better batteryStatus & Switcher Widgets (Different styles of widgets thatallow you to turn ON the app with single tap. Easy and Faster touse)Download and install Black Power Battery Saver and checkbattery health, we can gladly say that this is the best ultra powerbattery saver for android, a real power saver that offers advancedpower saving features and battery health check in order to give youtotal control over your phone battery and also get new & betterbattery stats.Every mobile battery optimizer that claims to be thebest battery saver for android must have certain features, the samefeatures that our Doctor power app offers : Better Battery Stats& Details:- Current in mAH- Battery Health Condition Check- Thephone temperature in Celsius- The Voltage in mV- Type of Technologyused- Plugged via USB or wall mount charger- Battery Status(Charging or not charging)Optimize Device :- Manual Power savingmode manager- Saver Recommendations (Optimize & Memoryconsumption apps)Battery App Settings:- battery icon circle instatus bar that shows charging Percentage : show battery percentageon status bar- Start App on Chargingultra Power Saving Modes :1.Saving Mode: (this power saving mode is recommended when reachinglow battery levels)- Brightness set to 10%- Turn On/Off Wifi- StandBy time set to 15 seconds2. Sleep Mode : (this power saving mode isrecommended when the phone is idle)- Brightness set to 10y%- TurnOff Calls & SMS and turn ON the Flight Mode- Vibrations Off-Sound Off and mute the device.3. Custom Mode :Easily customize& edit all the saving modes depending on your usage to savepower as much as you need.Download this free android doctor batterysaver and let it run a battery condition check using it'sintegrated battery cell health checker, this is one of the bestbattery optimizer for android and a perfect battery saverapplication, and also the best battery saver app for androidtablets thanks to it's ultra power saving mode manager.
Mr. Dean Monster Car racing 1
Mr. Dean Monster Car Racing is a free where you play as Bean and aMonster car hill racer game that offers unlimited fun andadventure, One of the most addictive and entertaining car drivinggames ever made! And it's free .Meet Mr Dean, the young brother ofbean the aspiring uphill speed racer, and join him in his journeyto be the hill speed racer champion, Face the challenges of thisunique hill climbing and racing with many different cars , use theearned coins to buy new and different cars, the game is so simpleto play yet hard to master, go as fast as possible before you runout of fuel, but remember speed is not everything you need to beaware of your surroundings try not to crash Mr Dean's car againstthe obstacles or the walls , keep an eye on the fuel bonuses , theywill help you continue your car adventure and reach even higherdistances and be the best speed racer in town.Features : - Easy andSimple Gameplay- HD & Colorful Graphics - Car Racing game-Different vehicles & cars - Global Leaderboard and ScoreCome tojoin this this Monster Car mad uphill climb racing game now
Mutant Ninja & Turtles 1.0
Mutant Ninja & Turtles is one of the best new Ninja &turtles games full of action and adventure, this teenage mutantninja & Turtles game is one of the best on the store , you playas a ninja turtle who is a turtle that can you use ninja skills andattacks , he is using 2 katana plus 2 daggers , use the katana inclose ninja combats and the daggers in ranged ninja fights, don'tforget that you have to avoid the obstacles on your way especiallythe spikes, keep an eye on your health bar and try to keep it ashigh as possible , use the bonuses that can be found all over theplace to recover your health and to refill your daggers.How To PlayMutant Ninja & Turtles games :- use the arrows to move forwardand backward- use the jump button to jump you can also tap it twiceto make the ninja or turtles jump twice in the air, or to makemultiple jumps on the walls- press the katana button to use theninja or turtles katana in order to get rid of close monsters-press the dagger / kunai button to use the ninja or turtles rangedattack and kill enemies from distanceMain Features of Mutant Ninja& Turtles games :- 100% Free Ninja Game- 4 Different Worlds-Multiple Levels with boss fights- Ninja or Turtles Adventure Game-Addictive and fun to playMutant Ninja & Turtles game is notjust for kids, this game is for everyone who loves Ninja or Turtlesgames. This is a fantasy game of a Teenage mutant Ninja and Turtlewho is very strong and making his way through the shadows of thisworld by killing his enemies and those evil monsters trying to stophim from becoming the strongest Teenage mutant ninja.
Shinobi War Ultimate Ninja 1.0
Shinobi war Ultimate Ninja Heroes is a new free ninja adventuregame , a run, jump and attack ninja game, This is the ultimateninja heroes game and one of the best kakashi games, it can beconsidered as a ninja jumping game and also a ninja running gamewhere the ninja run and jump just like all ninja run games and youcan use your katana or kunai to kill the enemy monsters, but unlikethe other kakashi games and free ninja run games, this one is superaddictive shinobi arcade game, and it has some high qualitygraphics with a good looking and strong shinobi that is differentfrom the other one, this one can't use rasengan , byakugan or theuchiha sharingan or any other ninjutsu, the goal of the ShinobiNinja fight game is to keep running and jumping in order to avoidthe obstacles and barriers, and don't forget to collect theforbidden scrolls so that you get higher score, try to stay on theavoid the obstacles, kill the little monsters use your ninja fightskills and weapons on your way to get rid of your enemies, you havea katana sword that can be used in melee attacks and you have alsoa kunai that can be thrown to make damage from distance & don'tforget that you can double click the jump button to make a higherjump.In this ultimate ninja game where you Play as an the ultimateninja heroes, you have to be one of the ninja storm heroes bykilling every assassin on your way, and starting the ultimate ninjastorm on your way Shinobi ninja run is totally different than theother shinobi games.the game has 4 Worlds and a great number oflevels, each has different enemies and bosses, the game is so funit is suitable for all ages and genders since everyone love ninjasand ninja games.Main Features of Shinobi War Ultimate Ninja Heroes:* High Quality Graphics* Fast running Ninja* 4 Worlds withdifferent monsters* a great number of levels* Boss Fight at the endof each world* 100% Free to play* True ninja experience* Power-ups,utilities and more boosts* Tons of missions and levels* Fast paceand simple controlThis is a New Ninja Run and Jump Adventure Game,a shinobi war game unlike the other shinobi war games, live theexperience of playing with shinobi ninja heroes in this awesome andsupper addictive game. It leads you to a ninja world where you arethe ultimate hero.As a Ninja in this shinobi arcade game you needjump up and down to get through different barriers, fight your wayagainst the enemy using your katana and kunais.
Scream Go Ninja Eighth Note 1.0
Scream Go Ninja Eighth Note is a scream voice app ( scream game )that is played using your voice and scream, all you have to do isscream to go and make the Ninja eighth note move or jump, thelouder the voice the longer is the jump, Scream Go Ninja 8 Note istrending game and one of the best voice games ever, this scream goNinja game is so simple all you have to do is run and jump but whatmakes it hard is that you control the Ninja eight note using yourvoice which means you have to make a soft voice if you want to goor just move and you have to scream to jump, you need to screamlouder if you want to make a longer jump .How to Play Scream GoNinja Eighth Note ( 8 Note )- First of all Download and installscream go Ninja for FREE- the scream game will ask for certainpermission ( Microphone to be precise )- and then when the screamvoice game launches tap anywhere to start playing this voicegameDon't forget to share the scream go Ninja game with yourfriends and challenge them to beat your scores in this scream voiceapp, the game is quite challenging and the fun is guaranteed sodon't stop the eighth note keep it going and have fun.