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Handy Weight Loss Tracker, BMI 1.6.6
Easy Creation
Tired of huge apps with tens of useless functions? So we are! Thisapp lets you track your body weight and your BMI. Period. Enjoyminimal and handy interface! Features: • Enter your body weighteasily to the weight diary with a handy numberpicker • Track yourBMI just by specifing your height in profile • Backup the data ofyour body weight recorder to SD-card and transfer it to your newsmartphone • Choose how to display your progress - as a graph or atable • Add a comment for weighing Now you will always have yourbody weight and BMI diary on hand. Any time you may check yourprogress in weight loss that will motivate you for future success.Weight loss is a long term undertaking. For maximum sustainableresult in your body weight loss you should lose not more than 1kilo a week. So you definitely need a good body weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) diary to track you progress. Knowing you BMI is apretty useful thing during weight loss process. With your BMI youknow exactly how healthy your body weight is. Your new Weight andBMI tracker holds your progress in the most efficient way – as adiary and a graphic. Any time you may see all your weight lossprogress. Observing you results is the best motivation for furtherweight loss! Just step on the scale every day, put your body weightinto the app and watch your weight going down and your BMI movingtowards healthy value.
Water Drink Reminder 1.2.16
Easy Creation
Our body is 70% water. Water is vitall if we want to be healthy andfit. Water is involved in all body processes, that’s why it is soimportant to keep water balance in sight. Every day we lose around2.5 liters water – the amount that needs to be to restore waterbalance of the body. If you don’t have a good habit to drink enoughwater you may suffer from headaches, fatigue, lack of energy andeven more serious consequences up to stroke and heart attack. Waterwill give you great benefits: • Rises energy level • Fastensmetabolism • Reliefs fatigue • Lowers stress influence • Detox ourbodies from toxins • Helps us to lose and maintain weight • Helpsto cope with headaches and digestive issues • Our body starts tofunction properly It is extremely important to drink water and tomaintain water balance in the body. Ana a handy App will help youon this path. Functions of Water Tracker: • Easy personalizedcalculation of the amount of water your body needs • Reminders thatwill prevent you from forgetting to drink your water • Simple,intuitive and stylish interface With assistance of Water Trackeryou will easily get a healthy habit to drink enough water. Drinkyour water and be fit and healthy!
Color It: coloring book 1.3
Easy Creation
Color It is a coloring book, which we made with a love forhigh-quality, beautiful pictures and rich, inspiring palettes.Maximum picture quality - you will not see horrible squares whenmagnified. The collection of pictures is constantly updated. Shareyour work and get likes from your followers on Instagram, Pinterestand other social networks. Allow yourself to relax, experiencechildish joy and delight, immersed in the fabulous world ofcoloring. Coloring books help adults get rid of stress and feelbetter, try it now! This is a great way to relax and have fun!Enjoy this color therapy for free now! Features: - Coloringanimals, patterns, mandalas, cats, characters, landscapes and evenunicorns; - Paint and repaint as many times as you want - Easycontrol! Touch the screen to color the area. Zoom with two fingers- Experiment with beautiful palettes - Apply awesome filters andeffects to finished work - Send your work to friends andacquaintances - Works without access to the Internet