Easy Solutions Apps

USB Detective 1.1
This application is allowing you to check ifyour USB port works properly in accessory and host mode. Afterconnection, it displays the device name and relatedinformations.If your USB stick or 3G modem are not recognized, you can use thisapplication to check what is the root cause of the problems and howto fix device.You can figure out if the connected USB devices are recognized bythe system and see what are the device identificators, interfacesand endpoints.
eZ Note 1.0
Simple and user friendly App where youcanstore your notes.Easy interface without complicated functions allows youtocreate, edit and delete notes without dozens of clicks.All what you need to feel better and less worry that youwillforget about important things.You will never loose your notes when your device will be resettofactory settings or updated. It is enough to reinstall app andallyour notes will back. The notes are stored on SD card.Choose between colour themes that will fit to your device:- Default- Xperia style- Hello kitty style- Violet flower style- Black & White...more coming soon...If you have any ideas about new colour theme just sende-mail,you will see your theme soon.Tags: Notepad, Easy Note, Notes, Note pad, memo