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Nonogram - Picture cross puzzle 1.2.8
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Discover an amazing sudoku world of 1000+ Nonogram puzzles! Solve alogic number puzzle to uncover a hidden picture of pixel art. Cleanyou mind & train your brain. Start playing our picture crosssudoku puzzles at an easy level, and become a real Nonogram master!Download & Challenge! Nonogram is a picture cross sudokupuzzle, you just need to follow the basic rules and logic to revealthe hidden picture. Squares on the board must be colored by numberor left blank. Numbers show how many squares to color. The numbersabove the column are read from top-to-bottom. Numbers to the leftof the rows are read from left-to-right. According to the numbers,color a square or mark it with an X. Nonogram is also known asPicture Cross, Japanese Sudoku, Hanjie, Picross or Griddlers.Nonogram is a kind of picture number puzzle such as Sudoku, it’s agreat exercise for your brain! There are 1000+ nonogram puzzles,and new puzzles added every day. Solve the logic number puzzles andtrain your brain NOW! You only need to follow two steps to getstart: 1-Look at the numbers at the ends of the rows and columns;2-Use logic to fill the blocks and discover the hidden picture!Griddlers will help you to have a good time no matter wherever youare! Griddlers are suitable for almost everyone. Pass thetime-solving picture cross sudoku puzzles and play nonogram puzzleseveryday. Perhaps solving nonogram puzzles will turn into a goodhabit over time. Our quick in-game tutorial will have you solvingpicture cross challenge puzzles like a genius of sudoku - likepuzzle games in no time!■ 5 difficulty modes for the challenge.Choose the Griddlers game difficulty level that is the bestfor you.■ Massive themed puzzles await you to complete.Don’t forget to receive your Achievement rewards.■ Relieve stress with relaxing BGM. Gentlemusic calms you down.■ Discover new puzzles at your own pace.Unlock more and more new world Privacy Policy -https://nonogram.ttzgame.com/PrivacyPolicy.html Terms of Use -https://nonogram.ttzgame.com/terms-use.html Train your brain withnonogram number puzzles!Download free and start your adventure of Nonogram Puzzles. Challenge yourself with picture cross puzzles!
Word Games Master - Crossword 3.1.1
EasyFun Game
If you’re looking for an addictive word games with offlinemode& unlimited free hints, This is one of best word puzzlegamesfor you. Just Crossword, be a Word Search Master now! Swipelettersand find as many words as possible. Discover all words andenjoythe fun of Word Search and excitement of crossword! With tonsofunique levels, you’ll enjoy the challenge of testingyourvocabulary while earning tons of coins! Get stuck? Don’tworry,unlimited free hints in word games for word search.. NoWi-Fi?Don’t worry, you can play Word Games offline anytime,anywhere!Afraid to lose in the fun word games? Don’t worry, with notimelimits, you can play word puzzle Games at your own pace!FEATURES •Easy and addictive free word games! Swipe your letters,crosswordto word search. • Thousands of levels with tons of wordsearchawait you in Word Games • Unlimited free hints, watchrewardedvideos for free hints to crossword • With no timelimits,crossword, discover new words at your own pace • Simpleandcolorful graphics will bring you a highly enjoyable wordpuzzlegame experience • No internet connection needed! Play wordpuzzlegames anytime, anywhere you want • Supported on both phoneandtablet Privacy Policy -http://adwm.mobi-games.cc/privacy.htmlTermsof Use - http://adwm.mobi-games.cc/useragreement.html CONTACTUShttps://www.facebook.com/Word-Connect-Word-Pet-121185152004782/Thankyou for playing Word Games! We update word puzzle gamesregularly,stay tuned. Please rate us 5 stars if you like our wordgames, we’reglad to hear any feedback/suggestion/request from you.
Solitaire - Classic Solitaire Card Games 1.3.0
EasyFun Game
Solitaire by Easy Fun Game is a classic Solitaire game for free!Solitaire is the most popular and famous single player card gamearound the world. You can train your brain with our free classicSolitaire everyday. You will love this well designed classicSolitaire game. Download now to experience the excellent classicSolitaire game with crisp and easy to read cards, simple and quickanimations, and subtle sounds. Our classic Solitaire game willprovide you marvelous Solitaire experience! Solitaire card games isalso known as Patience in Britain. It is probable that Solitairecard game are born with the card games. The word solitaire is fromFrench which means patience. The goal of solitaire games is tocreate four piles of solitaire cards. Features of the Solitaire byEasy Fun Game: ♠ Crisp and easy to read cards, and you will feelmuch comfortable when playing our classic Solitaire game! ♥ Newappearances and backgrounds updated all the time, and you willnever get tired with our well designed classic Solitaire game! ♣Simple and quick animations,and you can move cards with just asingle tap or drag them to their destination! ♦️ Hints can provideyou help when you can’t find the next step! ♠ Auto-Solve functioncan fast finish a game when you finish a Solitaire challenge, andit will be easier to start a new Solitaire challenge! ♥ Left handmode and right hand mode will provide you convenience and morechoice to play our classic Solitaire game! ♣ Daily challenge makesit possible to train your brain everyday with classic Solitairegame! ♦️ Play online or take the challenge offline. You don’t needWIFI to play the classic Solitaire game. You can take the challengeanytime and anywhere for free!Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/SolitaireCardGamesClassic/
Jigsaw Puzzle - Pixel puzzle game 1.5.8
EasyFun Game
This is an awesome Home Design Game. You can adopt a pet dog, dress up it, design pet homeand play puzzle game with pixel art. We have plenty of houses for you to design and decorate!House Styles like American style, Mediterranean style, Japanese style. Many free stylesandfurniture combinations await you in-game! Game features:* House Design: Open-ended addictive puzzle game play. Various styles at your disposal!Makeover and restore your houses all by yourself! You can design various home styles anddecorate everything on your device by your fingertips!  * Exciting Puzzle Game Levels: Hundreds of challenging levels with awesome pixel art. Tons ofunique levels is waiting for you. Challenge! * DIY Puzzle Game: You can draw a cute picture with pixel art as you like. Many hot puzzles arecreated by users. Try it now! May be you are an excellent artist.*Pet Dress Up: adopt your pet, give it a special name. Dress up your pet with a variety ofdecorative outfits, such as hats, bow ties, necklaces, sunglasses, etc.* Excellent Pixel ArtStunning Graphics, Excellent Soothing sounds and gorgeous visual effects.* Interesting Storyline: All kinds of funny stories are waiting for you. Enjoy exciting adventurewhile designing your dream homes!* Easy to Play.Enjoy this home design game anywhere, no WiFi needed.Support various devices. (Phones and Tablets), enjoy pet home design across devices withoutbarriers.We have plenty of houses for you to design and decorate! It's time to show your talent forhome-design! Check it now!PrivacyPolicy:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eBV2mb-9UQd3CUTg0GUww2FGoAxniN3omd6VPPtyDsE/edit?usp=sharingTermsofUse:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TpardEGwQ1JLppF9g6VpZHNgvtkz-cE5PJj-eTrDmZo/edit?usp=sharingContactus: Brick ValleyCommunity:https://www.facebook.com/groups/334828550624755Email:litefreeteam@gmail.com
Bricks Breaker - Ball Crusher 1.3.7
EasyFun Game
Bricks balls is a simple and relaxing game to kill time bylaunchingballs. Bricks Balls-Bricks Balls, a classic and excitingcasualgame, which can relax your mind and kill time. You can getsomestrategy fun as well because there are some challenges. Allyou needto do is swiping and launching the balls to break bricks.Break asmore bricks as possible to get higher scores and pass thelevels,unlock new types of balls!. Break the bricks and never letthem hitthe bottom. There are lots of props to help you out if youget introuble. Game Features: 🧱Free to play. 🧱Simple and accuratecontrol.🧱New levels launches every week. 🧱Wonderful graphics.🧱Designed forone handheld gameplay. 🧱Various types of balls andbricks. There islots of fun playing bricks balls game. Find thebest position andangle, you can break all bricks for just oneshot. Enjoy breakingbricks with your friends and family. Try itnow!Facebook:https://business.facebook.com/Bricks-Breaker-105788967520198/