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Drum Pad Machine - Make Beats 1.5.247
Drum Pad Machine is the best beats music mixer. Create your ownmusic with the dj app in few clicks. Use your imagination todiscover a new world of hip-hop tracks by beatbox maker. What canyou do with dj mixer: ✔ Make music on device; ✔ Compose tracks; ✔Record sounds by beats maker; ✔ Share music with the world. Howdoes drumpad machine work? First, you will see colorful field withvarious buttons. Each new sector is a new sound for creating music.Buttons of the same color play similar sounds. Try our music appand create your own hits! You can use many sound packs for makingmusic beats. Choose individual theme for beats music. All samplesand sounds are developed for you by professional musicians.Beatboxing is easy and interesting even for freshmen. Availablestyles of music & beats: ‣ Trap ‣ Dubstep ‣ EDM ‣ House ‣ Drum& Bass ‣ Hip-Hop ‣ Electro ‣ Future Bass Drum Pad Machine is ahandy creating music mixer app for playing in real time, as well asfor creating and playing loops. That rapper soundboard app is apowerful, easy-to-use tool to get the best music experience: - getprofessional music samples; - try loops creation with a sequencer;- change tempo and create sounds via beatbox recorder; - recordyour own tracks and share recordings; - get tips and tricks bywatching video and tutorials. Drum Pad Machine is a real piece ofmusic production. Make sick beats and create music in a matter ofminutes with drum pads! Drop the beat!
Sudoku.com 1.3.6
Sudoku for beginners and advanced players. Whether you'd like torelax or keep mind active – pass your free time in a pleasant way!Get a small stimulating break or clear your head with sudoku. Takeyour favorite app with you wherever you go. Playing Sudoku onmobile is as good as with a real pencil and paper. Choose any levelyou like. Play easier levels to exercise your brain, logicalthinking and memory, or try hard levels to give your mind a realworkout. Our classic puzzle game has some features that make sudokueasier for you: hints, auto-check, and duplicates highlight. Youcan use them or complete the challenge without help – it's up toyou! What's more, in our app each puzzle has one solution. You willfind all you need whether you are playing your first sudoku, oryou've progressed to expert difficulty. Features ✓ Complete DailyChallenges and get unique trophies ✓ Challenge yourself figuringout your mistakes, or enable Auto-Check to see your mistakes as yougo ✓ Turn on Pencil mode to make notes as on paper. Each time youfill in a cell, notes are automatically updated! ✓ Highlightduplicates to avoid repeating numbers in a row, column and block ✓Hints can guide you through the points when you are stuck Morefeatures - Statistics. Track your progress for each difficultylevel: analyze your best time and other achievements - UnlimitedUndos. Made a mistake? Just put it back quickly! - Auto-save. Ifyou leave a sudoku unfinished it will be saved. Continue playinganytime - Highlighting of a row, column and box related to theselected cell - Eraser. Get rid of all mistakes Highlights • Morethan 5,000 well-formed puzzles • 9x9 grid • 4 perfectly balancedlevels of difficulty: easy, medium, hard, and expert • Support bothphones and tablets • Portrait and landscape mode for tablets •Simple and intuitive design Challenge your brain anywhere, anytime!
Pixel Art: Color by Number 4.2.0
Blow your stress away coloring by number! Discover tons of FREE 2Dand 3D artworks or create your own pixel art. Color by number.Relax. Enjoy! Features: • So many artworks to choose from. Color bynumber Mandalas, Flowers, Sweets, and other coloring pages fromeasy to very detailed; • Fresh new pictures every day. Get dailynew coloring pages; • 3D artworks. Get extremely fun andentertaining coloring experience by painting by numbers 3D objects;• Pixel Art Camera. Take selfies or use your photos to turn theminto pixel art! • Coloring by number tools. Use Magic Wand to paintcells of the same color and drop Color Splash to paint areasColoring has never been easier! No stress of picking up colors.Just relax and color by number!
Pixel Art: Create by Number 1.3
Discover unique gameplay of the brand new Pixel Art. Features: •Unique gameplay. Color one pixel to see next steps and createamazing artworks; • Great variety of 2D and 3D pics. Color bynumber Animals, Birds, Flowers, Places, Food and other coloringpages from easy to very detailed; • Tons of colorful pictures.Explore daily updated collection of new images for you to create; •Awesome boosters for 2D and 3D coloring. Use Color Splash to createmultiple neighboring cells or Magic Wand to spawn neighboring cellsof one number; • Quick sharing. Share your timelapse video withfriends on social networks or email in just one tap. Create bynumber - make your time fly! Pixel Art Premium is a paidauto-renewable subscription that allows you to unlock everything,access daily updates and remove ads. Weekly subscription with 3-dayfree trial period is $5.49 or equivalent to the amount in yourlocal currency. End of free trial and subscription renewal When thetrial period ends, Google Play automatically charges your accountat the amount set for the weekly subscription, and the chargescontinue according to the subscription interval. You may cancel thefree trial at any time; at the end of the trial period thesubscription expires, and Google Play doesn’t charge your account.Subscription cancellation You may cancel the subscription at anytime. You can view the subscriptions and cancel them from the MyApps screen in the Play Store app or from the app's product detailspage in the Play Store app. For more information please visit thelink https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481. If youcancel subscription during a billing cycle, Google Play doesn’toffer a refund; instead it allows you to enjoy its benefits untilthe end of the current billing cycle. The cancellation comes intoeffect after the current billing period has passed. Appuninstallation If you decide to uninstall the app after purchasinga subscription, the Play Store app will remind you that you have anactive subscription. If you still decide to uninstall the app, thesubscription remains active and recurring billing continues. Youcan return to cancel associated subscriptions at any time in the Myapps screen of the Play store app. If you choose to cancel theuninstallation, the app and subscriptions remain as they were.EULA: https://easybrain.com/terms.html Privacy Policy:https://easybrain.com/policy.html
Chamy - Color by Number 1.2
Color by number with Chamy - a brand new app from the makersofPixel Art. Enjoy the harmony of coloring! Choose from a varietyofbright coloring pages for adults and paint by numbers to bringthemto life! Bright coloring puzzles will help to relieve stressandboost your mood in a short time! Features: • Great varietyofamazing artworks: Mandalas, Animals, Birds, Flowers, Places,Foodand many others; • Easy to paint. Try intuitive design andsmoothperformance of Chamy; • Tons of stunning pictures tocreate.Explore daily updated art collection • Quick sharing. Shareyourworks with friends on social networks or email in just onetap.Color by number - find your Zen! Chamy Premium is apaidauto-renewable subscription that allows you to unlockeverything,access daily updates and remove ads. Weekly subscriptionwith 3-dayfree trial period is $4.99, monthly $9.99, and annually$29.99 orequivalent to the amount in your local currency. End offree trialand subscription renewal When the trial period ends,Google Playautomatically charges your account at the amount set forthe weeklysubscription, and the charges continue according tothesubscription interval. You may cancel the free trial at anytime;at the end of the trial period the subscription expires, andGooglePlay doesn’t charge your account. Subscription cancellationYou maycancel the subscription at any time. You can view thesubscriptionsand cancel them from the My Apps screen in the PlayStore app orfrom the app's product details page in the Play Storeapp. For moreinformation please visit thelinkhttps://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481. If youcancelsubscription during a billing cycle, Google Play doesn’toffer arefund; instead it allows you to enjoy its benefits untilthe endof the current billing cycle. The cancellation comes intoeffectafter the current billing period has passed. Appuninstallation Ifyou decide to uninstall the app after purchasing asubscription,the Play Store app will remind you that you have anactivesubscription. If you still decide to uninstall the app,thesubscription remains active and recurring billing continues.Youcan return to cancel associated subscriptions at any time in theMyapps screen of the Play store app. If you choose to canceltheuninstallation, the app and subscriptions remain as theywere.EULA: https://easybrain.com/terms.html PrivacyPolicy:https://easybrain.com/policy.html