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Edison Assistant 3.9.3
Edison Assistant (formerly EasilyDo Smart Assistant) is an awardwinning assistant that organizes your work and personal life. Lesswork, less worry, and more time for you.What this thoughtfulvirtual assistant does: Merges duplicate contacts, checks trafficso you know when to leave for a meeting, identifies email you mayhave forgotten to respond to, reminds you of meetings committed toin email that are not on your calendar, adds flights to calendar& notifies you of delays or cancellations— even TSA securitywait times!All this is done without you lifting a finger.EdisonAssistant streamlines your tasks by connecting to apps &services you care about. Connect and manage your email accounts andcalendars from Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange and IMAP accounts, and otherservices like LinkedIn, Evernote and Facebook. Also supportsvirtually all airlines, hotels, restaurants, shipment providers,& rental car companies.Recommended on NBC’s Today Show by RandiZuckerberg, The Katie Couric Show, and featured by Apple on theiTunes home page! Critically acclaimed by Time, WSJ, New York Times& more.Over 43 automated features:Navigate Your Day• Alertswhen it’s time to go with drive time and parking• Auto-dial in toconference calls and view attendees’ LinkedIn profiles• Driving& public transit times for daily commute • Directions and drivetime to home & work• Weather forecast for home or travel• Enterto-dosTravel Stress-free• Access boarding passes• Get flight status(delays, cancellations, gate changes)• Add itineraries to calendar•View confirmations for hotels, car rentals, restaurants(OpenTable), movies (Fandango), and events (Eventbrite, Meetup,Ticketmaster), and add to calendar Get Notified• Track packages•Set reminders for bills• Get bad weather alerts• Be notified ofimportant emails• Respond to actionable emails on the go.StayConnected• Schedule personalized birthday greetings with a personalphoto via email or Facebook• RSVP to invitations from Facebook,GCal, and Evite• Catch important and trending updates from Facebookfriends• Congratulate a LinkedIn connection on a new job• View topphotos of the day and pics you're tagged in from Instagram andFacebook, plus trending photos.• Add Facebook profile pics to yourcontactsGet Organized• Find contact info from an email to updateContacts, Salesforce, and/or Evernote & connect on LinkedIn•Remove outdated emails from Contacts• Merge duplicate contacts •Create calendar events automatically for meetings you've agreed toover email• File receipts• Backup emails & attachments toDropbox, Evernote or Box• Clean out deals & old calendarreminders• Sync your Facebook profile pic to Twitter• Preview emailattachmentsRecurring Premium Services: • Merge duplicate contactsremoves all the duplicate entries from a contacts list at once •Discovers info for new and existing contacts from emails and syncsautomatically • Store a backup of your entire device's Contactslist • Real-time email discovery for all email related tasks • Addup to 5 alerts for ‘Important Email’ Alerts • Auto-forward receiptsfor expense management • Save 10% on gift cards for your friends’birthdays (iOS only)• Receive fast travel notifications for delays,cancellations, & gate changes • Executive level support for anyquestion Recurring Business Services:• Get all the benefits ofPremium plus,• Add contacts from email and Evernote Business CardScanner to any Salesforce object• Log emails and meeting notes toSalesforce• Touch ID and MobileIron integration for security•Centralized administration & phone support• Add Evernote Notes,transcribed audio notes, and attachments to related Salesforceobjects• Smart reminders to update OpportunitiesOne-time purchase:Catch All Contacts! This feature will scan your email history andfind contact information you've missed over the last 1 or 5years.Your data is always yours and always protected.
Email -Fast & Secure mail for Gmail Outlook & more 1.7.1
Google Play Store 2017 Android Excellence Program Winner TheVerge -“The fastest email app around...” Android Authority - “…usefulfeatures...great user interface…” TechCrunch- “…like you’ve giventhe mail app an upgrade…” CNET- “…imposes order on an unrulyinbox…” Email by Edison (formerly Email by EasilyDo) is a brandnew, elegantly designed, universal mail app to manage unlimitedmail accounts from different providers including Gmail, Yahoo Mail,AOL Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, Exchange, IMAP, Alto, iCloud and more.Engineered from the ground up, offering unparalleled speed and anintelligent assistant built-in to keep lifestyle essentials likeshopping, expenses, travel, and subscriptions organized. Email isthe ideal inbox replacement for your stock email app. With aseamless unified accounts experience delivered in an intuitivedesign for ultimate ease of use, Email by Edison makes mail the wayit should be. Email is 100% free to use--no hidden fees or plans tocharge you later. ALL YOUR EMAIL INBOX IN ONE PLACE MULTIPLEPROVIDERS - Create a unified mailbox with all providers. SupportsGmail, Yahoo Mail, Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Hotmail, AOL,iCloud and IMAP mail accounts. Sync multiple mailboxes from allyour providers in a Unified Interface Supports Material Design& Lollipop FASTER & SMARTER MAIL LIGHTNING FAST! - No morewaiting for messages to load, this is the FASTEST email appavailable for Android. BUILT-IN INTELLIGENT ASSISTANT - View keyinfo including Attachments, Bills & Receipts, and Entertainmentacross your inboxes at-a-glance by category, without opening orsearching email. UNSUBSCRIBE FROM JUNK - Manage all of your emailsubscriptions in one place, tap to unsubscribe or star favorites.REAL-TIME TRAVEL NOTIFICATIONS - No more checking to see if aflight has a gate change or delay, Email proactively notifies youfaster than the airlines. Flights, hotels, and more in one place.PACKAGE TRACKING WITH PROACTIVE NOTIFICATIONS - No more searchingemail to find package tracking codes! Check the status of all yourpackages in one folder. PERSONALIZE NOTIFICATIONS - Customize yourmailbox Sounds and Vibration settings. SAVE TIME IN YOUR INBOXSEARCH BUILT FOR MOBILE MAIL - A full search engine on your phone.Fastest search of all folders by contact or keywords in an emailapp, even for super large accounts. UNDO SEND, DELETE, AND OTHEREMAIL ACTIONS - No regrets. Take email back even after it’s sent.ANDROID NOUGAT - Message grouping and quick reply fromnotifications. Access to launcher shortcuts for searching allinboxes or drafting a new message. ANDROID WEAR - Reply with voiceand receive notifications from your watch. CONFIGURABLE MENUS –Customize your swipe menu and email view actions. UNREAD MAILACROSS ACCOUNTS - Easily reference everything waiting to be read.MAXIMUM INBOX EFFICIENCY - Our extensive memory and battery testsensure Email is always running smooth. SIMPLE INBOX DESIGN DESIGNTHAT SIMPLY WORKS - No need to learn email all over again. APP ICONUNREAD BADGE – Count new emails in your inbox directly from yourhome screen. QUICKLY MANAGE ALL YOUR INBOXES - Reply to all youremail accounts from one simple inbox. Email supports Gmail, YahooMail, AOL Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, Exchange, IMAP, Alto, iCloud andmore! PRIVATE AND SECURE READ RECEIPT BLOCK - Preserve privacy byblocking read receipts from being sent back. Created by anartificial intelligence company that puts premium AI functionalityinto your mailbox. Please send us your feature requests andfeedback at [email protected] Special thanks to everyone whorates us 5 stars, or leaves kudos! Your support means a lot to ourteam!