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Contra City - Online Shooter (3D FPS) 0.9.9
Are you a fan of shooting games online? Grab the weapon and fightonline with millions of players all over the world in new onlineFPS Contra City. Choose the equipment you like among the variety ofoutfits. You can look like commando, gangster, military, raper,biker and dozens of other characters. Show everyone who is the bossof the city! WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT: • Variety of modern weapons:Katana, Desert Eagle, Kalashnikov AK47, Minigun, Rocket Launcherand Flamethrower. Also hand gun, assault rifles, gatling guns andeven Golden weapons and bullets for real pro players! • Differentoutfits: hats, masks, camouflage. Equipment sets with bonuses.UPGRADES AND CONTRACTS: • Improve your character’s talents in Gymand make him undefeatable. • Upgrade your favourite weapons. • Getnew interesting tasks every day and receive the rewards!COMMUNICATION: • Invite your friends and find the new ones. Competewith your friends and show your skills. • Join a clan or createyour own one. Chat with your clanmates and improve your clantogether. • All your friends and clanmates will see your progressand achievements! MAPS AND MODES: • Fight counter other players indifferent modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag,Control Points, Zombie mode. • Balanced maps of appropriate sizefor different game styles: for snipers and for those who like closecombat shooting. • Exciting Zombie mode: kill all zombies or becomea Zombie boss to infect other players! TOPs AND RATINGS: • Leagues:earn the world ranking among the top shooters and get combatbonuses. • Create your own strike squad and show your force to gainyour place in overall Top. • Lead clan wars to show everyone howskilled your team is. • Each league will give you armor and damagebonuses. Contra City Mobile is: First person shooter with fresh 3Dgraphics Frequent updates and blitz sales Exciting multiplayerNeverending online shooting Play for free all combat modes Morethan 100 types of weapons and equipment Communication andcompetitions among the players all over the world Online shooteroptimized for a comfortable game on the weakest devices
Modern Ops - Gun Games Shooting FPS 6.43
Clash with other players in new mobile 3D FPS game withnever-ending fire and online shooting games action. Modern gun gamein cs style awaits you! ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE Like cool onlineshooter games? Call your fury and jump into the action and enterthe battle strike right now. It’s totally free to play fps games!Use different free fire strategies and tactics in explosive onlinegames on a variety of shooter games maps. MAIN FEATURES √ More than30 modern guns, pistolas and camos. Choose your own online shootinggames tactics for battle: sniper, shotgun, machine gun or assaultrifles √ Up to 10 players in pvp action games √ Join team battlesagainst other players from all over the world to play gun games √Create your own clan and enjoy team game in various locationsplaying in squad √ Use Killstreaks such as drone strike, sentry gunand even rocket launcher to make your army games strategy uniqueone √ Compete in ranked seasons and get promoted to higher leaguesamong other fps shooting games players √ Call for your friends andinteract with other players, complete contracts and quest missions√ Intuitive control and easy interface - swipe, aim and shoot √Perfect optimization √ Regular updates and new cool gun gameelements EXCITING GAMEPLAY Modern Ops Black Squad is competitivefree FPS shooters with easy and intuitive controls, vivid 3Dgraphics and exciting gameplay. Accomplish your duty and play ascounter-terrorists or become brutal and choose bandits. Show yourfire and combat skills in our free multiplayer first person shootergame. FREQUENT PROGRESS Buy different ammo, weapons and upgradethem. Change the look of your weapon skins. Make a frag progress tobe pro in our mobile shooting game. Follow us: Join us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Modern_Ops/ Watch our videos on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtVNQDXXPifEsXpYilxVWcA SUPPORTOnce you have any questions or concerns, please contact ourcustomer service at info@edkongames.com *Important note: Thisapplication requires a persistent internet connection.
Crime Revolt - Online FPS (PvP Shooter) 2.18
Do you like to participate in the epic battle with braveteammates,fight with opponents and make cool new friends all aroundtheworld? Download app with exciting multiplayer and become awarriorin the great world war! The main idea of Crime Revolt gameonlineThis shooter was created special for people, who likeshootinggames just for free. It is a great opportunity to feel likea realsoldier with guns and other arms or like a sniper, who triestoprevent a great boom. Also this multiplayer shooter hasoneimportant feature – every combat, in which you are in, isfromfirst person. What is more, you can play versus gamersworldwide inthe 3D FPS games. There are a lot of different modernarms, usingthem you can fight with bad guys in different ways.Direct yourfury in the right way. Equipment includes differentitems likehats, masks, armor and sets. Benefits Collect coins andexperience,use them to upgrade your stuff in modern way and use itin thebattle to win. Deal with new challenges every day and gettherewards. Extra opportunities: great guns and cool clothing. Trytobecome a soldier number one! Locations Here you have a lotofdifferent maps. We created maps of all sizes for differentfirstperson roles in the game: sniper, spy or participant oftankbattle. Modes Our free online game offers a lot of differentmodesfor gamers such as Team Deathmatch, Battle with Zombies,CapturePoints and Sniper Arena. Send to glory dozens of zombiesininfection mode. Just run and stop zombie crisis! Portableworldwideconnection In our new shooter gamers all around the worldmake newfriends. It is a global network of people who like anaction gamestrategy and saving the world from bad guys. The mainfeatures are:Well-timed updates Advantageous offers First-personactionExcellent 3d-graphic Connection with like-minded people allaroundthe world Chance to show and upgrade the force andcriticalthinking Crime Revolt is portable application. You alwayshave itin your pocket. Download fun FPS now!
Fire Strike Online - Free Shooter FPS 2.48
Play 5v5 quick action matches for 5-7 minutes, upgrade weaponsandequipment, arrange shooters, use tactical grenades and trytosurvive. Learn all the game maps and they will become yourweaponin the world of the game engulfed in protests andcriticalconfrontation of different fractions. [Play to Win, not Payto Win]Join epic PvP battles and become heroes of battlefield.Allshooting game items affecting gameplay, you can get just byplayingthe game. So go get some weapons, gears, and grenades andbang bangbang! [Fight against gun games players from all over theworld inFree to Play FPS game] Lead military operations inChernobyl,Japan, USA, and other virtual war zones. Take part inaction teambattles, plant a bomb, or defuse it. Acquire newweapons, soldiersand armor, try new tactics and install uniqueattachments. [5minutes, 10 players, fast matches and best survivaltactics] -Fastand easy gameplay -Simple controls, just two fingers-Autolock andAutofire or hand controls -Great graphics and effects-Excellentperformance and optimization [Clash squad with Friends upto 5people or 10 players FFA] Get together in online games withyourfriends in a squad of 5 people against other FPS games playerstobe the one who get the apex rating. Play custom online game modeupto 10 people. [4 game modes already available, 4 indevelopment]-Team fight -Free for All (Death Match Survival) -Bombmode(Defuse) -Arms Race (Gun Game) [A wide variety of weaponsandequipment, flexible specialist settings] Choose who to play asafast SMG assassin, Sniper support or Tank machine gunner.Bewhoever you want in one of the most dynamic 3D shooting games![15leagues, convenient rating system] What is your finalleague?Become one of the legends, join the Fire Titans league inrankedgames. Make your way through the rating as part of a squad oraloneand get rampage in defferent shooter games and rounds.[Regularupdates] In the future, Fire Strike Online players willhave newmodes: capture, combat arena, 2v2 tournaments. And ofcourse newmaps: SLUMS RAID, CAMPO SACRO, etc. Lots of new shootingcontent:skins, characters, weapons, attachments. Please note! FireStrikeOnline Shooter is completely free to play and download, whilesomein-game content can be purchased for real money. [Contact us]Forany questions or comments, write to us at info@edkongames.comWewill gladly try to help you Follow us:Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/firestrikeonline/YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtVNQDXXPifEsXpYilxVWcAFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/firestrikeonline/VK:https://vk.com/firestrikeofficialgroup *Attention! Thegamerequires a stable internet connection Recommendedsystemrequirements: Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2 GB memory
World War 2: Battle Combat FPS Shooting Games 2.92
If you like war games in World War setting, you will definitelyneedto play this shooter game. Amazing graphics, excitinggameplay, lotsof historic weapons and armor will give you anability to plungeinto the world of shooting games. You can useyour unique equipmentwith historic guns, weapon skins, trinketsand others differentweapon parts. Cold War is yet far away, butWorld War 2 militaryconflict is here! You can choose severalaction games such as TeamDeathmatch, Free for All, Capture point,Arm Race, Knives only andeven Bomb mode. Use various FPS war gamesstrategies on differentmaps, be smart and don't forget aboutclever shooting games tactics.Some key features of WW2 - BattleCombat - 5 epic gun games areas -6 game modes to achieve overallcombat experience - Up to 10 playersin action games on thebattlefield - You can choose your side ofconflict by taking yourown war heroes: Soviet, German, American,Korean or Japanese -Large variety of weapons and equipment - VariedAbility system tomake your character especial one Create your ownclan or squad, soyou can achieve gun games victory in the easiestway. Play PvPonline battles or create your own closed battle gamesroom. Soinvite friends and achieve the leaderboard top! Completequests,contracts and achievements in our cool shooter games. Fightagainstshooter players from all over the world in shooting FPSgame.Support Once you have any questions or concerns, pleasecontact ourcustomer service at info@edkongames.com Follow usInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/ww2bcofficial/YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtVNQDXXPifEsXpYilxVWcAFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/ww2bc/ VK: https://vk.com/ww2bcAttention!Our first-person shooter requires a stable internetconnection.