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Space code: galaxy allien top down shooter 1.0
Eduard Kik
Are you looking for new arcade game with sci fi ambienceandretrowave soundtracks? or galaxy top down shooter made withlove?there you go! This project was inspired by old school arcadeandtop down shooter games, like Crimsonland and Allien Shooter.Inspace action game with neon graphic elements and amazingelectronicmusic. No internet connection require (totally offlinemobilegame). Two difficulty settings: easy and normal (forhardcoregameplay lovers). - small 16 levels campaign adventure -12uniqueweapon types -different powerups -enemies invaders-variousgameplay mechanics -hardcore boss fights -3 playable ships-up to 3star ugprades for each -endless mode (survival, bit'em all)-twinstick controls -hidden final message after (reveal aftercompletecampaign adventure) Are you a hardcore player and a hugefan of 2dgames, indie games, 90s retro games, galaxy atmospheregames, topdown shooters or adventure games in space action, checkit out!Enjoy this free offline mobile 2D indie game 2020 withpretty nicegraphic and old school retro vibes. Privacypolicy:
Offline dice: neon merge 1.0
Eduard Kik
Offline Dice 🎲 neon merge Dice Royale Game is the towerdefensegame, where you have to use random dice as towers. 🎲Dice inthegame There are 5 dice in the dice game, divided into 4 types:-Black (normal attack dice) - Red (special attack dice) -Purple(splash attack dice) - Blue (debuff dice royale) - Green(buffdices) You get coins for killing enemies. Coins can be spentonbuying new dice inside the dice game and MERGE same dices toabetter ones. Their stats is significantly accelerated and thedicebegins to do more damage. The tricky part is there NO randomdicesystem. When you merge dice you will receive other dice withsameatribute but x2 times powerfull. In addition to dice, you canuse 3magic spells: Grenade 💣 One-time damage over an area. Icewall🧊Freezes enemies. Gold coin 🟨 triples your coin rewards forkills🗺10 PVE levels The radom dice game has 10 PVE levels. Eachlevel ismore challenging than the last. The level layout isdifferent thanthe one before it, as random dice as the dice are!You need tothink carefully of which dice royale to merge and whento level!After completing a level, you will get coins, regardlessof winningor not. You can use the coins to improve your dice,making themmore powerful each time. It increases damage, attackspeed, andspecial abilities of the radom dice! Offline Dice NeonMerge DiceRoyale Game has 5 types of mobs and 1 types of bosses.The furtheryou go around the dice game, the stronger the bosses.But the morethey give money for their murder.