Eduardo Rojas Soriano Apps

Basic Guitar Tuner 1.01
Basic Guitar Tuner is a simple tuner which gives you the sound ofstrings standard tuning (E, A, D, G, B, E).It includes diapasonsound A-440 Hz / A-432 Hz. It can help you tune other musicalinstruments. (If you have experience you can tune all strings fromthis sound, including any tuning).It includes sounds of thechromatic scale of C4 (middle C).Basic Guitar Tuner Features:-Standard tuning strings sounds.- Diapason A-440-Hz / A-432-Hz.-Sounds of the chromatic scale of C4 (middle C).
BMI Calculator 1.3
Calculate your BMI is a free application that allows us to knowyour body mass index (BMI) and shows you that weight level you are,just enter your height and weight.What is BMI?It is a measure ofassociation between the mass and height of an individual designedby the Belgian statistician Adolphe Quetelet, so also known asQuetelet index."Calculate your BMI" Features★ Show your BMI andweight level.★ Units in metric and imperial system.★ Change unitseasily.★ Quick & easy.
EjerciTimer - Workout Timer 1.0
Focus on your exercise and not on the wall clock, forget aboutcounting mentally your exercise sets or annotate on paper. Do youmake exercise sets in greater or lesser number because you forgethow many have you done?... No more!EjerciTimer is ideal fortraining routines with sets, with EjerciTimer you start the resttimer manually, since in a series do not know how long it will takeperforming the exercise.Create exercises for each day of the week,for example:If you work chest on Monday, enter all exercises cheston that day. When you launch the application, it will automaticallybe ready to perform the exercises for the current day (on the topbar shown the current day), but if you want you can perform theanother day workout, just touch the drop-down list of the top barand select the day of your choice.Features:* Perform sets no timelimit.* You decide when to start the rest timer.* Without limit ofexercises.* Exercises for each day of the week.* Accurateinformation on the screen to do the exercises.
LFlash Flashlight - LED 1.2.6
LFlash Flashlight uses the camera flash LED on your device to turnit into a useful flashlight, LFlash flashlight also offers morefunctionality than a common flashlight, as it has Strobe and SOS(an international code for help) mode. And remember, LFlashflashlight is free.LFlash Flashlight features:- Flashlight.- Strobewith 9 frequencies.- S.O.S (international code for help).- Turns onwhen you open the App.- Prevents screen lock to prevent theflashlight turns off.- Battery indicator.- Clock.2 modes:- AdvancedFlashlight (all the functions mentioned)- Simple Flashlight (onlystatic light)Warning: some people may be sensitive to flashinglights.
Screen Flashlight 1.2.6
Screen Flashlight uses your screen's light to convert your deviceinto a handy flashlight, owns brightness control and has an elegantdesign. Screen flashlight also offers more functionality than acommon flashlight, as it has Strobe and SOS (an international codefor help) mode. Screen Flashlight features: - Flashlight - Strobe.- SOS. - RGB mode for screen color customization. - Preset screencolors. - Strobe frequency changeable. - Brightness control. -Sleep timer. Warning: some people may be sensitive to flashinglights. Photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) is a form of epilepsy inwhich seizures are triggered by visual stimuli that form patternsin time or space, such as flashing lights, bold, regular patterns,or regular moving patterns.
Police Lights 1.1
Jokes with your friends transforming your device into a real policesiren with lights and sounds. Police Lights has police and warninglights. different flash patterns and siren sounds. It also has anice and intuitive design.Police Lights Features:- Police andwarning Lights.- Different light patterns.- Siren sounds. -Changeable screen orientation (horizontal or vertical).- Saves theorientation, frequency and selected buttons.- Nice and intuitiveUser Interface.Warning: some people may be sensitive to flashinglights.Photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) is a form of epilepsy in whichseizures are triggered by visual stimuli that form patterns in timeor space, such as flashing lights, bold, regular patterns, orregular moving patterns.
Musical Strobe 1.0
Musical Strobe uses the camera flash on your device to turn it intoa fun strobe.Surprise your friends at your home party, just playssome music, turn on "Musical Strobe" and let blinks with themusic.Do you want your strobe does not stop? just change the typeof strobe, from Music Strobe to Static Strobe and select apredetermined frequency.Musical Strobe features:- Music Strobe: Itworks with the rhythm of your music.- Static Strobe: flashesconstantly (9 predetermined frequencies).- Good design.- Easy touse.Warning: some people may be sensitive to flashinglights.Photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) is a form of epilepsy in whichseizures are triggered by visual stimuli that form patterns in timeor space, such as flashing lights, bold, regular patterns, orregular moving patterns.
Tuner MX - Guitar & Mexican Requinto 1.0
Tuner MX is a tuner designed for Requintos and Guitars (guitarrequinto is similar to a guitar but smaller and with a higherpitch: A2-D3-G3-C4-E4-A4).Do you have a Mexican Requinto or Guitarand you are complicated to tune? Then Tuner MX is what you arelooking for.If you like to tune your average instrument or tonedown to lessen it, you should try this tuner.Tuner Features:-Listen to the sound of each strings.- Guitar or Mexican Requinto.-Up or down 2 semitones to the standard pitch of both instruments.-Tuning fork sound A (La) 440 Hz.
Spaceman 1.0.1
Spaceman is a simple endless game where you only have to tap tojump, overcome obstacles and get the best possible score.It soundseasy, right?
Ultra Flashlight 1.2
Ultra Flashlight turns your device into an amazingflashlight.Addition it counts on strobe light and SOS.Your devicedoes nothave Led-flash? do not worry, you can use screen-lighttoilluminate with different colors.Ultra Flashlightfeatures-Flashlight.- Led-flash or screen-light.- Strobe with8frecuencies.- SOS (international code for help).- Preset colorsforthe screen flashlight mode.- Turns on when you open the App(flashmode only).- Prevents screen lock to prevent the flashlightturnoff.
Cube Timer 1.0.2
Practice speedcubing for 3x3 cubes with this cube timer, Features:★Average, Ao5, Ao12, Best and Worst time. ★ Scramble (with image).★Record your solves. ★ Cubes with custom colors (normalorstickerless). ★ Edit your solves (change the used cube or addanote).