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Altimeter Offline 3.91
This altimeter works offline –does not need Internet connectivity.It is a great altimeter to go hiking, trekking, cross-countryskiing and climbing both mountains and peaks -where you might haveproblems to get network coverage. As soon as you log out you seethe settings menu so that you can turn the GPS sensor off for youto save battery. For free! Share with your friends on Facebook andWhatsApp, your current elevation and coordinates! Geographiccoordinates displayed. You will be able to make a record of yourhighest altitude ever reached. Altitude both in metres and feet.You can choose between five different wallpapers. Altitude accuracyimproved by geoid compensation. Get to know ever onward thealtitude where you are.
Euro - Pound Converter EUR GBP 1.8
GBP Pound to Euro currency converter. The exchange rate is dailyupdated.Includes charts with exchange rates. Eur to GBP ( sterlingpound) . Without popup small keys keyboard.If the internetconnection is not avaible, use the last exchange rate. Can workoffline.Very easy and fattest.The result of conversion areinstantaneous and direct.
Dollar Euro Converter 3.91
US Dollar Euro konvertor a naopak. Směnný kurz je denněaktualizován. Pokud se nemůžete dostat připojení k síti, bude trvatsměnný kurz poslední dolar k dispozici.Zahrnuje tabulku snejnovějšími sazeb (30 dní, 6 měsíců až jednoho roku).Přímá přeměnana USD bez menu.Od této chvíle, směnárna nebude to být problém provás ještě. Návrh uživatelského rozhraní, snadno pochopitelné a svelkými tlačítky.Je ideální pro vaše cesty mezi Evropou a USA. Totaké pracuje bez síťového Connection-, takže nebylo nutné využitídat.směnné kurzy oficiální měnou jsou denně aktualizovány z údajů(ECB) Evropská centrální banka.Pokud se nemůžete dostat připojení kInternetu, převodník měn může pracovat v režimu offline tak jakotak s nejnovějším sazby k dispozici.Euro to dollar currencyconverter.
Euro Swiss franc Converter CHF 2.5
Currency converter Euro to CHF (Franc suisse, Swiss franc) and CHFto Eur. The exchange rate has been upload every day. If some dayyou don't have netwok connection, the app use the last exchangerate uploaded. Includes charts with rates from last month, last 6months and last year. Comfortable own keyboard(calculator type)without annoying pop keyboards. Is perfect for travelling toSwitzerland. Eur to Swiss franc.
Altimeter Offline Pro 2.02
Egea App Design
Altimeter not need phone signal or internet connection to work withhigh elevation accuracy. Accuracy improved geoid compensation.Ideal for hiking, treking and climbs in medium and high mountain,where the telephone is often lacking and 3g hedge. ImprovedAltimeter Offline Version. Includes a live elevation chart.  Improvements: more precisely, to write data to your routes(elevation chart, maximum height, initial height, climbed,cumulative height, average height, date ...), record yourhistorical record of maximum height and adjusts the refresh rate ofthe sensor to save battery. Geographical coordinatesdisplayed(longitude and latitude). This application saves yourhighest elevation automatically. Only need a phone/tablet with GPSsensor. Know your altitude always. Elevation showed in meters andfeet. High accuracy in elevation data.
Turkish Lira Euro - Eur Try 2.2
Euro to Turkish Lira Currency Converter.Eur to TryConversion.Doesn't need internet to work.
Conversor Peseta - Euro 2.3
Conversor de moneda de Euro a Pesetas y de Pesetas a Euros(Pruebatambién nuestro Conversor Euro-Peseta Plus!! Sin publicidad y menortamaño de archivo!! Minimo precio!).Si para valorar las cosas aúnnecesitas hacer tus cuentas en pesetas, esta es tuaplicación.Gratuito, intuitivo,con decimales, sin errores deredondeo ni fuera de escala por usar la clase BigDecimal.Con botónpara cerrar la aplicación del todo, para dejar de consumir memoria,batería y demás recursos del dispositivo.Para los nostalgicos de laPeseta!Euro currency converter to Pesetas and Pesetas to Euros(Also try our converter Peseta Euro-Plus! Without advertising andsmaller file size! Minimum Value!).If still assessing things youneed to do your accounts in pesetas, this is your application.Free,intuitive, with decimals without rounding errors or out of scale byusing the BigDecimal class.With button to close the applicationcompletely, to stop using memory, battery and other deviceresources.For the Peseta nostalgic!
Euro to Yen Converter 3.5
Eur to Yen and japanese Yen ( JPY ) to Eur currency converter. Theexchange rate is daily updated.Only 450kb in memory space. Withoutpopup keyboard. Includes charts with exchange rates.Can workoffline. If internet connection is not available, use the lastdata.Conversor de moneda de Euro a Yen(JPY) y viceversa. El tipo decambio se actualiza periódicamente, sino dispones de conexión a lared utiliza la ultima actualización disponible. Teclado propio, sinteclados emergentes de teclas pequeñas.Konverter Währungjapanische, täglich aktualisiert das Wechselkurs, kein PopupTastatur. convertisseur de devises japonais, mis à jourquotidiennement le taux de change, pas de clavier contextuel.convertitore di valuta japanese, aggiornato quotidianamente iltasso di cambio, senza tastiera popup.円通貨コンバータユーロ 毎日のアップグレードの為替レート
LVL to Eur converter 2.1
Currency converter Eur to LVL and latvia LVL to Eur .With exitbutton for saving memory sources.
Dollar Euro Plus 2.0
Egea App Design
Eur to USD Plus, without Ads!!US Dollar to Euro converter and viceversa. The exchange rate is daily updated. If you cannot getnetwork connectivity, it will take the last Dollar exchange rateavailable.Includes a chart with the latest rates (30 days, 6 monthsand a year).This version is completely free from advertising.Directconversion to USD with no menus. From now on, currency exchange isnot going to be a problem for you anymore. User interface design,easy to understand and with big buttons.It is ideal for your tripsbetween Europe and the USA. It also works without networkconnection- so no data usage is needed.Official currency exchangerates are daily updated from the European Central Bank (ECB)data.Ifyou cannot get Internet connection, the currency converter can workoffline anyway with the latest rate available.
TriviBasket juego de basket 1.5
Juego de preguntas de Basket tipo trivial, tanto NBA como Europa.Juego con 300 preguntas diferentes de baloncesto!!¿Eres realmenteun experto del mundo del Basket? Consigue la mejor puntuación en eljuego y comparate con tus amigos.Responde 25 preguntas en el menortiempo posible, pero cuidado, las preguntas falladas tienenpenalización!!Comparte tu resultado y nivel en Facebook!!Guarda laclasificacion con las mejores puntuaciones.Con botón para cerrar laaplicación(juego) y dejar de consumir memória, bateria y otrosrecursos del móbil. El juego de baloncesto donde podras retar a tusamigos sobre sus conocimientos de NBA y basket engeneral!!.Interfaz compatible con tabletas de 7 y 10 pulgadas.TheBasketball trivial quiz.Basketball game questions trivial type,both NBA and Europe. Play 300 different basketball questions!Areyou really an expert in the world of Basketball? Get the best scorein the game and comparate with friends.Answer 25 questions in theshortest time possible, but beware penalty have failedquestions!Share your results on Facebook and level!Save with thebest classification scores.With button to close the application(game) and stop using memory and other resources drumsMobil.Basketball game where you can challenge your friends on yourknowledge of NBA and basketball in general!.Interface compatiblewith tablets 7 and 10 inches.The Basketball trivial quiz.
Currency Converter Premium 1.1
Egea App Design
Multiple currency converter. Free from Ads! All the currencies youneed! Currency exchange rates are daily updated from the EuropeanCentral Bank (ECB) data. If you cannot get Internet connection, thecurrency converter can work offline anyway with the latest rateavailable. You can convert for free up to the 50 most importantcurrencies from all around the world: - US Dollar (USD USA UnitedStates of America) - Euro (EUR Europe) - Swiss Franc (CHFSwitzerland) - British Pound sterling (GBP United Kingdom GreatBritain) - Russian Ruble (RUB Russia) - Japanese Yen (JPY Japan) -Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY China) - Indian Rupee (INR India) -Mexican Peso (MXN Mexico) - Canadian Dollar (CAD Canada) - KoreanWon (KRW South Korea) - Turkish Lira (TRY Turkey) - AustralianDollar (AUD Australia) - New Zealand Dollar (NZD New Zealand) -Swedish Krona (SEK Sweden) - Danish Krone (DKK Denmark) - NorwegianKrone (NOK Norway) - Croatian Kuna (HRK Croatia) - Romanian Leu(RON Romania) - Bulgarian Lev (BGN Bulgaria) - Algerian Dinar (DZDAlgeria) - Hungarian Forint (HUF Hungary) - Polish Zloty (PLNPOland) - Brazilian Real (BRL Brazil) - Israeli Shekel (ILS Israel)- Hong Kong Dollar (HKD Hong Kong) - Thai Baht (THB Thailand) -South African Rand (ZAR South Africa) - Moroccan Dirham (MADMorocco) - Vietnamese Dong (VND Vietnam) - Indonesian Rupiah (IDRIndonesia) - Malaysian Ringgit (MYR Malasia) - Singapore Dollar(SGD Singapore) - Colombian Peso (COP Colombia) - Chilean Peso (CLPChile) - Bolivian Boliviano (BOB Bolivia) - Egyptian Pound (EGPEgypt) - Icelandic Krona (ISK Iceland) - Pakistani Rupee (PKRPakistan) - Paraguayan Guarani (PYG Paraguay) - Tunisian Dinar (TNDTunisia) - Emirati Dirham (AED UAE United Arab Emirates) -Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH Ukraine) - Uruguayan Peso (UYU Uruguay) -Venezuelan Bolivar (VEB Venezuela) - Serbian Dinar (RSD Serbia) -Argentine Peso (ARS Argentina) - Arabian Riyal (SAR Saudi Arabia) -Kazakhstani Tenge (KZT Kazakhstan) Enjoy this app without Ads!
Currency Converter 3.3
Free multiple-currency converter. All the currencies you need! Youcan convert for free up to the 50 most important currencies fromall around the world. EUR USD JPY GBP MXN CHF DKK CZK RUB ZAR AUDCAD NZD NOK TRY BRL CNY KRW MYR HUF LTL PLN PHP THB HKD IDR ILS INRSGD BGN RON SEK HRK MAD COP DZD CLP BOB EGP ISK PKR PYG TND AED UAHUYU VEB VND RSD ARS SAR KZT Currency exchange rates are dailyupdated from the European Central Bank (ECB) data. If you cannotget Internet connection, the currency converter can work offlineanyway with the latest rate available. Dollar ,Yen , Euro , Yuan ,Pound , Real , Peso , Dirham , Rupee , Dinar , Ruble , Won,Bolivar, Riyad, Krone, etc. Currencies from: United States,European Union, New Zealand, Australia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic,Denmark, UK, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Sweden,Switzerland, Norway, Croatia, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, India, south Korea, Mexico,Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa, Morocco,Colombia, Algeria, Chile, Bolivia, Egypt, Iceland, Pakistan,Paraguay, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine , Uruguay,Venezuela, Vietnam, Serbia, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan,Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Finland,Latvia.
Tips & Split calculator 1.11
Tips calculator!! Easy and simple!! You can calculate price perperson!! Include screen to taxes calculate.Simple way to calculetip and split in your payments.You can select your currency!!
Euro to Swiss Franc Converter 1.0
Egea App Design
Totally free from Ads currency converter Euro to CHF (Franc suisse,Swiss franc) and CHF to Eur.The exchange rate has been upload everyday. If some day you don't have netwok connection, the app use thelast exchange rate uploaded.Includes charts with rates from lastmonth, last 6 months and last year.Comfortable ownkeyboard(calculator type) without annoying pop keyboards.Is perfectfor travelling to Switzerland.Eur to Swiss franc.
Euro to Pound Gbp Premium 1.0
Egea App Design
GBP Pound Sterling to Euro currency converter. Totally free fromAdvertising.The exchange rate is hourly updated.Includes a chartwith exchanget rates.Without popup small keys keyboard. DirectGBP-Euro conversion without menus or half-way steps. The app canwork offline, so it do not need internet data connection available.If the internet connection is not available, the app uses the lastexchange rate saved.
Conversor Peseta-Euro Plus 2.0
Egea App Design
Conversor de moneda de Euro a Pesetas y de Pesetas a Euros.Sinpublicidad!!Si para valorar las cosas aún necesitas hacer tuscuentas en pesetas, esta es tu aplicación.Gratuito, intuitivo,condecimales, sin errores de redondeo ni fuera de escala por usar laclase BigDecimal.Botones más grandes para mejor manejo.Incluyeinterfaz mas grande para tablet.Menor tamaño de archivo.Eurocurrency converter and to Pesetas Pesetas to Euros.No advertising!!To assess if things still need to do your accounts in pesetas,this is your application.Free, intuitive, with decimals withoutrounding errors or out of scale use BigDecimal.Larger buttons forbetter handling.It includes biggest Tablet interface.Smaller filesize.
QR Reader 1.0
This app is a QR Reader is a code scanner with a fastautodetectioncode, easy to use and without intrusive ads. Scan YourQR codes.After scanning, you can open the url, share content o copycontentto clipboard. The scanned code has been saved in history.