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The Adventures of Patch 1.1.0
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Here is a truly cheerful fun for your child and you.Go through the mazes, avoid traps, earn bonus seconds, and bethefastest!Change animal characters and use their unique features toovercomeobstacles.How to play• Select the level of difficulty (easy / difficult).• Play to unlock new levels: mazes with various traps andsurprises,ballooning or race the kart track.• Reach the target in the shortest possible time, collectingthegreatest number of bonus seconds.Features• arcade game for kids and adults• 8 different competitions• 2 levels of difficulty• 5 unique animal character to play with• kids friendly graphics
Pirates - The Board Game
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"A good game and a great achievement for board games lovers! Giventhe limited choice we have on tablets this game is a must!""The gameplay, the graphics and animations are 6 stars!"Pirates is a card game for 3-4 players aged 8-108 years.Your aim is to build a pirate fleet and to collect the coins itdelivers. The player who builds the strongest fleet and collectsmost coins, wins the game!Every turn players participate in bidding, which helps them toexpand their fleet. Afterwards the fleet is going on a raid forgold. If the player’s fleet is big enough, he/she can acquire aringleader, which helps his fleet to gain coins from otherplayers.Game offers a lot of special cards, which support player’sefforts. For example, you can summon the mighty Kraken to sink theother player's ship.Pirates tired after the raid for gold will find rest in thebarge, where it's owner will accommodate them for the properfee.Pirates live the life full of dangers, but becoming the terrorand the legend of the seas is their ultimate goal!Game includes:- single-player mode (with 2 or 3 computer opponents)- multi-player mode (play together with your friends gatheredaround the tablet)- full support for DICE+ game controller, enabling you to roll thereal dice while playing, with full randomness it provides!- animated and beautiful gameboard- excellent graphics and special effects- 45 ship cards- 15 special cards- 5 ringleaders- many hours of play, multiple choices and paths to win!