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10000000 is a Dungeon Crawling RPG MatchingGame. Run the dungeon and match to handle the things youencounter*WINNER* Best Mobile Exclusive 2012 - Game Informer*WINNER* Best Puzzle Game - 5th Annual Best App Ever Awards*WINNER* Pocket Tactics Puzzle GOTY 2012*RUNNER UP* Touch Arcade GOTY 2012“This game is so good it makes me want to cry” - Eli Hodapp –Editor In Chief – TouchArcade“Freedom costs 10 million. I’m half-hoping I never make it” - MikeFahey – Kotaku“Mashes together two of the most interesting genres of the lastyears: the puzzle RPG and infinite runner. And it’s damned good.” -Owen Faraday – Pocket TacticsUpgrade your castle, improve your gear, train skills and brewpotionsCan you score 10000000 and earn your freedom?✔ Kill monsters and find loot✔ Improve your gear and train skills✔ Find wood and stone to improve your castleTest your skill✔ More than 60 objectives to complete✔ Over 20 different monster types to fight✔ Find items and use them effectively✔ Fast paced action gameplayClassic Gaming✔ Retro graphics✔ Old school music
Photographs - Puzzle Stories 1.1.1346
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***Winner at the Google Play Indie Showcase 2019*** “ABittersweetending I was happy to to take part in” - Polygon“CaptivatingVignettes about Regrets” - Game Informer “Photographs’is a gameabout tragedy, heartbreak, and the choices we can’t undo”-Mashable Photographs is Narrative Puzzle Game.>ExploreBeautiful Dioramas >Five different kinds of puzzles>Searchfor clues >Choose your ending It's a little bitdifferent thanmost games, I hope you find it interesting!
Infinity Island 1.1.1348
Tired of all this fuss? Escape to a simpler place. Visit InfinityIsland Today! At Infinity Island you can collect pets, unlockcards, build upgrades and find cool treasures. It's easy to play,you just need to open some boxes, see what loot is inside anddecide what you want to do with it. Maybe get a card that will letyou reach that next tier of treasures, Maybe give one of your petsa treat and level them up, Maybe even reach Infinity and find therarest upgrades of all. Or not. If you want to, you can just takeit easy, relax, and collect some coins while you idle. It's all upto you!
You Must Build A Boat
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" * * * * * - A truly superb mash-up of match-three andendlessrunner that’s unique on mobile and thoroughly addictive. Buyit" -Stuff Magazine " * * * * * - Makes the original game feel likeademo. It's absurdly fun and nearly impossible to put down." -TouchArcade " * * * * ½ Gold Award - Building a boat will indeedbecomethe most important task in your life." - Game Informer " * ** * ½- We will gladly build a boat again and again." - GamezeboBUILD ABOAT Travel the world in your boat, from the top of the MageTowerto the bottom of Hell GATHER YOUR CREW Recruit a crew to liveonyour boat and offer their services FRANTIC MATCHING Match asfastas you can to keep on running CAPTURE MONSTERS Turn Monsterstoyour cause to get bonuses and have them aid your in battleCASTSPELLS Use magic to aid your quests, and don’t forget to visityouronboard Arcanery to upgrade them RANDOM DUNGEONS Withproceduraldungeons and random Dungeon Modifiers, It’s never thesameexperience twice BUILD YOUR BOARD Upgrade your tiles, QuaffPotionsand Pray for Modifiers to whatever fits your play stylebestSPEEDRUN How fast can you build your boat? You must build aboat.You must spring out of bed. You must bargain with thelizardman.You must heed your undead navigators. You must slide rowsorcolumns of tiles on a 6x8 grid. You must match at least 3. Youmustrun to the right. You must focus intently on 2 areas of thescreensimultaneously. You must match keys to unlock chests andswords toattack. You must literally collect your thoughts and tradethem fordragons. You must not dally. You must not be too hasty. Youmustvoluntarily ramp up the difficulty by taking on multiple questsatonce. You must incrementally reach your goals. You must buildaboat. You must try again. You must try again x5. You must wineverytime, even when you don’t. You must remain optimistic. Youmustupgrade your magic staff. You must occasionally stop playingtoallow for your hand to uncramp. You must take credit forrandomchain combos you made no effort to arrange. You must trust abluebean man to make dangerous investments with your money. Youmustforget about the blue bean man. You must mind the asp. Youmustreconcile that despite the game’s title, you begin your journeyinpossession of what is, in no uncertain terms, already a boat.Youmust build a boat. You must go all-in on the retro aesthetic.Youmust trade junk for gold with the voidorb. You must pray forsalt.You must consume fish and tomatoes for time. You mustventurethrough hell. You must disarm traps like your life dependson it.You must make an offering at the chapel. You must rally theFantasyUnion and the Undead Buddies to your cause. You must weighanchorand methodically yet joyously hop in sync with your entirecrew.You must feign interest in critiquing the gardener’s work. Youmustlook up at the clock and wonder how it’s so late already. Youmustbuild a boat. You must build a boat! YOU MUST BUILD A BOAT!!!